The Journey sometimes comes with some work……



These paths we walk through this journey of life, doesn’t always come tidy and neat, these paths at first glance may have us in disgust of where we are going, which then has us just wandering to move forward, instead of actually working hard, so we can create a beautiful path, for which to walk through this journey of life.

True there are a lot of factors out of our control that will try to dictate of how we walk these paths of this journey, these factors will also control all that we are if we let them, but if we stay true to who we are, then the work we put in along the journey, will not only go noticed by ourselves, will also go noticed by all that is around us and will make all our paths better and much more beautiful, then we will ever imagine. When we are being truly of who we are, we never have to create any drama or make others look at what we are doing just for attention, we can simply work hard quietly and our actions will speak even louder, for which over time, these paths of this journey become full of peace, serenity and even more beautiful to ourselves and those who may follow in our foot steps.

These paths never come with bright colorful flowers, nor do they come paved and smooth, we have to work hard everyday for the flowers and to clean the paths, so we then can pave them smooth and clean. When we first start out on the paths, they are covered with twigs, leaves, pine needles that when stepped on in the right way, they pinch our tired aching feet, they are full of bumps that will bruise us if we are not careful, these paths are so over grown with vegetation,  it makes it hard to see around each corner, which then makes it hard to look deeply into what we see, when we look deeply into what we see, then the work becomes easy as we fill our paths with beauty, peace and serenity.

Throughout this Society of ugliness and chaos, none of us are looking deeply into what we see, we are also just wandering and letting the ugliness of the path, dictate of who we truly are. Instead of being a true Leader and working hard to clean up the path, to beautify all that is around us, so the ones who follow won’t see the ugliness and chaos that we see. With the confidence we all have within us, none of us show the faith, so the confidence can shine brighter than the sun on it’s best day. Through faith there will always be hope, so the confidence can flow from us, like a mountain stream down the big majestic mountain, for which we climb. Work is not one of those negative four letter words that creates hate, good hard work will have us all, walk our paths with a purpose, while the journey shows us all, the true peace and serenity, that keeps us happy even through the hard work.


” Hard work should never derail you from the true prize we all so seek”

” The factors will take control if we let them, so stay true to who you are and reap all the rewards the journey holds for you”

” The flowers have to be planted and nourished with hard work, so we can truly see the beauty they hold when they are in full bloom”

” Nothing is ever smooth and tidy at the beginning, we need to work at getting it that way”

” The ugliness and chaos comes from each of us not looking deeply into what we see, then taking the easy way without working hard throughout this journey of life”

” Through faith there will always be hope, as the confidence will make us better and stronger”


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