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There is this flu virus floating around that is a doozy, it had me in it’s clutches for a few days, but as I lay all wrapped up, with some med’s and my strong immune to fight it, I watched a lot of crap happening on the news, from a Dictator bombing his own people with deadly chemicals, not just his own people, but innocent men, woman and children………. Then a Terrorist in Sweden driving a truck through innocent people, killing and injuring them. After the bombing of deadly chemicals, the President of the United States ordered the bombing of the airport, for which those planes took off from, sending a message that not only did the Dictator break International laws, there would be a price to pay for such a Cowardly act. ┬áThis whole World is turning into a bunch of Crackpot’s, trying to kill the good ones………… why? maybe because they don’t believe in God and want to control this World? I got a news flash for you, Evil will never win over the good and eventually all the Cowards will disappear, to never be heard from again.

The good will never lose to Evil, just look throughout the history of Mankind, the problem then lies with we as a Society becoming unscrewed, we as a Society not only losing faith in ourselves, but losing faith in Jesus Christ and totally not believing in him anymore. Nobody steps in to church anymore, not just for a weekly visit and prayer, but nobody steps into a church to confess their sins anymore and yes we all do. We all think we are more powerful than each other, instead of truly knowing that we are unique to each other, with many similarities. You would think with all the technology we have in this Society, we would be smarter, but through all the Chaos of this Society, only proves that we are plain and simple, dumber than we have ever been. All we want to do is control all that is around us, but if we each control what is around us, then what really are we controlling? Everybody wants to be the Chief, but if we are all Chiefs, then who will be the worker to work hard at creating all the future technology?

We all walk a path through this journey of life, these paths comes with some work on our part and there is no path smooth as silk. Some of us work hard at making our paths smooth, while others give up and try to control others to clean the path for them, this journey is not a contest and it is not about taking control of one another, this journey is not about putting ourselves above each other either, this journey is as Jesus taught us when he came and walked his journey with us, he showed us how to walk our paths peacefully, while we share our love within our hearts with each other, it is much easier to share the love, then it is to create all this hatred of each other, as Jesus walked through all the filth and hatred, he always stopped to help, show his love with all the ugliness, no matter of who was around him. We to can do the same, just that we have lost faith and belief in each other, we will harm each other at every turn on the path, somewhere along this journey we have all gone wrong and until we make the wrong right, this ugliness will never stop. We have to get back our faith of ourselves and each other, as well as the faith in Jesus Christ, believe in Jesus as well as ourselves, so we can walk our paths of this journey, in peace and happiness once again, so all the ugliness will disappear, the problem is we the people have to stop being so dumb and actually get back to the task of walking our paths, as Jesus showed us with confidence while we share our love with each other.


” The common cold is one thing, it is the flu virus that has us in the fog and try’s to knock us down”

” Good will always win over evil, simply look back over the history of mankind”

” We the people of this society are all to blame for the ugliness, it is never too late to unite and end all the ugliness”

” Technology is suppose to make our Journey’s better, not complicate and make it harder”


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