Happy Birthday………Hmmmm!!!!!!!



We all Celebrate every year the day we were born into this World, truly a special day for each of us, on this day everyone wishes you a Happy Birthday, but here is just a thought, why do we say Happy Birthday only on this day, when we should be truly happy and say it with more meaning and conviction to each other, every day we walk our paths throughout this journey of life.

I understand we all go through our own struggles, some may even knock us down for a time, which brings sadness and pain to our lives, but if we truly smile, pick each other up when needed, go that extra step to help each other more often, just maybe we all can be truly happy, everyday we walk our paths through this journey.

I am not saying we shouldn’t celebrate the day we were born into this World, to walk our paths, a good celebration helps us become stronger and better moving forward, not too mention truly feeling the love from others as they wish us a happy birthday, but………… Was just thinking maybe we can carry this happiness and love with us, everyday of our lives throughout this journey.

With all the ugliness out there in this Society, some crazed Individuals that want nothing but to bring much harm to each of us, I think it’s time we all unite by bringing the love and happiness from our special day, with us throughout our paths of this journey through life and just maybe all the ugliness will go away, as those who bring the ugliness will find they can’t affect us anymore, then we all can walk this journey in peace everyday.

Truly a birthday is the most precious thing for each of us, as it shows nothing but love of ourselves, to all that are around us. What makes a birthday happy and special, are the ones that truly wish you a ” Happy ” Birthday, without these special people in our lives, we would be alone with feelings of, loneliness and boredom,  we would have no idea what true love is and means too us, without love there will never be any empathy of each other,   which would leave us with a cold heart, instead of a warm one filled with the love of one another. I think in this Society we have gone away from this theory and this is where all the ugliness comes from, simply because the ones that bring this ugliness to us, are Humans like you and I, just that somewhere within their lives things went wrong, things that forced them to bury their love as if it never existed, so they then move forward bringing us the harm, because they know no better and become brainwashed by others of the same.

We have this one shot at walking a path through this journey of life, you would think we all would want to do it correctly, but instead some feel like they need to bring harm to those around them, simply because no matter how hard they have been knock down, they then become to lazy, to even try to pick themselves up, fix the broken parts, so they to can live in happiness everyday with the rest of us. Now not everyday will be a happy day, but if we all focused on that, than just maybe we all can walk our paths though this journey of life in peace and happiness always.


” Celebrating a birthday is very special to each of us, feeling the love and happiness should never leave us”

” Happy birthday to you……… may this bring happiness to all that read this quote”

” The struggles of life should only be temporary as we all move forward stronger and better”

” We have one shot at this journey, maybe we should share more love, so the happiness will bleed out of each of us”








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