Reborn and fresh once again

Forest Flowers

Spring time is a time of freshness and rebirth, the tree’s sprouting new buds on their limbs, the flower’s getting ready for full bloom once again, as spring is to rebirth and inhaling, fall is to exhaling and getting rid of the old, to get ready for the new.

The cycle of life is constantly going round and round, you have the ups as well as the downs, but it is how life revolves and rejuvenates itself to keep moving forward. Through all the four seasons, they are all a big part of the cycle of life and with this cycle, there is a lot of adapting and changing going on all around us.

We to as we walk our paths through this journey of life have these cycles and we also have a lot of adapting and changing as well, With these cycles you have the good as well as the bad , the goal is to minimize the bad, so we can keep the good moving forward. Sometimes the bad comes from things out of our control, but when they happen we first have to identify them, so we can fix what is needed and get back on track of our cycle through life. Everything around us has a cycle of life and with these cycles is how everything evolves through the journey.

When you look back in time and compare those cycles to our cycles today, you will see a lot of similarities, there are so much that gets repeated, but yet we still make the same mistakes over and over again? A cycle keeps going round and round, so that should be the hint that, yes things will repeat so we then can fix the wrongs and the mistakes, so we can all move forward better and stronger. Now today we are all guilty of thinking that we should work less and get big rewards? nobody thinks of life as a cycle and just try’s to survive as best they can? Well in order to survive you first have to understand what your surviving, so you then can make the right changes and adapt properly to the changes. We all want the quick fix and don’t want to understand what we are fixing, we only want to slide through the journey, with as little work as we can, some even try to walk the smooth path of another that has already worked hard in clearing, but what may have been an okay path for one, may not be that okay for another.

The cycle of life goes a lot deeper than the four seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall, the cycle of life is what helps us grow and be stronger and better moving forward. The cycle of life is part of this journey through life, we can’t change that, we can only learn to change with it and adapt to all the changes, by better understanding the whole life cycle. Now just like in life the cycle has it’s downward turns, that will try to control where we are going, with better understanding of the cycle, we can get through the downward turns with less pain and hurt, through better understanding we can stay in control of ourselves, without spinning in the black hole of out of control. True this journey of life can be a lot of work, but if we stay in control, understand better of all that is going on, then the work won’t seem like work and we all can move forward in peace and happiness always.


” The cycles of life has it’s four seasons, that we all learn to adapt and change constantly”

” The cycle of life goes round and round, when we understand better of this, we can minimize the bad sections of the cycle”

” Adapt and change are the biggest components of the cycle of life, but yet we are so afraid to even think of the words…….. Adapt and Change”

” Winter, spring, summer and fall may have their weather changes, a life cycle changes goes a lot deeper to each of us moving forward”


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