The birds of a feather soar,as the King of the jungle will Roar………



” Look at the birds in the sky, they do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet your heavenly father feeds them, are not you more important than they?”


*** MT 6:26****


The Birds fly through the air with the greatest of ease,  then as the air currents provide they then soar conserving their energy, the birds also build their nests so they can raise their families, to become strong and fly through the open skies as easy as themselves, The birds also live off the land gathering supplies for the nest, food for themselves and their young, this is the same land that we as Humans walk on and that God our father has created for us all to coincide and walk our journey’s through our lives. God does provide for us all, only we as Humans have elected that we think we can do it better, to which in some ways we do, but in other ways we have failed, which leads to a Society of chaos and disruption of major concern.

We as Humans are the smartest of all the creatures that God has created, God will still provide for us, but he leaves a lot up to us to figure out as we walk our paths of this journey through life. Over the years of our existence from the beginning of Mankind, we have made great strides in making our lives easier, especially throughout the current Society for which we all live, like all the technology we see around us today. This technology was originally designed to help us and make our lives easier, but we have taken this technology for granted and have used it in a very different way, that does nothing but bring chaos and disruption to us all.

The beginning of Mankind was a journey very different then today, but they learned how to survive by making weapons, so they can hunt for food, to take care of themselves, they discovered how to protect their feet as they walked their paths, by inventing a version of the shoe, their are many things that man has invented that has been good and helps us all in many ways, but there has been a lot of unnecessary crap that we think we need, but only we wasted our time with, instead we invented things that really serve no purpose. In this Society we have become so engulfed in Capitalism, that we have forgotten who we really are, just so we can become rich, while others go broke trying to buy all the unnecessary things. It is a dog eat dog World out there today, which only favors some, while the others struggle in a major way, just to try to put food on their tables for their families.

Back in the beginning of Mankind, we learned how to make the tools needed, so we can make a shelter to protect us from the environment,  like other creatures and the violent weather that may rain down on us. These tools today have changed drastically as everything around us over time, now we build many structures all over and where ever we can, just so some can become even more rich, while the rest go broke and live in the streets, in some ways much like man back in the beginning. We as Humans are the reason why this journey through life has become so complicated and full of chaos, simply because we have lost totally faith in who we really are as a person and we have also lost our true empathy of each other, which we have lost the true meaning of love and the true feeling of the word love.

True love is only felt deep within ourselves and then we share it with each other and with this love, there will never be any hate of each other. With all the hate we see today around us, you can clearly see that the love of God that is within us all, is lost and we really need to find it, so we all can walk our paths of this journey, as God wanted us to, when he created us from the beginning. Nobody truly loves each other anymore, as they may say they do in front of you, but when you turn your back, the hatred of the back stabbing knife goes deep within your back, this is not the true love of God that is within us, this is the evil of Satan, that we so much get engulfed with throughout this Society. Just as Jesus was faced with Satan, confronted him and rejected him, we to can confront Satan and reject him, all we need to do is, have complete faith in ourselves as well as God, so the hope of truly feeling the love of God within us, can warm our entire body and then we can share it with each other, so we all can walk our paths in peace and happiness, then we to can soar like the birds, as God provides for them and guides us to the true path of righteousness.


” The birds soar through the sky, as we Humans share our love with each other and soar through life in happiness”

” God’s love is within us all we only have to truly feel it so we than can share it with each other”

” Technology is good, technology is bad, we as Humans can control just how this technology can help us all”

” Good will always prevail over evil, when we stay true to who we really are”

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