The ugliness just gets uglier……..


Yet another shooting takes place on the grounds of another Elementary school. Seriously!!! do we need to keep including innocent children into our own troubles and really what does this accomplish, except to bring more victims further into this ugly Society. We all as people of this Society are all responsible for the ugliness around us and we the people can stop this ugliness if we truly wanted to.

We all have this fire inside of ourselves and at one point or another, this fire has burned out of control, when this fire is burning out of control we do things we regret and can’t take back, whether they come from something or someone that has hurt us is irrelevant, as we are the ones that let the fire burn, without even trying to fix or put the flames out, instead we let the flames turn us into something we truly are not, we suppress our true feelings and emotions so deep, that they then become non existent and we then feel nothing for anything or anyone around us.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, there will be many ups and downs, many twists and turns, many bumps that will knock us down and bruise us, not too mention of many others that will come and try to harm and control us. We are our own worst enemy and sometimes through all the ugliness, we only have ourselves to blame, simply because we let the crap affect us, without trying to change or fix what is needed, so we can walk peacefully along our paths of this journey.

With yet another shooting taken place on the grounds of an Elementary school, some will call for gun control as they blame an object for the shooting, instead of the Deranged Individual that pulled the trigger of the gun/guns…… If the trigger wasn’t pulled, the gun would still be loaded, just saying is all, We all need to truly look at what the problem is and that is a sick Individual in need of some help, to fix him/her of their problems, what is the first thing our so called leaders in our Governments do when they want to balance a budget? That’s right……… they cut Mental Health, which then leaves these sick Individuals out on the street with you and I, not too mention it also keeps the rest of us from being educated in seeing the warning signs of these Individuals, before they go out and bring the ugliness to us all.

We all at one point or another have been Bullied in our lives, does this give us all the right to shoot up everyone around us? Exactly the answer is no, as then we would be adding to the problem without trying to fix what truly needs to be fixed. Now we are all not the same when dealing with an issue like Bullying, some internalize and some get so angry, they then become a danger……. not just to themselves, but to all that are around them, we all have our own make up and we react differently to one issue, but this in no way, gives us free will to go out and harm others when we see fit. I blame our leaders for failing to properly lead us, I blame each one of us for letting these leaders get away with this for so long, I also blame myself and all those of this Society, as we are all guilty of not being educated enough to see the warning signs of these deranged Individuals, the last thing I blame will be the gun, cause if a loaded gun sat on a table in front of a group of people and no one touches that gun, then the gun is still a loaded gun on a table, in front of a group of people. We need to reinvest and put back the finances into the Mental Health Profession once again, give these deranged Individuals a place to get the proper help, instead of on the streets and stewing within what troubles them, we all need time to vent from time to time, some more so than others, but when we keep ignoring the problem with hopes it will just go away, is the wrong approach and we need to drastically change the approach, so we all can walk our paths of this journey in peace and happiness.


” Our issues won’t just go away without the proper help and communication of our issues”

” Guns don’t shoot people, deranged people shoot people”

” We all have a fire that burns within ourselves, when we let the fire burn out of control is when the ugliness comes to each of us”
” A Bully is a Coward that when we look directly into their eyes, they cower away like the true Coward they are”



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