The most Holy Trinty



We all have the Holy Trinity within us, it comes from deep within our Souls. The problem within a Society like that of today is, we get so caught up in trying to be like or better than those around us, that we then lose sight of this Trinity and never truly get in touch with it or our true selves. This Holy Trinity is the love of God within our souls and with the total believe in the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, this Trinity will help us achieve all what we want to achieve, all while staying in touch with our true love and ourselves, then sharing this true love with each other.

God loved us all so much, that he sent his one and only son to walk his journey with us. Jesus Christ came to us with much love in his heart for each one of us, no matter of who you are. Jesus also taught us many things, especially the way to walk our paths, so we can all reach the promise land and the true path of righteousness. There was only one God and from that God he brought us all the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, for which are all linked together, so we all can truly feel the love of these three deep within our souls, which is our Holy Trinity within us. Then through this true love, we then share it with each other in it’s truest form.

Love is a strong and powerful word that in it’s truest form, will transform us into the most beautiful of God’s children. When we truly feel the warmth of this word love within us, it will then bring us much peace and happiness always. “Love is a beacon of hope that helps us all have true faith in all we do”, as without hope, you will never have faith. Now within this Society we throw this word love around like candy in a candy store, oh! How I love that car? A car is an inanimate object and these types of objects have no feelings to both, feel your love, nor give back the love you give.  You go on vacation and take to a place that becomes special to you, you then come back and say how you love that place, places are also an inanimate object and can never love you back, like you say you love it. True love that is within your soul and that is your Holy Trinity never needs any mention, this kind of love will simply warm your heart and soul and then become brightest, with your actions as you walk your path, through this journey of life.

The Holy Trinity within us, is our true love that warms our hearts and souls. It is this Trinity that helps us walk this journey through life in peace and happiness always and will never, let any hatred consume who we truly are. Sometimes this hatred is brought to us by Evil in the form of another Individual, this Evil will try to take over our Holy Trinity and control who we truly are,  but when we stay true to who we are, stay true to our Holy Trinity within us, always believe and have faith in ourselves and Jesus Christ, then our hope for everything we do will always stay strong, we will always feel the warmth of the love the Trinity brings us within our souls, so we than can truly feel the warmth not just in our souls, it will also fill our hearts with the love, so we than can share it with each other.

The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit are all tied together to one God, a God who loves each of us so much, he gave his one and only son to us, so he can walk his journey here with us. Jesus Christ was that son and he also died and was buried for us, truly showing his love for us, so we all can truly feel the Holy Trinity within us and then share it with each other. So let’s not follow the ways of a Society that throws around the word love like candy in a candy store, let’s truly follow and have faith in Jesus Christ, so we can not only have true faith in ourselves, but we can have true faith in Jesus Christ. Truly Feel the warmth of the Holy Trinity within our souls, so it can fill our hearts with the warmth of true love and then, we can truly share it with each other. On this day of the Holy Trinity, may we all truly feel the warmth of it’s love within our souls, so it then can fill our hearts with the same warmth and love and then we all can, walk our paths of this journey through life as Jesus did, in peace and happiness always.


” True love is a beacon of hope that allows us all to have true faith in ourselves and all we do”

” The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all tied together by one God, so we can truly feel the warmth of the love that it brings”

” Without Hope we will never have Faith in anything, as these two are intertwined together always”

” The Holy Trinity is within us all, it is the love from God that he passed to us all, so we all can be at peace and happiness always”

” Evil will never win over good, this Evil may consume us for a short while, but the good will always warm our hearts and souls with true love and happiness”


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