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When we are all very young, we long for the day we pass the test and become a licensed Driver, first we have to receive a Learner’s Permit, which is the number one step in learning the proper ways and rules of the road. First things first though, when we reach our teen years we think that we have a right to the Driver’s License and we think that it will give us the freedom to come and go as we please? All we then focus on is getting that license, before we even have the money for a car to drive with that license. Lets get one thing clear now, when you receive a license, it is a privilege and in no way is it your right. We are all brought into this World in the same way, but how we are raised and taught as we grow, are very different from each other. We all have our struggles as we grow up in this World, some of us may struggle a lot more than another, these struggles come in very different ways, with some being deeper than the other and they will control us if we let them, They will turn us into someone we truly are not as well. We are young, we are learning and very vulnerable and are very gullible for what is around us, we also want to grow faster than our body tells us, when all fails us that is around us and the struggles become more stronger, we then suppress our true feelings and emotions very deep inside ourselves, when all we have to do is truly trust ourselves, listen to that inner child within us, yes we all have this inner child and when it does not grow properly on the inside, we to then do not grow properly on the outside. We totally shut out all that is around us and try to move forward with the way we think is correct? When some try to give us advice, we don’t listen as we think we are smarter then all around us? We become so focused on ourselves that nothing else matters, not even fixing what we need to, so our inner child can grow properly, as well as we on the outside can grow stronger and better as we walk our path, through this journey of life.
This all matters in the World of Driving because, when you receive a license and buy a vehicle in which to drive, now you are behind a wheel of not only a heavy object, but a powerful weapon is now in your hands. When you drive responsible all this never enters your mind, but when you drive like reckless abandon, now not only are you putting yourself at risk, you are also putting at risk all those around you. Within this Society of today and with the way most drive on the roads today, clearly shows that, as soon as we get behind the wheel, we then lose all sense of reality and become “people of destruction”. There are only a few on the roads driving that actually know what Common Sense is and actually use this Common Sense without even thinking. Common Sense is within us all just that with all our struggles and the suppressing of our true feelings and emotions, we tend to forget of it and try to move forward, with how we think we are supposed to. The problem is that with how we think and the way we actually drive on the roads, is doing nothing but clash, leaving us all smashed together and our Insurance premiums going through the roof, as I blame each one of us, simply because when we get behind the wheel, we then lose all sense of reality and totally lose any or all of our Common Sense moving forward. We all walk a path through this journey of life, we can do it correctly, or we can just wander through it, which we then not only hurt ourselves, but we then hurt all those around us.

“Driving is a privilege and in no way is it a right for any of us”
“We are all hurt in many ways as we grow into this Society, that don’t mean we take it out on each other”
“A vehicle is a very heavy object and when not treated with respect, it then becomes a weapon within our hands”
“Common Sense is within us all, but yet we operate like it does not exist”


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