The Influences of life


We all grow into a Society of many, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. There is a lot that will influence us along the way of our journey, whether it is people, things, places etc… These influences are either good or bad and we are the ones that have to weed through all these influences and only except those that will help us, become stronger and better moving forward.

Music is a huge influence on us all, no matter what Genre you listen to, music will either soothe us or it will turn us into someone even we ourselves don’t recognize.   The lyrics of some music are so clear we can actually sing along if we so desire? While the lyrics of other songs are harder to follow and the music promotes anger, instead of happiness or feel good. Music is and always be a great influence on us, some music don’t even have lyrics and just the sound of the instruments ring in your head, as it relaxes you into and deep peace, when you feel the peace, then the happiness is right around the corner.

There are people all around us and those people will influence us, deeper and more than we really acknowledge. People like Robin Williams ( may God rest his sole), he influenced us with laughter as he entertained us, but until his death we did not know of his pain deep inside himself. We all have hurt deep within and when we do, we hide it from others, while we try to move forward like we are okay? Life is like that simply because we get overwhelmed with all that comes to us throughout the journey. Then there are the ones that cross our paths, that bring pain, whether the pain is physical or mental, pain is still pain, just that the scars on the inside from the mental, will stay with us even when they have healed? The physical pain will heal, as when they heal we don’t feel them anymore, but the mental pain hurts us deeply and this type of pain will always be there, and keep us from being truly of who we are, Mental pain is never seen, as what we learned from Robin Williams, eventually it will come out, but most of the time it is too late, leaving us with pain and hurt throughout our lives along this journey. We are so mean to each other, that we don’t even realize of what we are doing, the stabbing in the back, the bullying, where does it all end, so we all can be a peace throughout  this journey of life.

Camping and being one with Nature, now you actually have an influence that is positive and good. There is nothing like sitting lake side and actually hearing nothing but the sounds of Nature, instead of the sounds of the city, which only will influence us in a bad way. An American Bald Eagle will fly over head when your lake side in a remote setting, these birds are so beautiful to watch as they soar the open sky with the greatest of ease. Maybe if your quiet enough? A Moose will walk out of the woods and go to the water to bath himself? Nature at times can be a lot of work also, like hiking up to a mountain summit, but it is a good work, simply because you are also being one with Nature and hiking at your own pace, instead of being pushed within your jobs. Anytime you can be one with Nature and fully relax, you then can clear your mind, heal the scars that a busy city life will leave, as the scars are healing, you then can fix yourself in a positive setting and a positive way. The positive energy of Nature, was designed by God, so we all can go somewhere to recharge our energy, be in a place where we can clear our minds, so we can truly be who we are, truly feel the love of God that is within us so it can warm our souls. Nature is the one place we can go, especially if it has been untouched by man, that we can get back in touch with our true selves, so we can then walk our paths through this journey of life, in peace and happiness, as we move forward better and stronger.


” There are many influences that will come to us, we just have to weed out the crap to truly see the good”

” There are good and bad influences we don’t have to let either truly control who we truly are”

” Music will always be a very powerful influence on us all”

” The physical pain will heal as the mental pain stays with us even when the scars heal”


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