Revelation for the light will shine brightly on us all



” Whoever has my Commandments and observes them is the one who loves me, and whoever loves me will be loved by my father, and I will love him and reveal myself to him”.

Jn 14:21

” May the light of Jesus shine brightly on all who walk their path through this journey of life”


Throughout this journey of life, there are many paths for us to explore and walk. Jesus came to us and walked his path here with us, he also showed us just how to walk these paths while sharing our love with each other, Jesus taught us many things, which we have since forgotten, by not acknowledging our Common sense and losing the true meaning of the word love. This word Love is deep within our hearts and souls and is a special feeling within us, that warm us without even turning up the heat. Within today’s Society we have lost all feeling and what truly this word love really means.

We throw this word love around, like it is a football and we are trying to be like Tom Brady? We have more love for inanimate objects, then we do for one another? Love is a sacred thing and Jesus will reveal himself to us, when we truly feel the power of this word, Sometimes we pretend to love someone, then proceed to do wrongs by them when they are not around us, or we take advantage of others especially in their time of need. Love isn’t a word you can just throw around like a Rag Doll, Love is a feeling deep within each of us, that will help us walk these paths of this journey through life correctly and when we do, Jesus will reward us by revealing himself, to each of us  moving forward.

The Ten Commandments wasn’t a set of laws like we follow when we drive on the roads today. When you look deeply into the commandments and truly understand the meaning of each, you can clearly see and feel the love of God within ourselves. When you adhere to these Commandments, then Jesus will reward you as he will come to you in a very special way. Jesus loves us all equally and he sacrificed himself, going through much pain for us as well. The Ten commandments was God’s way of showing his love for each of us, they weren’t about setting us up with Laws to follow as we walk our paths of this journey, when we acknowledge his love, feel it within our hearts and souls, not only will his son Jesus reveal himself to us, not only will our hearts be filled with warmth, but we all will respect each other more, reveal this love with each other, but we all will find that path of righteousness, that Jesus taught us of, so we too can get to the promise land and live within peace and happiness.

The light of Jesus Christ shines bright and will shine the brightest, when we all feel his love within our hearts and souls, as then this light will never burn out and we all can walk our paths of this journey through life in peace and happiness, as our paths will always be lit up brightly, so we then can share the path with each other, without bringing pain and hurt to each other, as we do now.


” The light of Jesus Christ shines it’s brightest on us when we acknowledge and feel his love deep within our hearts and souls”

” The ten commandments are laws within each of us that help us walk our paths correctly in the eyes of God, while we truly feel the love of Jesus within us”


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