The Eeriness of the unknown


What could be lurking around the next corner of the unknown? We fear going out into a place we know nothing of, but yet we pretend everyday we know everything, as we walk our paths of this journey through life. This journey is strikingly similar than going trekking deep within the woods, or maybe a top some of the highest peaks, you don’t know what is around the next corner and all can change as we walk through to take it all in.

Really look deeply into this picture, what do you truly see? If you say nothing look again, ┬ájust because you see nothing, doesn’t mean that there is nothing out there. Life through this journey is the same as the Wilderness, just because there is nothing in front of you, don’t mean there is nothing down the road of the journey. The woods are thick, the journey is long, but if we stay in fear of them, we will never move forward and simply sit stagnate in a place we will never like.

If we knew what lurked within the unknown, then the unknown would be known to us all, there would be no point in trekking in places we don’t know, as these places wouldn’t exist and this journey would become so boring, we would all lose interest in the journey we walk within our paths. There would be no bedtime stories to tell our children of the woods outside, as we all would know the contents of the woods, leaving us with no stories to make up. There would be no point in walking this journey, as we would all know the outcome, before the outcome even came to us.

” Go for a walk in the woods”………… This quote wouldn’t be a quote anymore, as the walk in the woods would clear our minds, refocus ourselves, as the unknown would do that for us, it would have us forget what we were doing, in order to focus on what was around each corner within the woods, Without the unknown’s of the world, there would be no fun anymore, as everything would be known, without any discovering needed. There needs to be an unknown, so we can go trekking and discover, making all the unknown’s into the known’s in front of us.

The woods within the Wilderness are sacred grounds and grounds that do have just as much happening within it, than of anything that may happen within the Society for which we live, just that we are too afraid to go explore deep within the woods. We all get caught up in the stories of the monster within the woods, what if there really is a monster and he does nothing, but eat all that invades his space, or maybe there really is something lurking within the woods that is so creepy,the woods would be a great place to hide, so nothing can make fun of him, as opposed to the way a Society of many operate daily.


” What truly is lurking within the woods, or is it really just a fairy tale”

” Why is the unknown so Eerie and with Eerie, why does it have to be so creepy”

” The Eerie of the unknown, why and what makes it son intriguing to us”


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