You and Me against the World…….

We all walk a path through this journey of life, this Duck also has a journey that they follow along their path. We have all heard the quotes ” the ugly duckling” or the ” you are the black sheep”, these are more than quotes as we all have gone through these syndromes at one time or another. There are times in our lives we feel as lonely as this Duck and we will do what ever we have to, in order to try to fit in where we want to the most, There are also times in our lives that we then get treated as a black Sheep, like we have a disease or something? We get laughed at, ridiculed and in some cases, beat so badly, we ourselves don’t recognize as we look within that mirror.

With these Syndromes there is something we tend to take for granted, or are too afraid to admit to ourselves, because we have been shamed deeply, These Syndromes a lot of times, comes to us by other’s who think nothing of hurting us, just to make themselves seem more powerful to those around them. Simply because those Individuals have been hurt themselves, they then think it is okay to hurt another, because in their warped little mind, they think that is the way it is supposed to be? This is the World of a Bully and Bullies could be anybody that we see whether we walk down the city street, or we walk within the streets of our neighborhoods.

Deep down inside, you think the Bully really feels for their actions? Exactly not because they have buried their true feelings so deep, it is like they are not even there. The Bully  will also without even realizing of what they are doing, will hurt all that is around them, as they then try to regain some of the power they lost, as they suppressed their true feelings deep within. A Bully doesn’t have to be some of great distance from you, it can also be someone close and so close, that they are least expected at being any kind of Bully at all. The actions of a Bully are not just limited to to any certain Individual, as we all are guilty of bullying each other with our words, with no actions taken place at all. We will say things behind each others backs, to try to deflect our words, instead of standing tall, then looking someone in the eye with truth, that can and will, make any action of any Bully, become less effective, leaving the Bully with no power over anything at all.

As we walk our paths through this journey, we are a lot like the Duck in this picture, we travel alone and try to make this journey go as smoothly as we think smooth is supposed to be. The problem is, when we come across others along the path, we then get stubborn to the point of, we want nothing to do with them, except hurt whoever crosses our paths and try to control them along this journey. God did not envision this when he created us and all around us, this is all on we who walk a path through this journey of life. We all have these Bully traits within us and we then put into action these traits, without even realizing what we are doing? Sometimes our sub conscious minds will have us do things before we think of taking the action of these things, when we don’t truly understand what our sub conscious mind is doing, this is when we, let the sub conscious control who we truly are, leaving us then trying to take back that control, by then controlling all that is around us.


” The Sub Conscious mind is a secretive mind, that we all need to understand better moving forward”

” The lonely Duck isn’t really lonely, it is just our sub conscious that makes us think he is lonely”

” We are our own worst enemies as we try to control each other and take action against each other everyday”

” We operate behind each others backs a lot of times, simply because we have lost our ability to stand tall and look squarely in each others eyes”



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