Change is constant and never ends……..



Change comes to us in many different ways, we may struggle with change only because it is an unknown and like all unknowns, there tends to be some black clouds hanging around. A Leader of anything can and will lead us if we give them a chance, but unfortunately we don’t give that chance because we get stuck within the unknown. When president Trump or any President of our past was elected, the stock market took a crazy dip, but then stabilized later on, this is because the stock market deals in reality and can’t handle the unknowns either. Whenever there is a change of anything, there will always be a black cloud hanging over head, til we accept the change and deal with the unknown of change.

My Church in my community just went through some big changes, like downsizing from four Churches to two, there was a lot of chatter and push back from this change, the name changed to Annunciation Parish also, which when you think of the meaning of the name ( go out and announce), totally gives a chance to go out and announce to all that, through change we can be better and stronger for it.   Yes there will be some pain and hurt through the change, like closing two Churches with all their histories and the Parishioners histories within the walls of that Church, but when we totally understand all the change and except the change, it makes for a smoother transition.  Now we have the new Priest that took over through the downsizing and helped us all deal with the new change, just announced that he will be retiring next month, so we will be getting a different Leader and Priest for our Parish, just when things were starting to become smoother, now we have to get used to the new ways of the new Priest. True this is small change compared to the downsize change, but it is still change and brings that element of the unknown once again. You will hear the chatter once again, along with the negativity of change coming to the light again, but just like when dealing with any unknown, we need to understand the why, so we can except the change with open arms and an open mind.

Who knows this new Priest just might help us all ” go out and announce to the World”, that through any change we can be better and stronger for it. The Priest that’s leaving took us through the hard part of the change, going from four Churches to two, now we need to give the new Priest a chance, so he can carry us into the future of, going out and announcing to the World, that even through the unknown of change, when we except the change, we can move forward better and stronger. You think the Disciples followed Jesus willingly and gave up their lives for him at the beginning? Of course not, they had their reservations and followed cautiously because of the unknown part of the change.  We at Annunciation Parish have that same concept in front of us, with the entering of the new Priest. All roads of any change will be rough at the beginning, but when we understand better the change, when we except the change totally, this is when the roughness of the road becomes smoother and we then can truly “go out and announce to the World”, that through the change we have become better and stronger, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” The black clouds of the unknown are only temporary as with all change, when we better understand then the black clouds disappear for blue and brighter skies”

” The one thing that will never leave us on this journey of life is change, the black clouds and the unknown are temporary when we better understand”

” There are many forms of change we will go through along this journey, when we except the change it becomes easier to move forward”

” It is hard to except any unknown, but with better understanding the unknown becomes easier to deal with”


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