Therapy that costs nothing……..



Camping within the woods of Mother Nature, is my idea of true relaxation, true happiness and true peace and serenity. Okay I am at the age that sleeping on the ground gets a bit rough, but with all the neat camping equipment out there, it makes for a better sleep, not too mention letting the sounds of Nature sing you a lullaby. I have a cot within my tent and a nice self blow up mat that my sleeping bag goes on top of, I do have a few luxuries that make it even more enjoyable, but nothing compares to being one with Nature and totally relaxing from the World around me.

Now most would rather go to an exotic place for their vacations or long weekends? But seriously you think these places bring you your true relaxation, peace and serenity? Being around others that are partying, drinking and simply being loud and obnoxious, are not my idea of relaxing, being one with Nature, listening to the birds sing, watching the fish jump, or maybe even seeing a Moose come to the water and bath himself, now this is true peace and  a kind of therapy that money can not buy. Plus if your in the right place, just maybe see one of the most majestic birds, known as the American Bald Eagle, this bird is huge and to watch him fly the sky with the greatest of ease, helps you relax in a way you will never get anywhere else, watching this bird swoop down in the water for it’s daily meal………… Well you have to see it, to see the true beauty of this bird.

Now I get that most are afraid to camp within the woods of Mother Nature, simply because of the unknown, or maybe the Moose, the Bear etc……. True these animals can be dangerous, but if you don’t provoke them and respect that now you are within their home, the chances of them coming at you are not as great, yes they can still come at you, so you need to know just what to do in that situation, you need to learn how to lessen the chances of them coming into your camp etc….. Always remember that you are the guest within their home and just like when you have a guest in your home, you would want them to respect you and your belongings, so you need to respect them and their home, so your stay can be peaceful, happy and with plenty of serenity.

We can all clearly see that within this broken Society of today, we all need to find that true peace and serenity. The drama brought to us by the Media today doesn’t help the fact that, there are a few that will do anything they can to bring harm to the rest of us, then the Media will report this to us, making the sick Individual look like a folk hero or something, which does nothing but, make the next sick Individual try to out do the last. We first have to fix the way the media brings us information and the way they create the drama of this ” Fake news”, simply because they want to line their pockets with money, instead of being a real Journalist and writing as a true Journalist writes. A true Journalist doesn’t take words of others and twists them for their agenda, they create their own words and writes the facts of their words, just like I am writing here to you now. Writing is a form of art, like a painter brings you his imagination with his brush on the canvas, a true Writer brings you real words from his imagination to his pen on to his writing tablet.

Camping within the woods of Mother Nature not only gives me free therapy, to truly relax in peace and serenity, it also helps me be more creative as a Writer, so I can bring you some great readings, from my fresh imagination and create real words, for you to enjoy. I also take plenty of pictures of many different kinds of landscape, then I can take those pictures, add them to my writing screen and create the perfect words to go with them. A true Journalist knows how to create real words and captivate their audience, instead of the so called Journalist within the Media of today, that do nothing but twist the words of others, to create more drama, so they can become more greedy, instead of being a true Journalist.


” Therapy isn’t just sitting in a room and paying someone to chat and unload on”

” Camping within the woods of Mother Nature is the real true peace and serenity”

” Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh!! No!! Your within their home to respect as you would want others to respect your home”

” A true journalist creates real words to captivate their audience always”

” A journalist that has greed first before he writes, is not a true journalist”


The American people have spoken yet again…..


The American people have spoken yet again, with the election of the house seat in Georgia. We the people are fed up with how those within Washington DC are doing their jobs, the real question is, when are they going to get the message and start working for us the people, as we are the ones that put them there?

Those Individuals on the far left would rather stall, bicker and fight, to stop us Americans from moving forward, than actually getting the message from us of, time to stop the crap and do the job we put you there to do, we can vote you out just just as quick as we voted you in. So far all these hearings are proving one thing and that is, those in office would rather wastefully spend our tax dollars over something that never happened. If you want to spend our tax dollars on something, spend it on bringing in the old Attorney General on her last minute on the plane while it was on the runway meeting with Bill Clinton before the Presidential election, I bet we all would love to find out the real truth and what was truly said on that plane.   Investigate the Clinton foundation, so we can truly find out of just how dirty that foundation is. There is a lot that the liberal media won’t report on because they are in the pockets of the Clinton’s and the foundation, we all know it so let’s prove it once and for all.

The far left Socialist Progressives are so corrupt and have a huge warped since of reality, that they have lost touch with true reality, they have lost touch with all of us American people within this Society to the point that, they can’t even do their jobs correctly anymore, without stirring up the drama and hate among us. These Individuals would rather argue and fight, then actually do what they were voted in to do. Then when some sick demented Individual goes and shoots up a work place or a mall etc…. The only thing they talk about is gun control and stopping the gun store owner’s from selling them? I got a news flash!!! It’s not the gun that shoots anybody, it’s the sick demented Individual pulling the trigger of the gun and we need to do a better job at, recognizing the warning signs of these Individuals and help them get the help they need, to truly stop this ugliness around us today.

We all walk a path through this journey of life and unless we stop the fighting and the bickering, these paths will never become smooth and peaceful as they should be for us all,. When we first start out on the path it is rough and full of bumps that will bruise us, but if we work together we can smooth out the bumps, making the path easier to walk and making our journeys become peaceful as we move forward, When we do nothing but argue and fight with each other, then the work of making the paths smooth never gets done.    This starts with the way we teach our children in the schools, of which this process has changed so much since when I was a kid, that the Teacher’s are not doing their jobs properly anymore either. Most of the blame goes toward the Administrations of the schools, as they are more focused on Political Corrections and offending others, that actual teaching has taken a back seat. There are no more civic classes as a required course, nor is an American history class required either. they would rather take away the pledge of allegiance, because it offends some that are from other countries? That’s too bad,,,,,,,,, You are in America, if you don’t like it, go back to where you are from. Plus they would rather take care of ” Illegal” Alien children……… Teach our American children? I have written on ” Illegal Immigration”, please go back to my archives and read, as that opens a whole different can of worms. Let’s work together people and get behind our new President, showing our support and respect for him, so we all together can, ” make America great again”.


” The American people have spoken yet again, time for the elected officials to listen and do their jobs correctly”

” Stop the arguing and the fighting and let’s actually help each other, work hard at making all our paths smooth and peaceful”

” Political correction has made us all weak and vulnerable, time to end it before it ends us”

” When we argue and fight the real work of making our paths smooth and peaceful never gets done”


The Good …………….. The Bad



Hypocrisy is the word of the day, when we talk about our elected officials within this Country, especially when we talk of the far left Socialist Progressives. These far left Socialist Progressives will do anything to have us be dependent on them, so they can keep all the power within the Washington power game, this even includes…… coming up with some fake agendas and charges for our new President, just to stop him from truly helping the American Citizen.

Now I could name them, but I won’t stoop to their level and become like them, as they know exactly who they are. I don’t know about you, but when an Individual gets elected to the highest office on the land, we all have to suck it up, whether you voted for him or not and not only respect him, but support him, so he can do the best job he knows how, so we all can become better and stronger moving forward. Okay President Trump may not be a traditional Politician, but he is a very successful business man and may be just what this country needs, so our economy can truly get back on track and start to reduce some of this ridiculous national debt we have. President Trump may also have a different approach of the way he speaks, only because he believes not in Political Correction, this approach is just what the Doctor ordered for us all right now, simply because Political Correction has made us all weak and vulnerable.

What most have totally forgotten is, all this crap and the hearings happening right now within Washington DC, is costing each of the hard working American Tax Payer millions each day they continue, not too mention slowing or stopping President Trump from truly helping us moving forward.   Because of the far left Socialist Progressives and the way they operate by trying to control everything around them, if we let them have their way then just maybe the beauty around us like in this picture, may cease to exist? Because they will take it away from us and only they can go out and enjoy this beauty? This is what they want, for us to be totally dependent on them, so they than can continue with their fake agendas and bring this country down to the point we are all in Poverty. You want to end up like Russia, where there leader takes billions away from the people and places it within his personal bank account? It will happen in a Society of far left Socialist Progressives and instead of having a President that will work for the people of the country, we will then have a Dictator that will not only take from us, but will gain all the power over us, whether we like it or not, then the Constitution our fore fathers worked hard at creating for us, will then become null and void, leaving us all…………up shit’s creek without a paddle.

This taking to the streets in protest has gotten way out of control, especially when someone leaves their home in one state, goes to another state and sleeps in his car, then takes to a ball field, asks if this was a certain party out there playing, then shooting at anything in sight, just because he didn’t like the out come of the Presidential election? COME ON NOW PEOPLE!!! Time we all grow up and get back to respecting one another again, time we get back to using our Common Sense again, which is far from Common within this broken Society we all live. A lot of us have wandered away from the church and stopped worshiping as we once did and it totally shows, with just how this Society is moving forward. One Congress Woman comes out and says of gun control. ” if we don’t sell guns in the stores, then they won’t be on the streets”? Well I got something for you, drugs like Heroin and cocaine are not sold in stores, so how is it that they are being sold on the streets and why are they killing many with the over doses? The Hypocrisy is so bad within our elected officials it is not only sickening, we have become the laughing stock throughout the World.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, true we all get to choose which path we want to walk, but we still have to walk together, work together and unite together, so these paths can be as smooth as we can make them, when we don’t work together and we don’t respect one another, then these paths will always be rough and the walking will come with much pain and hurt. The time is now  before it becomes too late and we all fall within cracks of the paths, fall to all the far left Socialist Progressives, which will end controlling everything we do, including just how we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” Hypocrisy is the word of the day, time to understand and learn of it before it is too late”

” The Washington  power game is a game that our elected officials will screw all they can just to reach the top and finish the game with all the power”

” A broken Society brings much pain and hurt to us all, leaving us to battered and bruised to continue our paths of this journey”

” Common Sense is just us being smarter as we move forward, it is nothing to common, as it is just us having more respect of one another”

” Walk together, work together, unite together, the recipe isn’t hard to follow, just that we have to have all the ingredients so we can  create a beautiful gourmet meal”


The Appalachian trail

The Appalachian trail, a trail that will test you, a trail that will have you see many things, a trail that has many ups and downs and in the rain, will have you trekking through a lot of muddy and slippery trails. This trail goes from Maine to Georgia and covers a lot of different terrain, there has been quite a lot that have started to trek this trail, but the number of those who actually finish the trail, diminish greatly. This is a trail that has intrigued me for a long time and is on my bucket list, maybe one day I will hike it from Maine all the way down to Georgia.

I have read a few books from Authors who have trekked the entire trail, all of which have their own outlook of the trail and maybe that’s what intrigues me the most? Some trek this trail cause they have lost there way along this journey through life, so they go and try to find themselves along the trail, some just do it cause it is there and they just want to climb, there is no wrong reason to trekking this trail, you just have to be prepared for whatever this trail will throw at you and enjoy every mile for which you trek.

The Appalachian trail, a trail rich in history, a trail that has been there as long as we have made America a home, this trail has gone through much change in the way of Mother Nature and the way she erodes the Earth, to make room for the new. Someone could of hiked this trail once when they were younger, then come back some fifty years later and find that a lot has changed because of erosion, as Nature will get rid of it’s old to make room for the new, just like as we age, from the young baby, to the old man/woman. Everything changes and Nature is part of the change like you and I.

There are some parts of this trail that have been kept up by the hands of Humans, yet there is a lot of this trail that is untouched by man, it is these parts that maybe intrigue me the most, as these sections you don’t see everyday, these sections are so far removed from any civilization, that the normal person won’t even think they exist. These are the sections you have to be prepared for the most, as they could be the homes of some Bear, Moose etc….. Now your the invader and within their territory to respect as you walk. Just as if you were at your home and you would want your visitors to respect your home and belongings, now you have to respect the Animals homes and their belongings.

A Survivalist  is someone that can trek anywhere and not only survive where they are trekking, but can also adapt to the area for which they are trekking. A Survivalist is not someone with a silver spoon you know where, it is someone that can adapt anywhere and with anything that they come across, in today’s Society a Survivalist is far and few between, as most today rely on their techy devices and their social media platforms. Out there on the trail you learn your direction by where the sun is at the time of day you look up, you know sun rises in the East and sets in the west, so there is your six o’ clock and twelve o’ clock on the dial within the sky, so where ever the sun is from that will determine direction and time of day.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, within this journey of life, there are many other journeys and the Appalachian trail is one of those journeys. We all have our own journeys for which we want to trek through, but the one on my bucket list for someday is, the Appalachian trail as this trail intrigues me in ways that, only a trek of the trail will truly explain. Now you need to be in pretty good shape to trek this trail, as you will be climbing mountains as well as walking through prairies, you will be trekking in all kinds of weather and need to be ready for it as well, okay there are some different kinds of shelters along the way, like a lean-to’s to climb into, or maybe a hut to seek shelter in, but a lot of the shelter you will be in, will be the tent you carry on your back, strapped to your pack. Life along this trail is quite different than life within any city and you can’t just flip open a phone for help when needed, you need to learn to survive, to make your life along this trail, go as smooth……as smooth can be, while trekking through a Wilderness, far away from your civilization home.


” Appalachian Trail is a trail many have started, but few have finished from Maine to Georgia”

” To survive is not just flipping open a phone for help, it is surviving a place totally out of your normal routine”

” There are many journeys within the journey of life, some of which many will not trek cause it is away from their comfort zone”

” To be one with Nature and it’s surroundings, you first have to respect whats inside of nature without stirring the pot to vigorously”


The most Holy Body and Blood of Christ


” I am the living bread that came down from Heaven, who ever eats this bread will live forever and the bread that I will give is, my flesh for the life of the World”.

JN: 6;51


True words from Jesus Christ as he showed to each of us, just how much he loved us, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life, in peace and happiness always, as we shared this same love with one another.

Now within this Society we will interpret this quote in many ways, which is fine as we all can think for ourselves, ” I think”……… But to truly  read and understand this quote and it’s true meaning, you first have to believe totally in Jesus Christ, believe totally in his Father our God, then we can truly believe in ourselves as we walk our paths of this journey.

The Bread of life is the substance of our lives and just how we not only treat ourselves, but how we treat each other as we walk through this journey of life. We all want so bad to be accepted by one another, that we totally forget in the one thing that Jesus taught us while he walked here with us and that is, truly feeling the love within our hearts and souls and then sharing that love with one another. This love is the bond we have with Jesus and God our Father, with this love there is never any hate that will enter into our lives. When something goes wrong as we walk our paths and when we truly feel the love within us, we then will never dwell and bury our sorrows, as we will fix what we need to fix, so we than can keep moving forward along our paths of this journey.

Jesus Christ gave so much of himself as he walked his journey here with us, he then sacrificed and died for us all while showing just how deep his love for us was and still is. During the last supper with his Disciples, Jesus took ordinary wine and bread, and turned it into his body and blood, just so when we truly believed, we to can share and go out and announce to all, that the true love of Jesus Christ is within us all, we just have to truly feel it deep within our hearts and souls, let the warmth of this love warm our entire bodies, so we then can walk in peace and be happy in all we do.

It is very sad that within this broken Society, we continue the brokenness simply because we don’t want to truly understand what it is we are doing, we don’t want to understand the why’s of the things that come to us and harm us, we want to only blame everything around us, instead of standing up and excepting responsibility when we need to. When we have our issues to deal with, we let the shame of those issues control who we are, we let the shame dictate just how we walk our paths, just to try to make the harm go away? our troubles and the harm they bring never go away, til we truly acknowledge them and fix what we need to fix, truly believe in ourselves and Jesus Christ, so we then can be blessed with the true “Bread of Life”, as the Blood of Christ washes away our sins, then we can truly feel the love of Jesus within us, as it warms our hearts and souls, then we can move forward  better and stronger, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” The Bread of life is the substance of all our lives and the true belief in Jesus Christ as well as the true belief in ourselves moving forward”

” We are all responsible for this broken Society, time we except responsibility for our actions and move forward with strength instead of backwards in weakness”

” Jesus Christ loved us all deeply and we need to truly believe so we can truly feel this love within us”

” In order to have complete faith in ourselves, we first have to have complete faith in Jesus Christ and God our Father”


Happy Fathers day weekend


Music will always inspire us in many ways and with this weekend coming to honor those who have loved us with all their hearts, a Fathers love for his Siblings never fails us and goes very deep within our souls. The two biggest songs that come to mind , that will inspire all throughout this weekend of Fathers day are, ” The cats in the cradle” a song that will warm your heart with love. Another song is a new one and a must have, is sung by the band of Zac Brown and the song is, ” my old man”, you want a song that will truly touch your heart and soul and bring warmth throughout your body, not too mention maybe a tear or two? Zac Brown hit a grand slam home run with this song as it will truly inspire you.

Fathers a lot of times never get enough credit for the love they have of their children, simply because they are always away from the home, working hard to provide for their children, so they can grow up as strong as him, so they can also provide as he did for them. Fathers are also known as the Disciplinary one and are the ones who discipline you, when you do as your not suppose to, we always fear the ones that scold us, because honestly, nobody wants to be scolded because instead of looking at it as a life lesson, we rebel and don’t want to learn from the lesson.   Sometimes in life we stray of course as we walk our paths of this journey through life, we need that one to guide us back on course, we need that one to support us for all that we try to achieve and we so need that one to do so with all the love in his heart, as we totally feel that love as we walk our paths, that one is our Fathers who ask for nothing in return, but share so much of himself to us, all the time.

Just as a Mothers love for us comes from God, to console us at our times of need, a Fathers love also comes from God and helps us become stronger and better as we walk our paths through this journey of life. When Jesus sacrificed himself for each of us, he did so knowing that his father loved him deeply and would also take care of him always. When Jesus walked his journey here with us, he did so with just the clothes on his back, as his Father supported him in all he did, as well as provided for him as well. This is what all our Fathers do for each of us and they never ask for anything in return, simply because they want to share their love within their hearts with us no matter what the circumstance. A Fathers love for his children never waivers, a Fathers love is as strong as the bond between his family and like the love of God within our hearts and souls, our Fathers love is also within our hearts and souls, which guides us along our paths we walk. When we don’t acknowledge God’s or our Fathers love, we then become lost within the clouds of our judgments, we become lost along this journey and simply wander along the paths we chose to walk. This journey through life can be a long and scary one if we don’t acknowledge any kind of love, but when we acknowledge God’s love, our Fathers love and our Mothers love, this journey will reward us in many ways, it will also bring us much peace and happiness always, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” A Fathers love never waivers and it is as strong as any kind of metal we know”

” Fathers day weekend, Mothers day weekend are two of the biggest weekends for us to acknowledge always, just as we acknowledge Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ”

” A Father is a sign of true strength as he helps us become strong throughout our journey”

” There is so much love around us, it amazes me that hatred can survive as it does”

” A Father is strength, a worker, compassion, guidance, support and someone who loves their children with all of his heart and soul”


The Versatility of a great quote


You can measure how great a quote is, just by taking out one word, replacing it and have this quote go in a totally different direction. The late Stuart Scott ( may God rest his soul), was a great man with respect for himself and all those around him. Let’s take out the word “Cancer” and replace it with the word “life”, now this quote has taken on a whole new meaning and outlook.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have our struggles and with these struggles comes pain and hurt. When we let the pain and hurt dictate how we walk our paths, we will never be truly of who we are. The life events that come across our paths, happen very differently from each other, they have various degrees of difficulties and various ways they come to us as well, could be self induced, maybe another who try’s to control us, or maybe quite simply just life itself throwing us a curve ball from time to time. Through all this and with all the pain/hurt the struggle brings, when we don’t acknowledge the pain and not fix properly what we need to fix, now our paths of this journey become filled will grief, then turns us into someone who we truly are not.

Within this Society we all live, we are all susceptible to the pain and hurt, just that some do not dwell, instead they feel the pain, go directly to the location of the pain, do what is needed to eliminate the pain, by fixing what we need to fix, so we then can move forward along our paths of this journey, while yet other’s dwell and wander around the pain, then proceed to bury deep inside, what is truly  the root of the pain, then become someone they are not, in order to put up this front or wear a mask sort of speak, so other’s around them won’t see anything wrong? This is Shame coming into play, as we then are to embarrassed to have others see us in our distress.  Once we let Shame enter into the picture, then all the pain and hurt becomes so strong, we will do anything to rid ourselves of it and that includes becoming someone we truly are not, then become fake even to ourselves.

We all take different paths throughout this journey, some become a Scientist, or an Engineer who create, research and build things we see around us today. Some may become a Doctor or a Nurse, who enjoy helping others when they are down, while yet others will play a sport they become to love as they grow up.  When we become lost within ourselves, let the pain and hurt dictate where we are going, it doesn’t matter where we end up, when the end result always ends in sadness and distress.

Now some of us are gifted by God and play a sport that others struggle to play? They excel in the sport of their choosing, but then add in the fact of a large payday, now your talking of becoming someone different, only the pain you may feel, will be the pain of loneliness, which is the strongest pain we will come to feel. When we truly walk our paths of this journey  and fix what we need to fix, to continue moving forward, we will then find that we can do anything we set our minds to, which also includes dealing with the pain and hurt that comes to us on this journey.


” Great quotes you never forget, you simply apply them to all that you are”

” The struggles may bring pain and hurt, they don’t have to dictate the outcome”

” We all take a different path throughout this journey, it doesn’t mean that one is superior to the other”

” Great quotes can be changed completely just by tweaking one word”


The most Holy Trinty



We all have the Holy Trinity within us, it comes from deep within our Souls. The problem within a Society like that of today is, we get so caught up in trying to be like or better than those around us, that we then lose sight of this Trinity and never truly get in touch with it or our true selves. This Holy Trinity is the love of God within our souls and with the total believe in the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, this Trinity will help us achieve all what we want to achieve, all while staying in touch with our true love and ourselves, then sharing this true love with each other.

God loved us all so much, that he sent his one and only son to walk his journey with us. Jesus Christ came to us with much love in his heart for each one of us, no matter of who you are. Jesus also taught us many things, especially the way to walk our paths, so we can all reach the promise land and the true path of righteousness. There was only one God and from that God he brought us all the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, for which are all linked together, so we all can truly feel the love of these three deep within our souls, which is our Holy Trinity within us. Then through this true love, we then share it with each other in it’s truest form.

Love is a strong and powerful word that in it’s truest form, will transform us into the most beautiful of God’s children. When we truly feel the warmth of this word love within us, it will then bring us much peace and happiness always. “Love is a beacon of hope that helps us all have true faith in all we do”, as without hope, you will never have faith. Now within this Society we throw this word love around like candy in a candy store, oh! How I love that car? A car is an inanimate object and these types of objects have no feelings to both, feel your love, nor give back the love you give.  You go on vacation and take to a place that becomes special to you, you then come back and say how you love that place, places are also an inanimate object and can never love you back, like you say you love it. True love that is within your soul and that is your Holy Trinity never needs any mention, this kind of love will simply warm your heart and soul and then become brightest, with your actions as you walk your path, through this journey of life.

The Holy Trinity within us, is our true love that warms our hearts and souls. It is this Trinity that helps us walk this journey through life in peace and happiness always and will never, let any hatred consume who we truly are. Sometimes this hatred is brought to us by Evil in the form of another Individual, this Evil will try to take over our Holy Trinity and control who we truly are,  but when we stay true to who we are, stay true to our Holy Trinity within us, always believe and have faith in ourselves and Jesus Christ, then our hope for everything we do will always stay strong, we will always feel the warmth of the love the Trinity brings us within our souls, so we than can truly feel the warmth not just in our souls, it will also fill our hearts with the love, so we than can share it with each other.

The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit are all tied together to one God, a God who loves each of us so much, he gave his one and only son to us, so he can walk his journey here with us. Jesus Christ was that son and he also died and was buried for us, truly showing his love for us, so we all can truly feel the Holy Trinity within us and then share it with each other. So let’s not follow the ways of a Society that throws around the word love like candy in a candy store, let’s truly follow and have faith in Jesus Christ, so we can not only have true faith in ourselves, but we can have true faith in Jesus Christ. Truly Feel the warmth of the Holy Trinity within our souls, so it can fill our hearts with the warmth of true love and then, we can truly share it with each other. On this day of the Holy Trinity, may we all truly feel the warmth of it’s love within our souls, so it then can fill our hearts with the same warmth and love and then we all can, walk our paths of this journey through life as Jesus did, in peace and happiness always.


” True love is a beacon of hope that allows us all to have true faith in ourselves and all we do”

” The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all tied together by one God, so we can truly feel the warmth of the love that it brings”

” Without Hope we will never have Faith in anything, as these two are intertwined together always”

” The Holy Trinity is within us all, it is the love from God that he passed to us all, so we all can be at peace and happiness always”

” Evil will never win over good, this Evil may consume us for a short while, but the good will always warm our hearts and souls with true love and happiness”


Happy Birthday………Hmmmm!!!!!!!



We all Celebrate every year the day we were born into this World, truly a special day for each of us, on this day everyone wishes you a Happy Birthday, but here is just a thought, why do we say Happy Birthday only on this day, when we should be truly happy and say it with more meaning and conviction to each other, every day we walk our paths throughout this journey of life.

I understand we all go through our own struggles, some may even knock us down for a time, which brings sadness and pain to our lives, but if we truly smile, pick each other up when needed, go that extra step to help each other more often, just maybe we all can be truly happy, everyday we walk our paths through this journey.

I am not saying we shouldn’t celebrate the day we were born into this World, to walk our paths, a good celebration helps us become stronger and better moving forward, not too mention truly feeling the love from others as they wish us a happy birthday, but………… Was just thinking maybe we can carry this happiness and love with us, everyday of our lives throughout this journey.

With all the ugliness out there in this Society, some crazed Individuals that want nothing but to bring much harm to each of us, I think it’s time we all unite by bringing the love and happiness from our special day, with us throughout our paths of this journey through life and just maybe all the ugliness will go away, as those who bring the ugliness will find they can’t affect us anymore, then we all can walk this journey in peace everyday.

Truly a birthday is the most precious thing for each of us, as it shows nothing but love of ourselves, to all that are around us. What makes a birthday happy and special, are the ones that truly wish you a ” Happy ” Birthday, without these special people in our lives, we would be alone with feelings of, loneliness and boredom,  we would have no idea what true love is and means too us, without love there will never be any empathy of each other,   which would leave us with a cold heart, instead of a warm one filled with the love of one another. I think in this Society we have gone away from this theory and this is where all the ugliness comes from, simply because the ones that bring this ugliness to us, are Humans like you and I, just that somewhere within their lives things went wrong, things that forced them to bury their love as if it never existed, so they then move forward bringing us the harm, because they know no better and become brainwashed by others of the same.

We have this one shot at walking a path through this journey of life, you would think we all would want to do it correctly, but instead some feel like they need to bring harm to those around them, simply because no matter how hard they have been knock down, they then become to lazy, to even try to pick themselves up, fix the broken parts, so they to can live in happiness everyday with the rest of us. Now not everyday will be a happy day, but if we all focused on that, than just maybe we all can walk our paths though this journey of life in peace and happiness always.


” Celebrating a birthday is very special to each of us, feeling the love and happiness should never leave us”

” Happy birthday to you……… may this bring happiness to all that read this quote”

” The struggles of life should only be temporary as we all move forward stronger and better”

” We have one shot at this journey, maybe we should share more love, so the happiness will bleed out of each of us”








The Vultures are circling……



I don’t know if anybody noticed, but what I saw most at the hearing of
Ex FBI Director was, all the Media types pushing each other out of the way just so they can get ” the picture”, of which to sell to us in their news publications and to continue their “fake” agendas, they sell us everyday.

True Journalism of truth is dead and what we have today is, people calling themselves a Journalist, just so they don’t have to work and rob the rest of us, of our hard earned money, so they can live their plush and fake lifestyles, not too mention…… The fact they keep on repeating the same old fake crap to build more of the unnecessary drama, because they have no clue on how to create real words in which to write anymore.

A Writer is someone that creates real words of a topic they truly know, a Writer is not someone that takes the words of others twist them around, so they can not only keep the drama and their agendas flowing, so can they rob the rest of us of our hard earned money, because we have become so consumed in the crap they write.

President Donald Trump is not only doing a good job for us the regular guy and Citizen of the United States, but he is also doing a great job in exposing all the fake media and the far left Communist Liberal as well, as they are getting so pissed at him, that they will say and write anything just to try to take him down, instead of truly doing their job correctly, so America can become stronger and better moving forward.  A lot of those that have become voted in by us within Washington D.C. Have lost their focus and can not truly do their jobs correctly, which makes it even more important for us the regular American Citizen, to see through their crap and vote them out, so President Trump and the ones with him, can get back to truly making  “America great again”.

This hearing of the Ex FBI Director was nothing but a way to feed the “Fake Media” more words, so they can further twist those words and they can not only keep their agendas going, but keep all the drama flowing through all our lives. You want to be a Journalist, then get back to being a true Journalist, get back to writing true words that are real and not words that are your own twist on another’s words. Stephen King is a great writer, now he may be famous for his gruesome books, but the words within these books are not only real, but they are his words, that he wrote. For him to write one book takes time, as not one of his books happened overnight from cover to cover. Time is something this ” Fake Media Journalists” of today don’t have, cause they want money now and will write anything to sell us, just so they can put money in their pockets now. Unlike Stephen King, who started as a poor Writer and an English Teacher, rubbing his pencils onto his note pad paper, but over time he has become one of the best and most talented Writer’s out there, not too mention he is quite rich now, simply from creating his own words within his books.

True Journalism is dead today and those who think or call themselves a Journalist, are not only lying to themselves, but are also lying to we who read their ” Fake words”. These words I am bringing you right now, are my own words I am creating, I start with a thought and from that thought, I then put a picture up to start, that will coincide with my thought, then I let my fingers walk along my keyboard on my laptop, as they then bring to you, created words from my head to my fingers and onto the keyboard, which then finishes off on the screen I look at, to proof read what I wrote. The concept isn’t really that hard, okay sometimes I look at the screen to get a thought and see nothing on the screen, this is called Writer’s block and when this happens, I don’t take another’s words and twist them, just so I can write something, I then wait another day, til the Block opens up and I can create real words, for my readers to read. Would I like to make money someday of my writings? I would be lying if I said no, yes all of us who write want to earn money for our work, but a true Writer like Stephen King lets time dictate their success, instead of creating ” Fake words”, just so they can rob their readers of their hard earned money.


” True writing is an art form that in today’s world the journalist has lost the focus on how to create the art to create real words”

” That old cliche of “the starving artist” also goes toward a writer as well”

” A true Writer knows how to truly create and will never twist around other words for their benefit”

” Fake writer’s take away all the respect that the true Writer works hard at creating”