Pure Innocence



In Lieu of the tragic events within all the news lately around the World, this picture needs to be shown yet again. ” No more hurting People…………PEACE”, quoted from a young boy who was tragically taken from us at the bombing of the Boston marathon, his name is Martin Richard and he was watching the marathon with his family and cheering on all the runners as they crossed the finish line, no matter of who they were. We live within a sad reality today, where some will create this fear for us to live in, with the rest of lying low and hoping that we are not the next Victims. We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have our struggles, but with these struggles, it is not about burying the pain and hurt deep within ourselves, it is totally about figuring out why we have been hurt , why we feel the great pain, so we than can fix what we need to fix, instead of burying and propelling our pain on all those around us, so we then can move forward better and stronger, throughout this journey of life.

The President of the United States Donald J. Trump is on his first trip as President visiting other leaders of other Countries, after each visit him and the other Leader give a short speech outlining their talks, so far every thing our President says is correct and right on the money, especially when he refers to the Terrorists as, Islamic Extremist “LOSERS”. These Individuals are taking the Words of the Koran and the Holy Bible, distorting them and trying to make their actions out to be correct in their own little warped and demented World. Let’s look at these Terrorists in a different way, we all grow up within a Society of many, as we grow we attend different schools to learn how to be better as we grow, well as we attend these schools, there are some Individuals that will inflict fear on us, just to try to make themselves seem more powerful, these Individuals are known as Bully’s. They have the same traits as our Terrorists today, the best and the only way to truly end the fear these Individuals bring to us is, stand up to them, look them square in the eye and project the fear right back at them and they will cower away, like the true Coward they truly are. Yes I know it is hard to stand up toward a Bully and even harder to stand up to an Individual like a Terrorist of today, as they want nothing more, but to end our existence? but we need to be smarter and stronger then them, so we then can regain all the power that they work hard at trying to steal from us.

Terrorists and a school Bully are really no different, except the fact that a Bully is focused on what is around them and a Terrorist is focused Worldwide and a bigger picture. although in order to fight back on either of them, the theory is the same, stand up, look them in the eye and drive the fear right back at them, so they then will cower away and disappear. Both these kind of Individuals are truly full of much pain and hurt deep within themselves, the difference between us and them are, we work hard at fixing what we need to fix, to move forward better and stronger, while a Terrorist and a Bully simply suppress all their pain and hurt very deep within themselves as if it never existed, then through the fear factor on us, their pain and hurt comes out in a negative way. Until we fully understand this, truly fix what we need to fix, the fear factor of a Bully and a Terrorist will never disappear and continue to haunt us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Unfortunately within this Society People would rather turn everything ” Political”, then to truly see what the problem is, fix the problem, then move forward better and stronger. When God created this planet and then created us as Humans to walk this planet, there were no ” Political” thoughts, there was only true love for what he was doing. We the People are the ones that have turned everything Political, instead of truly fixing what we need to fix, so we then can walk this journey of life in peace and happiness, throughout all our existences. Let’s all get back to our true Empathy, while we share  our love that is within us all with each other, so this fear factor of the Bullies and the Terrorist will disappear and never be a factor moving forward.


” A Terrorist and a school Bully are one in the same, as they both inflict fear on who or what is around them, to make themselves seem more powerful”

” We the People are what is truly wrong with this Society, as we would rather turn things Political, instead of truly fixing what we need to fix”

” An Extremist does not have to be Islamic, they can be from all walks of life who distort what is around them, to make light of their actions”

” When we suppress our pain and hurt without addressing it, we then become someone we truly are not”


The Influences of life


We all grow into a Society of many, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. There is a lot that will influence us along the way of our journey, whether it is people, things, places etc… These influences are either good or bad and we are the ones that have to weed through all these influences and only except those that will help us, become stronger and better moving forward.

Music is a huge influence on us all, no matter what Genre you listen to, music will either soothe us or it will turn us into someone even we ourselves don’t recognize.   The lyrics of some music are so clear we can actually sing along if we so desire? While the lyrics of other songs are harder to follow and the music promotes anger, instead of happiness or feel good. Music is and always be a great influence on us, some music don’t even have lyrics and just the sound of the instruments ring in your head, as it relaxes you into and deep peace, when you feel the peace, then the happiness is right around the corner.

There are people all around us and those people will influence us, deeper and more than we really acknowledge. People like Robin Williams ( may God rest his sole), he influenced us with laughter as he entertained us, but until his death we did not know of his pain deep inside himself. We all have hurt deep within and when we do, we hide it from others, while we try to move forward like we are okay? Life is like that simply because we get overwhelmed with all that comes to us throughout the journey. Then there are the ones that cross our paths, that bring pain, whether the pain is physical or mental, pain is still pain, just that the scars on the inside from the mental, will stay with us even when they have healed? The physical pain will heal, as when they heal we don’t feel them anymore, but the mental pain hurts us deeply and this type of pain will always be there, and keep us from being truly of who we are, Mental pain is never seen, as what we learned from Robin Williams, eventually it will come out, but most of the time it is too late, leaving us with pain and hurt throughout our lives along this journey. We are so mean to each other, that we don’t even realize of what we are doing, the stabbing in the back, the bullying, where does it all end, so we all can be a peace throughout  this journey of life.

Camping and being one with Nature, now you actually have an influence that is positive and good. There is nothing like sitting lake side and actually hearing nothing but the sounds of Nature, instead of the sounds of the city, which only will influence us in a bad way. An American Bald Eagle will fly over head when your lake side in a remote setting, these birds are so beautiful to watch as they soar the open sky with the greatest of ease. Maybe if your quiet enough? A Moose will walk out of the woods and go to the water to bath himself? Nature at times can be a lot of work also, like hiking up to a mountain summit, but it is a good work, simply because you are also being one with Nature and hiking at your own pace, instead of being pushed within your jobs. Anytime you can be one with Nature and fully relax, you then can clear your mind, heal the scars that a busy city life will leave, as the scars are healing, you then can fix yourself in a positive setting and a positive way. The positive energy of Nature, was designed by God, so we all can go somewhere to recharge our energy, be in a place where we can clear our minds, so we can truly be who we are, truly feel the love of God that is within us so it can warm our souls. Nature is the one place we can go, especially if it has been untouched by man, that we can get back in touch with our true selves, so we can then walk our paths through this journey of life, in peace and happiness, as we move forward better and stronger.


” There are many influences that will come to us, we just have to weed out the crap to truly see the good”

” There are good and bad influences we don’t have to let either truly control who we truly are”

” Music will always be a very powerful influence on us all”

” The physical pain will heal as the mental pain stays with us even when the scars heal”


The Eeriness of the unknown


What could be lurking around the next corner of the unknown? We fear going out into a place we know nothing of, but yet we pretend everyday we know everything, as we walk our paths of this journey through life. This journey is strikingly similar than going trekking deep within the woods, or maybe a top some of the highest peaks, you don’t know what is around the next corner and all can change as we walk through to take it all in.

Really look deeply into this picture, what do you truly see? If you say nothing look again,  just because you see nothing, doesn’t mean that there is nothing out there. Life through this journey is the same as the Wilderness, just because there is nothing in front of you, don’t mean there is nothing down the road of the journey. The woods are thick, the journey is long, but if we stay in fear of them, we will never move forward and simply sit stagnate in a place we will never like.

If we knew what lurked within the unknown, then the unknown would be known to us all, there would be no point in trekking in places we don’t know, as these places wouldn’t exist and this journey would become so boring, we would all lose interest in the journey we walk within our paths. There would be no bedtime stories to tell our children of the woods outside, as we all would know the contents of the woods, leaving us with no stories to make up. There would be no point in walking this journey, as we would all know the outcome, before the outcome even came to us.

” Go for a walk in the woods”………… This quote wouldn’t be a quote anymore, as the walk in the woods would clear our minds, refocus ourselves, as the unknown would do that for us, it would have us forget what we were doing, in order to focus on what was around each corner within the woods, Without the unknown’s of the world, there would be no fun anymore, as everything would be known, without any discovering needed. There needs to be an unknown, so we can go trekking and discover, making all the unknown’s into the known’s in front of us.

The woods within the Wilderness are sacred grounds and grounds that do have just as much happening within it, than of anything that may happen within the Society for which we live, just that we are too afraid to go explore deep within the woods. We all get caught up in the stories of the monster within the woods, what if there really is a monster and he does nothing, but eat all that invades his space, or maybe there really is something lurking within the woods that is so creepy,the woods would be a great place to hide, so nothing can make fun of him, as opposed to the way a Society of many operate daily.


” What truly is lurking within the woods, or is it really just a fairy tale”

” Why is the unknown so Eerie and with Eerie, why does it have to be so creepy”

” The Eerie of the unknown, why and what makes it son intriguing to us”


Revelation for the light will shine brightly on us all



” Whoever has my Commandments and observes them is the one who loves me, and whoever loves me will be loved by my father, and I will love him and reveal myself to him”.

Jn 14:21

” May the light of Jesus shine brightly on all who walk their path through this journey of life”


Throughout this journey of life, there are many paths for us to explore and walk. Jesus came to us and walked his path here with us, he also showed us just how to walk these paths while sharing our love with each other, Jesus taught us many things, which we have since forgotten, by not acknowledging our Common sense and losing the true meaning of the word love. This word Love is deep within our hearts and souls and is a special feeling within us, that warm us without even turning up the heat. Within today’s Society we have lost all feeling and what truly this word love really means.

We throw this word love around, like it is a football and we are trying to be like Tom Brady? We have more love for inanimate objects, then we do for one another? Love is a sacred thing and Jesus will reveal himself to us, when we truly feel the power of this word, Sometimes we pretend to love someone, then proceed to do wrongs by them when they are not around us, or we take advantage of others especially in their time of need. Love isn’t a word you can just throw around like a Rag Doll, Love is a feeling deep within each of us, that will help us walk these paths of this journey through life correctly and when we do, Jesus will reward us by revealing himself, to each of us  moving forward.

The Ten Commandments wasn’t a set of laws like we follow when we drive on the roads today. When you look deeply into the commandments and truly understand the meaning of each, you can clearly see and feel the love of God within ourselves. When you adhere to these Commandments, then Jesus will reward you as he will come to you in a very special way. Jesus loves us all equally and he sacrificed himself, going through much pain for us as well. The Ten commandments was God’s way of showing his love for each of us, they weren’t about setting us up with Laws to follow as we walk our paths of this journey, when we acknowledge his love, feel it within our hearts and souls, not only will his son Jesus reveal himself to us, not only will our hearts be filled with warmth, but we all will respect each other more, reveal this love with each other, but we all will find that path of righteousness, that Jesus taught us of, so we too can get to the promise land and live within peace and happiness.

The light of Jesus Christ shines bright and will shine the brightest, when we all feel his love within our hearts and souls, as then this light will never burn out and we all can walk our paths of this journey through life in peace and happiness, as our paths will always be lit up brightly, so we then can share the path with each other, without bringing pain and hurt to each other, as we do now.


” The light of Jesus Christ shines it’s brightest on us when we acknowledge and feel his love deep within our hearts and souls”

” The ten commandments are laws within each of us that help us walk our paths correctly in the eyes of God, while we truly feel the love of Jesus within us”


The Quiet calm of Nature


What truly draws you to being outdoors? Is it the peacefulness? The calming that overwhelms you? Is it the beauty? The being able to explore an unknown? There is so much going on deep within the woods of this picture, the only way to truly find out, is to go explore and enjoy the beauty first hand. Now some never make an attempt to go into the woods, in a place they have never been to explore, simply because they are too afraid of what may happen once they are out there? Some only go outside to watch their children play a ball game, or maybe play a round a golf from time to time. Now being outside in the fresh air of Nature and exploring all it has to offer, now this is what truly invigorates and cleans your soul, for whatever this journey through life may throw at you.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we explore everyday as we go. What the problem then is, the fact we get stuck into these ruts of which we struggle to get out of, we get so accustomed to what we are doing, we then become too scared to venture along a new path, for fear of the unknown. Now sometimes we get into these ruts not of our doing, but of the doing of our surroundings, or the doing of another, that may bring us chaos and pain and the way we deal with this pain, is hiding deep within ourselves, then putting forth a fake self towards others, so we can try to move forward, with as little pain as we can, or try to move forward with what we think normal is suppose to be. When we do try to move forward with as little pain as we can, we then do not walk our path confidently and simply, just wander with no real direction of where we are truly going.

We want so much to fit in with all those around us, we get into this mind set of doing whatever we have to, so others will simply like us and except us into their world? This is when we lose sight of who we truly are and then we become something we are not and forget of just being ourselves, thinking that if we do so, the right people will come and not only stay in our lives, but will help us more than we or they will ever know. This journey through life really isn’t that difficult, but it is we who make it difficult, which then makes it harder and harder, to walk our paths correctly through this journey of life.

The beauty within Nature is so beautiful, the only way to see just how beautiful, is too take part within Nature. Go trekking and explore in places you have never been, see things that you normally would never see in your everyday lives. Get away of the thoughts that you need to go sit on a beach in an exotic place, like all the rest of the others do, get away from those ones that say that sitting on a beach in those places is the way to go? Life isn’t about the keeping up with the Jones, life is all about getting outside your comfort zone and exploring places and things, that normally you would never do. This journey through life has so much to offer, but yet most of us don’t even get close to 30% of what life has to offer. We get so stuck within these ruts, that we forget that there is so much more out there and before we know it, this journey through life has passed us by. Nature has so much too offer us, that it is a journey that never ends, there is so much beauty on this planet Earth through Nature, it is impossible to take it all in throughout our journey, but that is what makes our paths we walk even more enjoyable as we walk them, when we get stuck within the ruts, we lose so much of this journey through life, that it makes it that much harder to get it all back and why we then have so much regret, as we near the end of our journey.


” The quiet calm of Nature really isn’t quiet, we need to explore to truly see all the activity within it”

” Get out and explore all that is around you, you may find your true inner peace then be truly happy as you walk this journey”

” Life isn’t about keeping up with the Jones, as it is all about exploring and discovering everything that is around you”

” The comfortable rut will have us wandering, as getting out and exploring will have us truly walking our paths through this journey of life”



Bridge over troubled waters



A Bridge is designed to bring us from one side to the other side, regardless of what the terrain is under the bridge, When the bridge is designed correctly, it will last many of years throughout all our lifetimes, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. There is a lot of terrain and water to get around as we walk our journey’s, some of this terrain will knock us down and bruise us, leaving us with the scars from our travels, a bridge when designed correctly, will help and aid us in minimizing the scars, so we can pick ourselves up faster, brush ourselves off and continue moving forward, stronger and better than ever before.

Within this Society we have let the bridges go and in need of some repair, as the bridges become unpassable, now we are left with the daunting task off finding another way to get from one side to the other. This is the same in life and within the two parties known as the Democrats and the Republicans, these two parties are so engulfed in having all the power, they truly can not see what is right in front of them, without breaking into an argument, leaving the rest of us in their carnage. Now you add in all the different kinds of Media out there and we basically are at war with each other, all for three things only, greed, power and control. The media drums up a story out of complete drama instead of the real truth, only to discredit one, so they can help their guy get all the glory? This is the sad reality we all live today, we are on one side of the bridge, the power hungry and greedy ones on the other side, with a bridge that is old and decaying with no way to cross, this leaves us all with the daunting task of trying to move forward along our journey of life.

Now there is a guy named ” the Rock”, this is a guy who made his money in the WWE wrestling in a glorified fake wrestling company, that made billions in selling entertainment to us all and this entertainment is all fake and scripted. The Rock also made money making movies within Hollywood, which happens also to be fake, with those within it, living a fake reality and then trying to sell us all with what they think reality is? The Rock has come out publicly saying he will run for President in the next election? Come on now people, time we wake up and smell the coffee of life and end all this fake crap, grow up and start living in reality, instead of this fake reality, that some are trying to sell us daily. The office of President of the United States used to be an office of Respect and Dignity, that the person holding that office worked 24/7 to help make this country better and stronger for us all, but instead we have let some turn this office into the laughing stock around the World, this office has become about being a Celebrity instead of an Individual working hard and giving back to help his fellow countrymen. You want to seriously make this Country great again, then stop all the crap, end all the power hungry and greedy ones from destroying the Respect and Dignity that our Ancestor’s have built for us, so we all can be not just free, but be happy and in peace, as we all walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Bridge the divide between the power and greedy ones so we all can walk together in peace throughout this journey of life”

” The bridge of Society is broken, time to rebuild so we can move forward better and stronger”

” Power, greed and control will destroy us from the inside out, time to end this crap and fix what is needed to move forward stronger”

” Respect and Dignity is what we have that will help us be stronger and better, living a fake reality will only make us weaker with deeper scars”


First the Erosion than the Change…..



You first have to have the Erosion before any Change can take place. The Erosion happens making room for the new and whatever change may come? There is a lot of erosion that happens all around us, even we as Humans go through a sort of erosion, so we can make the necessary changes, to walk our paths through this journey of life, better and stronger.

Whether you are in the mountains or on the beach, there are many different kinds of erosion’s happening all the time, from mud slides to rock slides, to beach erosion and if you happen to have real estate in these areas, you better expect change to come from these erosion’s. We as Humans will have erosion’s as well, or better known as a meltdown, or going from a young age to an older age. As we age there is a lot of change that comes to us, whether we want it or not? Life events will have us erode as the person we were, to the person we become and this scares the hell out of us, which will force us to hide within ourselves, afraid to be who we truly are and afraid to face reality or others around us, this is what we know as negative change and if we don’t except it, then it will control every fiber of our being, keeping us from being who we truly are and making any change at all, very hard or non existent.

When we except the negative change and truly fix what we need to fix, then we can turn the negative into a positive, which then helps in the erosion process, so we then can minimize the erosion and letting the change come to us easier, so we can continue walking our paths of this journey in peace and happiness.

The erosion in this picture at first glance may look ugly and have us wondering why does it have to be like this? But when you look deeply into what you see, you can see the beauty that will come from the erosion, making everything else around it just as beautiful as well. The stream looking dried up and the shore nothing but rocks, as the vegetation around, getting little or not enough water, leaving the vegetation at the mercy of the erosion, but with plenty of nutrients from the water, makes the erosion small and letting true change come to all that is around it.

There are many different kinds of erosion all around us, even what comes to each of us moving forward, but when we understand better of the erosion and let Nature take it’s course naturally, we all can walk our paths through this journey of life, in peace and happiness always and forever.


” First comes the erosion to be able to identify change”

” Then there is change leaving us with a good self Esteem”

” Erosion isn’t just for the landscape, as it is also for each of us as we walk this journey through this life”

” Erosion may tear things up for a short time, as the change replaces and makes everything new once again”


A Mother’s love



The beautiful diverse colors, shapes and sizes of the plant life, the landscape with the town within it, as far as the eye can see with all this beauty around you. Welcome to God’s country, for which he worked hard to create, within this country is something very special that God gave us to hold and share with all those around us and that is the gift of our Mother’s and their love that comes from deep within their hearts. A Mother’s love is God’s love, so we can truly feel it deep within ourselves and then share with all those around us.

All Mother’s are the beauty of Mankind, they are the rocks that keeps us all grounded, they are always there in times of need to give a shoulder to lean on, to support us in all we do. A Mother’s love never fails no matter what or how hard of times may come, simply because like God, a Mother will always forgive and love even when you think you don’t deserve it. You can never see the love of a Mother, as you can always feel it deeply within you, A Mother’s love is so special that it comes with a direct connection from God himself, as it warms all our hearts deeply and heals us from whatever makes us Ill? Mother’s are what keeps us all grounded, so we than can move forward better and stronger, while we have the strength to move mountains in order to achieve all we want to achieve, Mother’s are the glue that keeps us together, so we don’t fall apart from the ugliness that may be around us, Mother’s don’t have to say anything, just feel this power that is within their hearts and souls and then share it with all that is around them, so we all can walk our paths of this journey through life, in peace and happiness always.


” A Mother’s love is deep within their hearts and souls, which is a gift from God”

” A Mother’s love will never be seen, it will only be felt deep within our hearts”

” Mother’s are the glue that hold us all together through all we may go through”


Clear the dead wood to make room to grow stronger



Within this Society for which we all walk our paths through this journey of life, we are so consumed with all the different kinds of Media out there, we can’t see clearly through all the crap, to truly see the true writing on the wall. The TV media, the print media, online media and now social media? There is so much media out there it makes it hard to actually get the real truth anymore, simply because each one of these types has there own agenda and they don’t sway from that, so they can suck us in and create mega drama all around us, not too mention rob us of our hard earned money.

The real truth comes with a price and for some that price is set way to high, but the real problem lies with each of us, as we can’t even be truthful with ourselves or each other anymore. Throw into the mix all the different kinds of media out there, that will say anything just to get us into there court, now you have a Society that is clouded in their judgments, while they wander aimlessly, instead of walking confidently along the paths of their journey.

When I was a young child, I remember the office of President of the United States being one of respect. as he ran the best country on this planet Earth, now this very same office has been turned into a popularity contest, a celebrity dream, or even one of taking multiple vacations and getting a golf course all to yourself? I got a “TRUTHFUL” news flash for you!!! It is a lot more than that and it is a 24/7 hard working job, that never ends. It is a job that if you don’t handle it correctly, it will spin so far out of control and so fast, you will, never recover, giving you high anxiety full of great stress. Now most in the Media will have us believe that anybody can be the President and those that report on the President, do not actually truthfully know of all the duties the President has, nor do they have a solid idea either, but yet they report as if they are the expert and the President is just one of their Pawns. Donald Trump has changed the game of running for President and has had all the Media scratching their heads, as they truly thought that Witch Hilary Clinton was going to win the election?

Now with the election game being changed by Donald Trump, I can’t wait for the real true changes, that President Trump will bring and implement moving forward. President Trump is a hard working and a very smart business man who knows how to close a deal, this is something the last President lacked and truly shows with his failed policies. Lets look at the United States as a huge Company with a Chief Executive Officer (that being the President), with how this country is now, with the economy the number one thing to change, I would rather a Businessman in that office, then someone that would just warm the seat, or even turn the job into some celebrity type movie, that those in Hollywood tries to sell us daily. Now with a CEO, you always have the Board of Director’s, this being the Senator’s and the Congress men and woman,    with the way some of these Individuals are, the length they have been there and the fact that they have become set in their ways, I like the fact we have a person as President that knows just how to deal with them and get them all on the same page, of actually doing their job, instead of being someone that just warms a seat in the meetings. Being President is no easy job and anybody that thinks it is, has zero clue on being President of theses United States.

Now as the President fires the FBI Director and all the Media types trying to make this as important news and even more so then any other job the President has, let me just say that, This stuff happens everyday in the business environment, which the Media never wants to make a story out of, simply because, 1) they can’t move on their agenda and 2) they can’t make money on stuff that they can’t create drama out of. Hence the real problem of this country is the Media, their agendas and trying to create so much drama, that they then try to be more powerful then the office of the President of the United States, not too mention robbing the rest of us of our hard earned money, now who are the real crooks and we let them get away with it.

Plagiarism is when you steal another’s work, then call it your own, well maybe we should change the game on the Media and if you go forward with fake news, or an agenda that is far from the truth, that robs others of their hard earned money, then maybe they should be held more accountable and not able to hide behind the first Amendment rights? I get they all have their sources and don’t want to give up their sources, well maybe this practice needs to change as well? If you can’t write a story on your own merits, write from your heart and not with dollar signs in the pupils of your eyes, then just maybe you need to change your profession, simply because it is the Greed that has us all wandering along this journey of life and truly becoming someone for which we truly are not. The time is now for us all to stand up and be counted, eliminate the dead wood, so we can all move forward better and stronger, be more truthful with ourselves as well as each other, Respect more of what we do, so we then can Respect each other as a person and not treat each other as a number, or even as a someone to make money from. True change comes from everywhere, but it first starts deep within our own souls, before it is spread through a Society of many.


” Remove the dead wood and have one heck of a campfire as you relax and unwind from the daily crap”

” The many sources of media will have you spinning your head with the false truths”

” Truth is something the media lacks as it doesn’t create drama that gives them many dollar signs”

” The President of the United States is a 24/7 job, that needs to be respected highly as it once was”

” The President of the  United States has a hard job with no room for any kind of Celebration or hanging with the fake Hollywood types”

You and Me against the World…….

We all walk a path through this journey of life, this Duck also has a journey that they follow along their path. We have all heard the quotes ” the ugly duckling” or the ” you are the black sheep”, these are more than quotes as we all have gone through these syndromes at one time or another. There are times in our lives we feel as lonely as this Duck and we will do what ever we have to, in order to try to fit in where we want to the most, There are also times in our lives that we then get treated as a black Sheep, like we have a disease or something? We get laughed at, ridiculed and in some cases, beat so badly, we ourselves don’t recognize as we look within that mirror.

With these Syndromes there is something we tend to take for granted, or are too afraid to admit to ourselves, because we have been shamed deeply, These Syndromes a lot of times, comes to us by other’s who think nothing of hurting us, just to make themselves seem more powerful to those around them. Simply because those Individuals have been hurt themselves, they then think it is okay to hurt another, because in their warped little mind, they think that is the way it is supposed to be? This is the World of a Bully and Bullies could be anybody that we see whether we walk down the city street, or we walk within the streets of our neighborhoods.

Deep down inside, you think the Bully really feels for their actions? Exactly not because they have buried their true feelings so deep, it is like they are not even there. The Bully  will also without even realizing of what they are doing, will hurt all that is around them, as they then try to regain some of the power they lost, as they suppressed their true feelings deep within. A Bully doesn’t have to be some of great distance from you, it can also be someone close and so close, that they are least expected at being any kind of Bully at all. The actions of a Bully are not just limited to to any certain Individual, as we all are guilty of bullying each other with our words, with no actions taken place at all. We will say things behind each others backs, to try to deflect our words, instead of standing tall, then looking someone in the eye with truth, that can and will, make any action of any Bully, become less effective, leaving the Bully with no power over anything at all.

As we walk our paths through this journey, we are a lot like the Duck in this picture, we travel alone and try to make this journey go as smoothly as we think smooth is supposed to be. The problem is, when we come across others along the path, we then get stubborn to the point of, we want nothing to do with them, except hurt whoever crosses our paths and try to control them along this journey. God did not envision this when he created us and all around us, this is all on we who walk a path through this journey of life. We all have these Bully traits within us and we then put into action these traits, without even realizing what we are doing? Sometimes our sub conscious minds will have us do things before we think of taking the action of these things, when we don’t truly understand what our sub conscious mind is doing, this is when we, let the sub conscious control who we truly are, leaving us then trying to take back that control, by then controlling all that is around us.


” The Sub Conscious mind is a secretive mind, that we all need to understand better moving forward”

” The lonely Duck isn’t really lonely, it is just our sub conscious that makes us think he is lonely”

” We are our own worst enemies as we try to control each other and take action against each other everyday”

” We operate behind each others backs a lot of times, simply because we have lost our ability to stand tall and look squarely in each others eyes”