The Versatility of a great quote


You can measure how great a quote is, just by taking out one word, replacing it and have this quote go in a totally different direction. The late Stuart Scott ( may God rest his soul), was a great man with respect for himself and all those around him. Let’s take out the word “Cancer” and replace it with the word “life”, now this quote has taken on a whole new meaning and outlook.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have our struggles and with these struggles comes pain and hurt. When we let the pain and hurt dictate how we walk our paths, we will never be truly of who we are. The life events that come across our paths, happen very differently from each other, they have various degrees of difficulties and various ways they come to us as well, could be self induced, maybe another who try’s to control us, or maybe quite simply just life itself throwing us a curve ball from time to time. Through all this and with all the pain/hurt the struggle brings, when we don’t acknowledge the pain and not fix properly what we need to fix, now our paths of this journey become filled will grief, then turns us into someone who we truly are not.

Within this Society we all live, we are all susceptible to the pain and hurt, just that some do not dwell, instead they feel the pain, go directly to the location of the pain, do what is needed to eliminate the pain, by fixing what we need to fix, so we then can move forward along our paths of this journey, while yet other’s dwell and wander around the pain, then proceed to bury deep inside, what is truly  the root of the pain, then become someone they are not, in order to put up this front or wear a mask sort of speak, so other’s around them won’t see anything wrong? This is Shame coming into play, as we then are to embarrassed to have others see us in our distress.  Once we let Shame enter into the picture, then all the pain and hurt becomes so strong, we will do anything to rid ourselves of it and that includes becoming someone we truly are not, then become fake even to ourselves.

We all take different paths throughout this journey, some become a Scientist, or an Engineer who create, research and build things we see around us today. Some may become a Doctor or a Nurse, who enjoy helping others when they are down, while yet others will play a sport they become to love as they grow up.  When we become lost within ourselves, let the pain and hurt dictate where we are going, it doesn’t matter where we end up, when the end result always ends in sadness and distress.

Now some of us are gifted by God and play a sport that others struggle to play? They excel in the sport of their choosing, but then add in the fact of a large payday, now your talking of becoming someone different, only the pain you may feel, will be the pain of loneliness, which is the strongest pain we will come to feel. When we truly walk our paths of this journey  and fix what we need to fix, to continue moving forward, we will then find that we can do anything we set our minds to, which also includes dealing with the pain and hurt that comes to us on this journey.


” Great quotes you never forget, you simply apply them to all that you are”

” The struggles may bring pain and hurt, they don’t have to dictate the outcome”

” We all take a different path throughout this journey, it doesn’t mean that one is superior to the other”

” Great quotes can be changed completely just by tweaking one word”


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