Bridge over troubled waters



A Bridge is designed to bring us from one side to the other side, regardless of what the terrain is under the bridge, When the bridge is designed correctly, it will last many of years throughout all our lifetimes, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. There is a lot of terrain and water to get around as we walk our journey’s, some of this terrain will knock us down and bruise us, leaving us with the scars from our travels, a bridge when designed correctly, will help and aid us in minimizing the scars, so we can pick ourselves up faster, brush ourselves off and continue moving forward, stronger and better than ever before.

Within this Society we have let the bridges go and in need of some repair, as the bridges become unpassable, now we are left with the daunting task off finding another way to get from one side to the other. This is the same in life and within the two parties known as the Democrats and the Republicans, these two parties are so engulfed in having all the power, they truly can not see what is right in front of them, without breaking into an argument, leaving the rest of us in their carnage. Now you add in all the different kinds of Media out there and we basically are at war with each other, all for three things only, greed, power and control. The media drums up a story out of complete drama instead of the real truth, only to discredit one, so they can help their guy get all the glory? This is the sad reality we all live today, we are on one side of the bridge, the power hungry and greedy ones on the other side, with a bridge that is old and decaying with no way to cross, this leaves us all with the daunting task of trying to move forward along our journey of life.

Now there is a guy named ” the Rock”, this is a guy who made his money in the WWE wrestling in a glorified fake wrestling company, that made billions in selling entertainment to us all and this entertainment is all fake and scripted. The Rock also made money making movies within Hollywood, which happens also to be fake, with those within it, living a fake reality and then trying to sell us all with what they think reality is? The Rock has come out publicly saying he will run for President in the next election? Come on now people, time we wake up and smell the coffee of life and end all this fake crap, grow up and start living in reality, instead of this fake reality, that some are trying to sell us daily. The office of President of the United States used to be an office of Respect and Dignity, that the person holding that office worked 24/7 to help make this country better and stronger for us all, but instead we have let some turn this office into the laughing stock around the World, this office has become about being a Celebrity instead of an Individual working hard and giving back to help his fellow countrymen. You want to seriously make this Country great again, then stop all the crap, end all the power hungry and greedy ones from destroying the Respect and Dignity that our Ancestor’s have built for us, so we all can be not just free, but be happy and in peace, as we all walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Bridge the divide between the power and greedy ones so we all can walk together in peace throughout this journey of life”

” The bridge of Society is broken, time to rebuild so we can move forward better and stronger”

” Power, greed and control will destroy us from the inside out, time to end this crap and fix what is needed to move forward stronger”

” Respect and Dignity is what we have that will help us be stronger and better, living a fake reality will only make us weaker with deeper scars”


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