Totally relax in this unforgiven World



There are still places to escape to from this Society full of Hatred and ugliness, True Wilderness camping deep within the Forest, or maybe within an Island in the middle of a lake, now you can truly find that peace and serenity that you have been searching for. Camping is not the same as when I grew up, now there is so much equipment that makes your camping experience beautiful, that you can actually have some comforts of home, while you sit by a camp fire and sleep within a tent. When I grew up, you slept in a sleeping bag on the ground of Mother Earth, now you can put a cot within the tent, with the sleeping bag on top and sleep like a baby, as you were at home in your comfortable bed. Some may go camping in a trailer or an RV? To me that isn’t true wilderness camping with peace and serenity, as you are within a camping park, full of people and activity for the people, you can’t truly relax, as there will be some noise with all the people. Now camping within the Wilderness the only noise you will here, will be all the local residents of that wilderness, like the different kinds of Birds singing their beautiful music, a Moose splashing in the water giving himself a bath, maybe a Bear on his daily journey and a lot more different kinds of species, some may not be into sharing a space with some of these animals, but if you respect them, give them their space, they in turn will respect you, as you are in their backyard now.

Camping deep within the Wilderness and away from all the crap of this Society, is like finding a piece of Heaven, where you can truly relax and forget all that is around you for a short time. Now if you invest in some of the latest camping equipment and gadgets, you can make your stay in the Wilderness that much more enjoyable. Everything from a Mr, Coffee that sits a top your camp stove, now you can have fresh Dunkin Donuts coffee deep within the Wilderness, the latest in camping lanterns to light up your piece of Heaven within the Wilderness, Easy up tents that not only will be set in minutes, but will give you great shelter from the elements as well, an easy up screen house to set by the lake, for you to gather to eat your meals, or just sit an enjoy the peace and serenity around you as you gaze out onto the lake, maybe even a canoe to go out and explore all parts of the lake and see even more of the wilderness around you, plus all the animals within their environment. There is nothing like true Wilderness camping, but you have to forget about the vacation in an exotic area, to truly experience your own piece of Heaven within this Society and all it’s crap.

We all have our own idea of a vacation and how to relax, but for me and being a Writer, I like to go where no one else goes, find that true peace and serenity, snap some pictures not just for the memories, but to also write about the picture and sharing my adventure with all around me, or that read my writings. Part of my camping equipment are the writing paper and pencils, so I can take many notes for future writings, We all have something to share with each other and through all the crap of this Society, we have forgotten just how to share with each other, but the one thing we all have within that we need to get back to sharing with each other is, the love that is deep within our hearts and souls, so we all can find that true peace and serenity that is around us all. We all walk a path through this journey of life, it doesn’t have to be all about the crap and chaos around us, as we can find that special place, that puts us into our happy place, so we can walk in peace and enjoying all that is around us.


” An Island of dreams can be reality if you look long and hard enough”

” There is a piece of Heaven here on Earth, you just have to look deeply into what you see”

” True Wilderness camping will relax every fiber in your body, as you find that peace and serenity”

” There is a happy place for all of us throughout this Society of ugliness and chaos”


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