The heat within the Fire


We all walk a path within this journey of life, as we walk these paths we have a fire that burns deep within our souls. This fire is what keeps us striving to achieve great things, but the problem with this fire just like all other fires, is that when we let them burn uncontrollably,  we then get burned and scorched, which then not only has us looking differently, we also become afraid to achieve whatever we want to achieve or become successful in all we do.

With this fire deep within our souls, it brings out the competitiveness in each of us, with this competitiveness comes a need to take control and achieve all the power over all that is around us, it also has us get overwhelmed with Greed, which then turns us into someone we truly are not. When the fire burns too hot and becomes out of control, we then get lost within the clouds of our judgments, by the smoke of the fire, which becomes so thick, we can’t see what is in front of us. Then you throw into the mix all the crap that happens to us as we walk our paths, now you have a recipe  for disaster and a journey that becomes harder than it really needs to be.

Jesus came to us and not only taught us many things of this journey, but he also showed us how to truly walk our paths moving forward. Jesus taught us how to resist Temptation not fall into the clutches of it’s hands, he also taught us how to truly feel the warmth of his love within us, so we than can let this warmth cool the fire and keep it under control. There is a lot to learn of this journey, but if we follow his lead, we to can find the the true path of righteousness and we also can, rise as he did into a World full of peace and happiness.

When we truly have Faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, truly feel the warmth of his love and share it with each other, there is no room for any hatred,  Within this Society of today clearly shows we have lost this Faith and need to regain it, so we all can get back to walking our paths through this journey, in peace and happiness as Jesus taught and showed us, when he walked his journey with us.

The fire within us is burning so out of control within this Society, we have all lost our way and think that we need to attack each other, in order to be accepted among each other? We are so lost along our paths, we truly can’t see any light, that will light up the signs that Jesus put in place for us, so we then can make the right turns at the crossroads, there are many crossroads on all our paths and if we can’t see the signs, then we can’t truly follow the right path, that will take us to the promise land and the true path of righteousness.

Within this Society of today, we are so lost and so consumed with hatred, we think nothing to attack one another and for no reason at all. The fire that burns within each of us, is so out of control that we can’t see clearly through the smoke, we then let Power and Greed control every fiber of our being, which then has us drifting further and further away of not only our true selves, but of Jesus Christ our Savior. As we walk our paths through this journey of life, it is okay to keep the fire burning within us, just as long as we keep control of the flames, so we then can keep control of ourselves, with this control we than can have complete Faith of ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, so we then can be at true peace and happiness always throughout this journey.


” The heat of the fire will burn and scorch giving you great pain and keeping you from moving forward with ease”

” Just as we control the fire of our campfire when we are camping, we also have to control the fire within ourselves, to move forward better and stronger”

” We can’t get to the path of righteousness when we let the fire within burn out of control”

” Being competitive is good for all of us, but being competitive while staying in control and never losing sight of who we truly are”



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