The struggle is Real………..

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Throughout this journey of life and the paths we choose to walk, we all struggle at different times. The path is not always smooth and paved, as there are always bumps and hurdles to over come, sometimes we fall but forget that it is not on how we fall, but it is always on how we pick ourselves up from the fall and move forward stronger.

These struggles range from all kinds of difficulties in our lives, they could be something we did ourselves, they could be brought on by another who also has struggled? Or these struggles could just be out of our control, but we have made them about ourselves and have let them control who we truly are. No matter of how or the kind of struggle that you may be going through, they can not control you, it is only you trying to hide deep within yourself and not accepting of the struggle, so you can truly fix what you need, so you can move forward stronger.

A struggle is a way for God to test us and keep us grounded to who we truly are, sometimes when we struggle and it seems like God is not around? He is there and wants us to be better and stronger, so he steps back to see how we handle the situation, but his love for us never fails, he always has faith in us and will always forgive us, it is just that we ourselves struggle big time with the forgiving of ourselves part. We struggle so much with the forgiving part, that we then bury a huge part of ourselves so deep inside, that we then portray this fake self, so we can try to protect ourselves from further harm. God also puts great people around us when we are struggling, but because we are shamed into this fake self, we never truly acknowledge these people and we never open ourselves up enough, to let these people truly help us moving forward. Everybody struggles and everybody hurts in their lives along their paths, there is nobody immune to the struggles of this journey, not even a Leader of a Country for which you live. Now some may hide these struggles better then another, but it does not mean there is anybody struggle free? Just walk down a City street and see the many people walking these streets also, just by looking at them, you don’t know what’s going on inside their heads? That is why we all need to show more empathy of each other, share the love within our hearts with each other, cause you never know of who you may be helping to have a better day moving forward. Even though we may be struggling inside ourselves, doesn’t mean we have to Isolate ourselves from all that is around us simply because, that person you may think your helping, just may be yourself moving forward, along your path of this journey through life.

The paths of this journey through life are not always full of beauty with roses, nor are they smooth as silk or like a freshly paved roadway, these paths have obstacles that will trip you up and catch you off guard, you always have to be aware of what is around you, especially, when you surround yourself with ugliness whether your aware or not? Now some of this ugliness comes at a time of your life when your most vulnerable, or maybe at a young age? This is not your fault as the timing of the ugliness, is where the fault should lie. Now as we internalize our struggles no matter of when they came? It is the shame of the struggle that has us hide deep within ourselves and become someone we truly are not, we think we are alone and no one else struggles as we do? Which then through our fake selves, we never truly forgive ourselves and never show any forgiveness for all that is around us. Shame may only be five words, but it is the most powerful five words we will ever know, as through shame, it will strip us of all our self control when we let it and we will suppress our true selves deep within, leaving us with no true emotions or feelings, to truly feel as we walk our paths. through this journey of life, not too mention it will take away all of our self confidence, so we can’t even have the confidence to know and fix what is wrong, so we can move forward better and stronger.


” Sometimes we fall along our paths, we need to never forget that it is not on how you fall, but it is all about how you pick yourself up from the fall”

” The struggles are real, the struggles comes to us all, we must never lose sight of who we truly are”

” Even through the struggles God is always there for us, we must never lose faith and NEVER lose the feeling of his love within our hearts”

” The struggles have many faces and affect us all differently, this makes it more important to never lose control and never let the struggles take away that control”


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