To exist or not to Exist???


We can exist as we walk our paths through this journey of life, or quite simply we can just wander with no real existence. There are many factors as we walk through life and a lot of them we truly never understand, When we exist then we have a purpose and work hard to finding that purpose, so we than can prosper along our paths of this journey, now without a purpose we then have no goal or goals to achieve to help us prosper through the journey.

These factors come in all shapes and sizes, but none bigger than the Life Events that will cross our paths and try to derail us from walking our paths, but only if we let them control who we truly are. Sometimes life fools us into thinking we are smarter than the rest, then one day we wake up to find we are really dumb and not as smart as we thought. This journey through life can and will trick us like this, which makes it critical in us existing or just wandering along the paths of this journey through life.

Shawshank Redemption was one of the greatest movies, with one of the best quotes of all time, ” You can get busy living, or you can get busy dying “. This quote is so fitting to the fact that, ” you can either walk to exist, or simply wander yourself into a life of non existence”. Not everybody will be successful, as also not everybody will be the ones of digging the trenches for most, There is plenty of room for us all to walk successfully through this journey of life, but we are running out of room for us to be sharing our paths with some who may just wander with no existence.


” To exist is real, to wander is to merely become fake”

” This journey through life has many factors, these factors will either make or break Whomever walks through their journey”


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