Pure Innocence



In Lieu of the tragic events within all the news lately around the World, this picture needs to be shown yet again. ” No more hurting People…………PEACE”, quoted from a young boy who was tragically taken from us at the bombing of the Boston marathon, his name is Martin Richard and he was watching the marathon with his family and cheering on all the runners as they crossed the finish line, no matter of who they were. We live within a sad reality today, where some will create this fear for us to live in, with the rest of lying low and hoping that we are not the next Victims. We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have our struggles, but with these struggles, it is not about burying the pain and hurt deep within ourselves, it is totally about figuring out why we have been hurt , why we feel the great pain, so we than can fix what we need to fix, instead of burying and propelling our pain on all those around us, so we then can move forward better and stronger, throughout this journey of life.

The President of the United States Donald J. Trump is on his first trip as President visiting other leaders of other Countries, after each visit him and the other Leader give a short speech outlining their talks, so far every thing our President says is correct and right on the money, especially when he refers to the Terrorists as, Islamic Extremist “LOSERS”. These Individuals are taking the Words of the Koran and the Holy Bible, distorting them and trying to make their actions out to be correct in their own little warped and demented World. Let’s look at these Terrorists in a different way, we all grow up within a Society of many, as we grow we attend different schools to learn how to be better as we grow, well as we attend these schools, there are some Individuals that will inflict fear on us, just to try to make themselves seem more powerful, these Individuals are known as Bully’s. They have the same traits as our Terrorists today, the best and the only way to truly end the fear these Individuals bring to us is, stand up to them, look them square in the eye and project the fear right back at them and they will cower away, like the true Coward they truly are. Yes I know it is hard to stand up toward a Bully and even harder to stand up to an Individual like a Terrorist of today, as they want nothing more, but to end our existence? but we need to be smarter and stronger then them, so we then can regain all the power that they work hard at trying to steal from us.

Terrorists and a school Bully are really no different, except the fact that a Bully is focused on what is around them and a Terrorist is focused Worldwide and a bigger picture. although in order to fight back on either of them, the theory is the same, stand up, look them in the eye and drive the fear right back at them, so they then will cower away and disappear. Both these kind of Individuals are truly full of much pain and hurt deep within themselves, the difference between us and them are, we work hard at fixing what we need to fix, to move forward better and stronger, while a Terrorist and a Bully simply suppress all their pain and hurt very deep within themselves as if it never existed, then through the fear factor on us, their pain and hurt comes out in a negative way. Until we fully understand this, truly fix what we need to fix, the fear factor of a Bully and a Terrorist will never disappear and continue to haunt us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Unfortunately within this Society People would rather turn everything ” Political”, then to truly see what the problem is, fix the problem, then move forward better and stronger. When God created this planet and then created us as Humans to walk this planet, there were no ” Political” thoughts, there was only true love for what he was doing. We the People are the ones that have turned everything Political, instead of truly fixing what we need to fix, so we then can walk this journey of life in peace and happiness, throughout all our existences. Let’s all get back to our true Empathy, while we share  our love that is within us all with each other, so this fear factor of the Bullies and the Terrorist will disappear and never be a factor moving forward.


” A Terrorist and a school Bully are one in the same, as they both inflict fear on who or what is around them, to make themselves seem more powerful”

” We the People are what is truly wrong with this Society, as we would rather turn things Political, instead of truly fixing what we need to fix”

” An Extremist does not have to be Islamic, they can be from all walks of life who distort what is around them, to make light of their actions”

” When we suppress our pain and hurt without addressing it, we then become someone we truly are not”


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