A little piece of Heaven on Earth…..

Yes there still are places like this and many of them full of Peace and Serenity. A place where early in the morning…..4:30a to be exact, that a wandering Moose will walk right through camp, on their way to the water for their morning bath. The real true beauty of God’s country is out there,

How different but yet so a like……….

  The Sunsets that come to us each and every night, are all so different and unique to each other, but yet they are so different each time we see them. With this sunset it looks like the sky is on fire and burning out of control, other sunsets may be a little more………. Let’s

The Peace of Divine Mercy

” Faith in action is Love, Love in action is Service” *** Mother Theresa***   May the Peace of Divine Mercy be with us all as we walk our paths, through this journey of Life. When Jesus took his last breathe here with us, he then was placed in the tomb, where the door was

The Tree of many branches

Tree’s in many ways are like we the Human beings of this planet Earth. They come in all shapes and sizes, they are all unique to each other, just like we Humans are unique to each other, their branches are like their arms that reach out in many directions, we have two arms and also

The ugliness just gets uglier……..

Yet another shooting takes place on the grounds of another Elementary school. Seriously!!! do we need to keep including innocent children into our own troubles and really what does this accomplish, except to bring more victims further into this ugly Society. We all as people of this Society are all responsible for the ugliness around

Peace to all, on this Blessed Holy Week

  ” And when he entered Jerusalem the whole city was shaken and asked, “who is this?” and the crowds replied, “this is Jesus the Prophet”, from Nazareth in Galliee”. *** Mt 21:10-11***   This picture was last summer as I vacationed in Maine, went out for a daily trek in the kayak and as

Tread lightly along the path

  There is this flu virus floating around that is a doozy, it had me in it’s clutches for a few days, but as I lay all wrapped up, with some med’s and my strong immune to fight it, I watched a lot of crap happening on the news, from a Dictator bombing his own

Step up along this Journey of Lent……..

A Lenten Prayer: ” O Lord we ask for a boundless confidence and trust in your Divine Mercy and courage to accept the crosses and sufferings, which bring immense goodness to our souls and that of your Catholic Church. Help us to love you with our pure and contrite heart and to humble ourselves beneath

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