The Peace of Divine Mercy

” Faith in action is Love, Love in action is Service”

*** Mother Theresa***


May the Peace of Divine Mercy be with us all as we walk our paths, through this journey of Life. When Jesus took his last breathe here with us, he then was placed in the tomb, where the door was sealed shut so no one could steal the body? three days later he rose from the dead to be seated at the right hand of his Father, during those three days there was a lot of doubt and sorrow passing through each of us, with this doubt some have lost the true Faith in Jesus Christ, which had now brought chaos to all our lives. When you lose Faith in anything, it then becomes difficult to apply action of what you have Faith in, then the Love of Jesus within your heart becomes cold and with no Love no Faith, then our Service to ourselves, each other and Jesus Christ dies, as this journey through life seems much harder than it really needs to be.

Through Divine Mercy there is a peaceful calmness that is infectious among all of us, with this calmness there is zero chaos or ugliness within our sights along our paths. Divine Mercy can never be seen, it will only be felt deep within our hearts and souls, but in order to truly feel it, we first have to have complete Faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, then as we are within the Peace of the Divine Mercy, then the Love within our hearts will pour through our veins and the warmth will give us chills that warm us throughout, as we then feel complete within the Peace of Divine Mercy, then the service of our action becomes, sharing the Love with all that is around us.

Divine Mercy is that time when Jesus rose to the sky after three days of mourning by all, he showed us the holes in his hands and feet, from the nails which held him high upon the cross, then speaking to us all while showing he has true love in us all, no matter of who you are? When we truly feel this love within our hearts, then it is up to us to show our empathy of each other, while we take action of the service and share this love with each other.

Within this Society of ugliness. fast pace and taking so much for granted, we have lost sight of who we truly are, we have lost the true feeling of God’s love within our hearts, leaving us and our hearts cold for everything around us. We let everything around us affect us leaving scars all over us, even what we can not control. Jesus cry’s deeply for us, as he does not want to see us in this pain, which is why he sacrificed for us, showing us that it really doesn’t have to be this way, only if we follow his lead, learn from all his teachings to us, have complete Faith in ourselves as well he Jesus Christ, then through our actions, will the love shine bright within us and we then can take action of the service showing our Love within, with all those around us. As we then walk our paths in Peace along this journey of life, showing our actions of our service, to Jesus and to each other, with grace and happiness.


” Divine Mercy is a quiet peace within us all and can only be felt deep within our hearts and souls”

” The peace of divine mercy is infectious, only right now we let the chaos and ugliness infect us as we bury this divine mercy deep within us”

” Jesus died and sacrificed for us, as we have totally taken for granted the why’s as well as his love within our hearts”

” Within the Peace of Divine Mercy there will never be any ugliness or chaos, only the love within our hearts will shine as bright as the brightest light”


The Tree of many branches


Tree’s in many ways are like we the Human beings of this planet Earth. They come in all shapes and sizes, they are all unique to each other, just like we Humans are unique to each other, their branches are like their arms that reach out in many directions, we have two arms and also reach out in many directions, in order to achieve all we can achieve, their trunk is the main part of their existence, just like our bodies are the main part of our existence, the tree’s may seem at first glance as a stationary object, but in many ways it is like us, as they need food for nutrition and proper growth, the roots of the tree underground are the lifeline of each tree, just as we plant our seeds to build and grow strong roots, the tree’s also plant their seeds for strong and healthy roots.

Tree’s are very diverse to each other, as they come in many different kinds, like the Maple, the Pine, the Hemlock etc….. We to as Humans are diverse to each other, as we come in many colors, many nationalities, many different kinds of beliefs, but the one thing we share with the tree’s is, we are very unique to each other, like the tree, we each bring our own views and ways to the Society, which helps make the Society grow and become stronger moving forward, but like the tree, we need strong roots in order to survive and prosper within the World a top this great planet called Earth.

Tree’s are also susceptible to many kinds of diseases like we are as well, these diseases can cripple and kill if not taken care of properly, when there is a strong root system, combined with a strong immune system, most of the diseases can be fought off, but when the root system becomes broken and damaged and the immune system becomes flawed, now we like the tree’s struggle to exist among the rest. Tree’s do cry sometimes, I don’t know about you, but have you been under a tree on a clear sunny day and felt drops of water hit the top of your head, that is the tree crying for whatever reason we have no idea of? We also cry like the tree but what we all take for granted is, crying is not a sign of weakness, as crying is a sign of true strength, that cleanses and cleans our souls moving forward.

We take many things for granted as we walk our paths through this journey of life, only because we get so consumed in all the crap around us, then there are some that because they are so troubled, they then infect us with the troubles, because they try to keep the power and control, to make it seem like they are okay and the rest of us are troubled? This journey would be so much easier if only we would fix our troubles, instead of infecting the rest with the troubles, who are trying to build their roots and move forward better and stronger. Unlike the tree’s who stand in solitude, we try to force ourselves and our views on each other, which does nothing but bring more crap to one another within this Society of many. There are many species that travel through this journey of life, if only we didn’t take so much for granted, fixed what we needed to fix, without trying to force ourselves and our views on each other, just maybe we all could walk our paths in peace, while we smile true happiness, as we travel this journey to become better and stronger moving forward.


” Tree’s like Humans are similar to one another, but are also unique to each other as well”

” Diversity is a part of all the life forms that live on this planet, just that we don’t truly look at it as diverse and take for granted all, that is around us”

” A Disease comes to all walks of life here on Earth, with a strong immune and strong roots, you can fight off these diseases”

” Never take anything for granted, as what you do take for granted can stop you from moving forward better and stronger”


The ugliness just gets uglier……..


Yet another shooting takes place on the grounds of another Elementary school. Seriously!!! do we need to keep including innocent children into our own troubles and really what does this accomplish, except to bring more victims further into this ugly Society. We all as people of this Society are all responsible for the ugliness around us and we the people can stop this ugliness if we truly wanted to.

We all have this fire inside of ourselves and at one point or another, this fire has burned out of control, when this fire is burning out of control we do things we regret and can’t take back, whether they come from something or someone that has hurt us is irrelevant, as we are the ones that let the fire burn, without even trying to fix or put the flames out, instead we let the flames turn us into something we truly are not, we suppress our true feelings and emotions so deep, that they then become non existent and we then feel nothing for anything or anyone around us.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, there will be many ups and downs, many twists and turns, many bumps that will knock us down and bruise us, not too mention of many others that will come and try to harm and control us. We are our own worst enemy and sometimes through all the ugliness, we only have ourselves to blame, simply because we let the crap affect us, without trying to change or fix what is needed, so we can walk peacefully along our paths of this journey.

With yet another shooting taken place on the grounds of an Elementary school, some will call for gun control as they blame an object for the shooting, instead of the Deranged Individual that pulled the trigger of the gun/guns…… If the trigger wasn’t pulled, the gun would still be loaded, just saying is all, We all need to truly look at what the problem is and that is a sick Individual in need of some help, to fix him/her of their problems, what is the first thing our so called leaders in our Governments do when they want to balance a budget? That’s right……… they cut Mental Health, which then leaves these sick Individuals out on the street with you and I, not too mention it also keeps the rest of us from being educated in seeing the warning signs of these Individuals, before they go out and bring the ugliness to us all.

We all at one point or another have been Bullied in our lives, does this give us all the right to shoot up everyone around us? Exactly the answer is no, as then we would be adding to the problem without trying to fix what truly needs to be fixed. Now we are all not the same when dealing with an issue like Bullying, some internalize and some get so angry, they then become a danger……. not just to themselves, but to all that are around them, we all have our own make up and we react differently to one issue, but this in no way, gives us free will to go out and harm others when we see fit. I blame our leaders for failing to properly lead us, I blame each one of us for letting these leaders get away with this for so long, I also blame myself and all those of this Society, as we are all guilty of not being educated enough to see the warning signs of these deranged Individuals, the last thing I blame will be the gun, cause if a loaded gun sat on a table in front of a group of people and no one touches that gun, then the gun is still a loaded gun on a table, in front of a group of people. We need to reinvest and put back the finances into the Mental Health Profession once again, give these deranged Individuals a place to get the proper help, instead of on the streets and stewing within what troubles them, we all need time to vent from time to time, some more so than others, but when we keep ignoring the problem with hopes it will just go away, is the wrong approach and we need to drastically change the approach, so we all can walk our paths of this journey in peace and happiness.


” Our issues won’t just go away without the proper help and communication of our issues”

” Guns don’t shoot people, deranged people shoot people”

” We all have a fire that burns within ourselves, when we let the fire burn out of control is when the ugliness comes to each of us”
” A Bully is a Coward that when we look directly into their eyes, they cower away like the true Coward they are”



Peace to all, on this Blessed Holy Week



” And when he entered Jerusalem the whole city was shaken and asked, “who is this?” and the crowds replied, “this is Jesus the Prophet”, from Nazareth in Galliee”.

*** Mt 21:10-11***


This picture was last summer as I vacationed in Maine, went out for a daily trek in the kayak and as I paddled into this inlet, it was this clump of roots that caught my eye and you can see a clear resemblance of the crown of thorns, for which was put a top Jesus’s head. When I turned into the inlet it was positioned right in the center of the water way, so as I got closer and focused what it was, I could clearly see the resemblance of the crown of thorns. You never now where your epiphany will come from, you never know where Jesus will come to you, or where one of his signs will come before you, he is all around us and we can truly feel his love within our hearts.

Within this Society today and all the ugliness that is around us, we think Jesus doesn’t exist? Only because we let this ugliness consume who we truly are, we then lose all faith and belief in Jesus, but his faith and belief in us never dies, his love within our hearts is always there, it is just us that don’t acknowledge his love that leaves our hearts cold, we are the ones in fault of all this ugliness around us, we just have to get back to believing in ourselves, so we then can have faith in ourselves and only then, will we truly feel the love of Jesus within our hearts, so we than can get back to believing and having faith in Jesus Christ once again.

Forgiveness is a very powerful feeling within us, Jesus forgives those who forgives themselves, when we don’t forgive ourselves as well as each other, this is when the ugliness comes to us the strongest, the power of forgiveness is within us all, but when we don’t know how to properly use it, is when our paths of this journey become in so disarray, that we then lose sight of where we are going and become lost within this journey. Jesus taught us of all this when he came and walked his journey with us, only being so far removed from this time, we get caught up within the status Quo of, losing all faith and belief in Jesus Christ.

Now that today marks the beginning of the Holy Week for all Christians and as the forty day journey of Lent comes to a close, let us all regain that true feeling of the love of Jesus within our hearts, let him come back to us, so we then can share this love with each other, so we can all move forward better and stronger along our paths of this journey through life. When the love of Jesus warms our hearts and souls, we will then come to find that, all the ugliness that surrounds us will disappear, there will be a silent peace that will overwhelm us and make us smile with happiness, You may still have a few that may try to control everything around them, but within this silent peace, it won’t be as strong and evident as it is today. Trust and faith in Jesus Christ will have us all believe in him, as we then will always believe in ourselves, through this belief comes our forgiveness of ourselves and Jesus’s forgiveness of each of us, without this forgiveness is when we become someone we truly are not and become lost along our paths of this journey through life.


” An Epiphany is a strong feeling that comes to us that we can’t deny, we all have these Epiphany’s just that we don’t acknowledge them when they come”

” Jesus sacrificed himself for each of us, so we all can move forward with strength sharing his love within us, with all that is around us”

” Forgiveness is a powerful feeling within us that when we use properly, will have us all walk this journey in peace and happiness”

” Jesus taught us many things as he walked his journey with us, his love is within our hearts always and all he asks is we share this love with each other”


Tread lightly along the path



There is this flu virus floating around that is a doozy, it had me in it’s clutches for a few days, but as I lay all wrapped up, with some med’s and my strong immune to fight it, I watched a lot of crap happening on the news, from a Dictator bombing his own people with deadly chemicals, not just his own people, but innocent men, woman and children………. Then a Terrorist in Sweden driving a truck through innocent people, killing and injuring them. After the bombing of deadly chemicals, the President of the United States ordered the bombing of the airport, for which those planes took off from, sending a message that not only did the Dictator break International laws, there would be a price to pay for such a Cowardly act. ┬áThis whole World is turning into a bunch of Crackpot’s, trying to kill the good ones………… why? maybe because they don’t believe in God and want to control this World? I got a news flash for you, Evil will never win over the good and eventually all the Cowards will disappear, to never be heard from again.

The good will never lose to Evil, just look throughout the history of Mankind, the problem then lies with we as a Society becoming unscrewed, we as a Society not only losing faith in ourselves, but losing faith in Jesus Christ and totally not believing in him anymore. Nobody steps in to church anymore, not just for a weekly visit and prayer, but nobody steps into a church to confess their sins anymore and yes we all do. We all think we are more powerful than each other, instead of truly knowing that we are unique to each other, with many similarities. You would think with all the technology we have in this Society, we would be smarter, but through all the Chaos of this Society, only proves that we are plain and simple, dumber than we have ever been. All we want to do is control all that is around us, but if we each control what is around us, then what really are we controlling? Everybody wants to be the Chief, but if we are all Chiefs, then who will be the worker to work hard at creating all the future technology?

We all walk a path through this journey of life, these paths comes with some work on our part and there is no path smooth as silk. Some of us work hard at making our paths smooth, while others give up and try to control others to clean the path for them, this journey is not a contest and it is not about taking control of one another, this journey is not about putting ourselves above each other either, this journey is as Jesus taught us when he came and walked his journey with us, he showed us how to walk our paths peacefully, while we share our love within our hearts with each other, it is much easier to share the love, then it is to create all this hatred of each other, as Jesus walked through all the filth and hatred, he always stopped to help, show his love with all the ugliness, no matter of who was around him. We to can do the same, just that we have lost faith and belief in each other, we will harm each other at every turn on the path, somewhere along this journey we have all gone wrong and until we make the wrong right, this ugliness will never stop. We have to get back our faith of ourselves and each other, as well as the faith in Jesus Christ, believe in Jesus as well as ourselves, so we can walk our paths of this journey, in peace and happiness once again, so all the ugliness will disappear, the problem is we the people have to stop being so dumb and actually get back to the task of walking our paths, as Jesus showed us with confidence while we share our love with each other.


” The common cold is one thing, it is the flu virus that has us in the fog and try’s to knock us down”

” Good will always win over evil, simply look back over the history of mankind”

” We the people of this society are all to blame for the ugliness, it is never too late to unite and end all the ugliness”

” Technology is suppose to make our Journey’s better, not complicate and make it harder”


Step up along this Journey of Lent……..


A Lenten Prayer:

” O Lord we ask for a boundless confidence and trust in your Divine Mercy and courage to accept the crosses and sufferings, which bring immense goodness to our souls and that of your Catholic Church. Help us to love you with our pure and contrite heart and to humble ourselves beneath your cross, as we climb the mountains of holiness, carrying our cross that leads to heavenly glory,    AHEM!!!


*** St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina***


The journey of Lent is a forty day journey, it is also a journey that Jesus also walked when we walked together through this journey of life. The two key words to walking the Lenten journey is, ” faith and Belief”. You first have to believe in Jesus Christ, so you then can have faith in him, as you walk your path of this journey, peaceful and in happiness always.

There will always be times as we walk our journey’s, that some evil and ugliness will come to us, we begin to wonder if Jesus ever existed? Sometimes Jesus let’s the ugliness happen, so we then can fix for ourselves the ugliness and become stronger along our journey through life. With the faith and belief in Jesus Christ as well as ourselves, there will never be any kind of ugliness that will derail us, from walking our paths through this journey of life.

Our Society of today is very much like the Society of the time that God sent his only son to us and walk his journey with us. The crime, the corruption, the violence, the ugliness, as well as the greed and all back stabbing of each other, the time is right for Jesus to send his son to us much like his father did, to walk a journey here with us, teaching us many things, including showing us how to truly feel God’s love within us and then spreading it with each other.

God’s love isn’t something we can turn off and on like the water in the faucet, God’s love is within us all, but unfortunately through all the Life events that may come to us and control who we are, we tend to bury this love so deep, that we feel nothing and get lost on the paths of this journey. We all feel the love of God within  ourselves, it is just we don’t acknowledge the love, which makes us cold without dealing with any weather. When we feel cold and our hearts become cold, we just have to get back in touch with who we truly are, have faith in Jesus as well as ourselves, so we can be confident in all we do, then with the confidence, we can warm our hearts with God’s love, to once again share with each other, as we all walk a path through this journey of life.


” The forty day journey of Lent, a time we need to sacrifice, showing Jesus that we have not forgotten him and his love is deep within our hearts”

” We have become so far removed from the journey of Jesus Christ, no wonder we lack of the faith and belief in him”

” The problems of the Society when Jesus came and walked his journey are so much the same, as the problems within this Society today”