No matter how you slice it……


This rock looks like it was sliced clean with a very sharp knife. This was one of my many camping adventures, when I go camping I take many Trek’s and explore all that is around me. When I came across this rock, I thought how cool this looks, then I started thinking of how? Now at some point where this rock lays it was totally submerged in water and now the land is dry exposing this rock to the elements of dry land, through the erosion of water and then the sun, this rock just fell a part like this, leaving it looking like it was sliced with a knife.

Change happens to everything upon the floor of Mother Earth, whether it is us as Humans, the Animal kingdom, or even a solid mass like this rock. We think that a rock can’t be broken, well here is the evidence that even a rock can break and change it’s appearance, it may not happen everyday, but even a rock is subject to change unlike what we may think. The only difference between when a rock breaks and when we break, we feel real pain and sometimes through that pain, we will do anything too eliminate the pain, even becoming someone we truly are not, we try so hard to ease our pain, we then bury our true feelings and emotions deep within ourselves, so deep that we then move forward with this new fake reality  put up this imaginary wall around us, so we can protect ourselves from further harm. The warm feeling within our hearts then gets turned off, leaving our heart in the cold, making it hard to truly love anything or anyone. We lose the confidence in ourselves to be able to fix what we need to fix, simply because we are too afraid to acknowledge  the problem, as we bury it deep within. We totally lose faith in everything, which leaves us with no hope and change? We don’t want to change as we fear it greatly. Sometimes in life you need to step back, asses the situation, fix what you need to fix, so you can move forward better and stronger, this is all part of this journey through life and our paths we walk through the journey.

Change has come to this rock and is now resting as a family, instead of a single rock, just like change has come to the pond that had the rock deep within it’s water, the shore of the pond has become bigger, as it has dried up to expose the rock, change happens to everything and anyone, we have to learn to except it, move forward with the change, so we never lose sight of who we truly are.

No matter where I go camping, I like to go on these daily Trek’s, see new things and explore all that is around me, then truly learn from what I see, so I can truly be who I am,  learn from all I see and store it under the term ” experience” within my brain and mind, so when I need to I can reference it later when I need to, then as I acknowledge the pain, I can truly fix what I need to fix, change what I need to change, stay true to who I am, then move forward along my path through this journey of life.


” We may slice bread , or have a slice of pizza, but how about a slice of rock to intrigue your minds eye”

” Change happens everywhere, it even comes to something solid like a rock”

” Faith, Hope, Confidence, feelings and emotions  are all parts of who we truly are, when we lose them we then become someone we truly are not”

” A daily Trek is what we do outdoors when we want to explore everything that is around us”



The perfect view



” Do not store up for yourselves treasures on Earth, where the Moth and rust consume and the Thieves break in and steal, but store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven”.

*** Matthew 6:19-20***

Daily Prayer;

Jesus please rearrange my priorities, help me to live a little bit more like you each day.


The perfect view as you wake up and sip a fresh cup of morning coffee within this peace and serenity, deep within the woods on your own quiet little Island. You need a boat to carry your gear to this hidden gem of a campsite, once you get out there, set camp, gather wood for the fire, it is time to relax within the beauty before your eyes. Within this Society of chaos and ugliness, we simply don’t take the time to truly enjoy what Mother Earth has before us, you can’t just go to a place like this for a weekend, you really need a week, to truly let this beauty sink in, even after a week of the endless beauty, you still have a hard time leaving for the ugliness and chaos of our Society today.

We are so busy building ourselves these plush lifestyles, that we forget to truly enjoy all the beauty that God created for us, then as we gather all the big toys and things we collect, we don’t have the time to enjoy them as we get consumed with paying them off and by the last payment they become old and lose their excitement they first brought, or maybe a thief becomes jealous of all we have, they then steal what they want, leaving us with the bill and nothing to show for it. If only we simply gather some camping equipment, to live comfortably within the beauty of Mother Earth like spots as beautiful as this, we all would be happier each and every day, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

When Jesus came to us and walked his journey with us, he did so with just the clothes on his back, he always had faith in his father that he would provide for him, so he could focus on teaching us the many teachings that he taught us, showing us just how to feel the love within our hearts, then sharing that love with each other. In today’s World we are too busy in not just paying the bills for all we have, but we are also too busy to enjoy any kind of beauty like this, which we then don’t take the time for any kind of feelings within our hearts, which turns our hearts cold and brutal, we don’t really notice all that around us which is why we don’t take the time to look deeply into what we see. Instead we glance over things before us and then, form our opinions from the glance and make a rash decision without truly knowing of what the decision truly is.

This journey through life is too precious for each of us, to get consumed into all the ugliness and chaos today, sometimes we need to step back, look deeply into what we see, go to places like this picture and spend time within the beauty around you, so we can not only relax, but take stock in our journey to this point, then we than can bring happiness to ourselves, without the sadness of a Society in chaos. When we are happy and relaxed, it then becomes very easy to feel the warmth of God’s love within our hearts and share that love to all that is around you, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” The perfect view is out there we just have to find it and let go of all the ugliness to truly enjoy it”

” These plush lifestyles are fine and comfortable, but they really do nothing and keep us from looking deeply into what we see”


” Jesus showed us how to walk this journey with very little and still be happy, while we share our love within our hearts with each other”

” This journey through life is very precious to each of us in our own way, we just take to much of it for granted that we forget just how precious it is”



The luck of the Irish….

Saint Patrick’s day, a day we all become an Irish Chap for the celebration,

A good ole fashion Irish River dance to start off the festivities,

Belly up to the bar with a pint of Guinness as the green beer flow’s,

Good ole Shepard’s pie or some corned beef and cabbage take your pick,

But Irish tradition has ham not corned beef as this is the American Irish way,

The corned beef comes from the New England Boiled dinner in transition,

On this day may we all show respect for the Irish as we would want the same,

Saint Patty’s day to some is about the drinking til drunk,

To most it is celebrating a Heritage of another Country,

Each Country has their day of celebration, today is for Ireland “Erin go Bragh”,

The little Leprechaun is running around trying to find his pot of gold,

I haven’t seen a rainbow lately so maybe he will just drink the green beer,

I may not be Irish but I do like a nice River dance to sit and enjoy,

Whether Irish or not we all like a good healthy celebration,

So let us all celebrate this Saint Patty’s day in a healthy way,

as we all share a mutual respect for one another on this day,

Wish each other good health and spirits with some good clean fun,

As the Lord knows we all need this today within this broken Society,

So we all can unite as one in happiness and joy always everyday,

throughout all our paths of this journey through life.


” Let the Guinness flow as we all  enjoy respectfully while we learn to come together in harmony for one celebration”

” The green beer may be just for show but the celebration is real, so let’s enjoy together today and everyday”

” Coming together in harmony while showing our love and empathy of each other will warm our hearts better then all the Irish whiskey in the World”

” You don’t have to drink heavily to have a good time, as the best of times are done sober and we can remember everything of that good time”


The struggle is Real………..

story idea


Throughout this journey of life and the paths we choose to walk, we all struggle at different times. The path is not always smooth and paved, as there are always bumps and hurdles to over come, sometimes we fall but forget that it is not on how we fall, but it is always on how we pick ourselves up from the fall and move forward stronger.

These struggles range from all kinds of difficulties in our lives, they could be something we did ourselves, they could be brought on by another who also has struggled? Or these struggles could just be out of our control, but we have made them about ourselves and have let them control who we truly are. No matter of how or the kind of struggle that you may be going through, they can not control you, it is only you trying to hide deep within yourself and not accepting of the struggle, so you can truly fix what you need, so you can move forward stronger.

A struggle is a way for God to test us and keep us grounded to who we truly are, sometimes when we struggle and it seems like God is not around? He is there and wants us to be better and stronger, so he steps back to see how we handle the situation, but his love for us never fails, he always has faith in us and will always forgive us, it is just that we ourselves struggle big time with the forgiving of ourselves part. We struggle so much with the forgiving part, that we then bury a huge part of ourselves so deep inside, that we then portray this fake self, so we can try to protect ourselves from further harm. God also puts great people around us when we are struggling, but because we are shamed into this fake self, we never truly acknowledge these people and we never open ourselves up enough, to let these people truly help us moving forward. Everybody struggles and everybody hurts in their lives along their paths, there is nobody immune to the struggles of this journey, not even a Leader of a Country for which you live. Now some may hide these struggles better then another, but it does not mean there is anybody struggle free? Just walk down a City street and see the many people walking these streets also, just by looking at them, you don’t know what’s going on inside their heads? That is why we all need to show more empathy of each other, share the love within our hearts with each other, cause you never know of who you may be helping to have a better day moving forward. Even though we may be struggling inside ourselves, doesn’t mean we have to Isolate ourselves from all that is around us simply because, that person you may think your helping, just may be yourself moving forward, along your path of this journey through life.

The paths of this journey through life are not always full of beauty with roses, nor are they smooth as silk or like a freshly paved roadway, these paths have obstacles that will trip you up and catch you off guard, you always have to be aware of what is around you, especially, when you surround yourself with ugliness whether your aware or not? Now some of this ugliness comes at a time of your life when your most vulnerable, or maybe at a young age? This is not your fault as the timing of the ugliness, is where the fault should lie. Now as we internalize our struggles no matter of when they came? It is the shame of the struggle that has us hide deep within ourselves and become someone we truly are not, we think we are alone and no one else struggles as we do? Which then through our fake selves, we never truly forgive ourselves and never show any forgiveness for all that is around us. Shame may only be five words, but it is the most powerful five words we will ever know, as through shame, it will strip us of all our self control when we let it and we will suppress our true selves deep within, leaving us with no true emotions or feelings, to truly feel as we walk our paths. through this journey of life, not too mention it will take away all of our self confidence, so we can’t even have the confidence to know and fix what is wrong, so we can move forward better and stronger.


” Sometimes we fall along our paths, we need to never forget that it is not on how you fall, but it is all about how you pick yourself up from the fall”

” The struggles are real, the struggles comes to us all, we must never lose sight of who we truly are”

” Even through the struggles God is always there for us, we must never lose faith and NEVER lose the feeling of his love within our hearts”

” The struggles have many faces and affect us all differently, this makes it more important to never lose control and never let the struggles take away that control”


Change happens all around us….


” And he transfigured before them, his face shone like the sun and his clothes became white as light”.

*** Mt 17:2***


Change happens all around us as we walk our paths through this journey of life. As Jesus took a couple Disciples up the mountain to the summit, what changed them was the Lord God out of know where, came to them and spoke deeply, that was more of a Transformation or an out of body experience, that truly changed who they once were. Only a few of us experience this kind of Transformation, the rest of us only hear of it and then speculate what it is like, when we speculate we then add lib, meaning we add things that never really happened, just to personalize the experience even though we never been through it. The add libbing is who we all have become within this Society, as we all want to personalize or place our own stamp on this journey, we become jealous of the ones that actually do have their stamp on this journey, which causes the rest of us to become someone we truly are not, instead of working hard to create something that just might change us deeply and for the better,

” This journey of life isn’t about the quantity we accumulate,  but everything about the quality for which we live”

Those of us that have taken the trek up a mountain……. any mountain and have experienced the adrenaline rush and the feeling of reaching the summit, would be the closest thing to an out of body experience of true Transformation.  The mountain that gave me my biggest rush of emotion and adrenaline was, mount Albert in Leadville, Colorado. This mountain stands at 14,500 feet above sea level and is the highest I have ever been so far. But the rush I got was know where near the rush you get from a total Transformation, or an out of body experience that totally changes who you once were. Now as you trek up any mountain for which you choose, there are many feelings you go through along the trail, from the exhaustion of hard work, to the feelings of awe…… that over whelms your body as you see all the different scene’s as you trek higher and higher into the sky it seems, you see first hand at all the landscape that God has created for us and yes this landscape also changes as we change throughout this journey, with each step higher to the summit, you see the tree’s getting smaller making you look taller, but what you do not realize is, the tree’s are giving way to a feeling like no other once you reach the summit of the mountain. This journey through life has many ways for us to get Wowed!!! along the way, but no more Wowed!!! then the feeling you have seeing all the beauty around you, no matter of what mountain you reach the summit of, now this Wow factor may not be like the the true Transformation of truly changing who you once were, but for us who may never experience that, this is as close as it gets.

Like we walk a path through this journey of life, Jesus also…… when he came to us walked a journey through this same life, he showed us the way to the true path of righteousness and has taught us many things along the way, but one no more than actually feeling the love we all have within our hearts and souls, then sharing that love with all that is around us. This journey will have us face many changes along the way, but only a few chosen ones will actually go through the changes of Transformation, Jesus hand picks these Individuals as he truly knows just who these chosen ones are, which they are destined to achieve special things along their journey and then as they feel unselfish, will share with all that is around them, so we all can truly change for the better and walk our paths in peace, throughout this journey of life. Sometimes this Transformation takes place at birth and becomes our destiny, sometimes this The Transformation comes at times of tragedy, crisis, or maybe from a major illness we miraculously over come, either way this is our chance to make right all our wrongs, so we can be happy as we make others around us happy, throughout this journey of life.


” True transformation changes who you once were, as your thoughts and your actions change to become better than you once were”

” Trekking up a mountain and experiencing that Wow!!! factor of reaching the summit, is an experience we all need to experience to see all the true beauty all around us”

” God created this landscape for us all to enjoy, not for us all to abuse or take advantage of”



The Journey sometimes comes with some work……



These paths we walk through this journey of life, doesn’t always come tidy and neat, these paths at first glance may have us in disgust of where we are going, which then has us just wandering to move forward, instead of actually working hard, so we can create a beautiful path, for which to walk through this journey of life.

True there are a lot of factors out of our control that will try to dictate of how we walk these paths of this journey, these factors will also control all that we are if we let them, but if we stay true to who we are, then the work we put in along the journey, will not only go noticed by ourselves, will also go noticed by all that is around us and will make all our paths better and much more beautiful, then we will ever imagine. When we are being truly of who we are, we never have to create any drama or make others look at what we are doing just for attention, we can simply work hard quietly and our actions will speak even louder, for which over time, these paths of this journey become full of peace, serenity and even more beautiful to ourselves and those who may follow in our foot steps.

These paths never come with bright colorful flowers, nor do they come paved and smooth, we have to work hard everyday for the flowers and to clean the paths, so we then can pave them smooth and clean. When we first start out on the paths, they are covered with twigs, leaves, pine needles that when stepped on in the right way, they pinch our tired aching feet, they are full of bumps that will bruise us if we are not careful, these paths are so over grown with vegetation,  it makes it hard to see around each corner, which then makes it hard to look deeply into what we see, when we look deeply into what we see, then the work becomes easy as we fill our paths with beauty, peace and serenity.

Throughout this Society of ugliness and chaos, none of us are looking deeply into what we see, we are also just wandering and letting the ugliness of the path, dictate of who we truly are. Instead of being a true Leader and working hard to clean up the path, to beautify all that is around us, so the ones who follow won’t see the ugliness and chaos that we see. With the confidence we all have within us, none of us show the faith, so the confidence can shine brighter than the sun on it’s best day. Through faith there will always be hope, so the confidence can flow from us, like a mountain stream down the big majestic mountain, for which we climb. Work is not one of those negative four letter words that creates hate, good hard work will have us all, walk our paths with a purpose, while the journey shows us all, the true peace and serenity, that keeps us happy even through the hard work.


” Hard work should never derail you from the true prize we all so seek”

” The factors will take control if we let them, so stay true to who you are and reap all the rewards the journey holds for you”

” The flowers have to be planted and nourished with hard work, so we can truly see the beauty they hold when they are in full bloom”

” Nothing is ever smooth and tidy at the beginning, we need to work at getting it that way”

” The ugliness and chaos comes from each of us not looking deeply into what we see, then taking the easy way without working hard throughout this journey of life”

” Through faith there will always be hope, as the confidence will make us better and stronger”


Totally relax in this unforgiven World



There are still places to escape to from this Society full of Hatred and ugliness, True Wilderness camping deep within the Forest, or maybe within an Island in the middle of a lake, now you can truly find that peace and serenity that you have been searching for. Camping is not the same as when I grew up, now there is so much equipment that makes your camping experience beautiful, that you can actually have some comforts of home, while you sit by a camp fire and sleep within a tent. When I grew up, you slept in a sleeping bag on the ground of Mother Earth, now you can put a cot within the tent, with the sleeping bag on top and sleep like a baby, as you were at home in your comfortable bed. Some may go camping in a trailer or an RV? To me that isn’t true wilderness camping with peace and serenity, as you are within a camping park, full of people and activity for the people, you can’t truly relax, as there will be some noise with all the people. Now camping within the Wilderness the only noise you will here, will be all the local residents of that wilderness, like the different kinds of Birds singing their beautiful music, a Moose splashing in the water giving himself a bath, maybe a Bear on his daily journey and a lot more different kinds of species, some may not be into sharing a space with some of these animals, but if you respect them, give them their space, they in turn will respect you, as you are in their backyard now.

Camping deep within the Wilderness and away from all the crap of this Society, is like finding a piece of Heaven, where you can truly relax and forget all that is around you for a short time. Now if you invest in some of the latest camping equipment and gadgets, you can make your stay in the Wilderness that much more enjoyable. Everything from a Mr, Coffee that sits a top your camp stove, now you can have fresh Dunkin Donuts coffee deep within the Wilderness, the latest in camping lanterns to light up your piece of Heaven within the Wilderness, Easy up tents that not only will be set in minutes, but will give you great shelter from the elements as well, an easy up screen house to set by the lake, for you to gather to eat your meals, or just sit an enjoy the peace and serenity around you as you gaze out onto the lake, maybe even a canoe to go out and explore all parts of the lake and see even more of the wilderness around you, plus all the animals within their environment. There is nothing like true Wilderness camping, but you have to forget about the vacation in an exotic area, to truly experience your own piece of Heaven within this Society and all it’s crap.

We all have our own idea of a vacation and how to relax, but for me and being a Writer, I like to go where no one else goes, find that true peace and serenity, snap some pictures not just for the memories, but to also write about the picture and sharing my adventure with all around me, or that read my writings. Part of my camping equipment are the writing paper and pencils, so I can take many notes for future writings, We all have something to share with each other and through all the crap of this Society, we have forgotten just how to share with each other, but the one thing we all have within that we need to get back to sharing with each other is, the love that is deep within our hearts and souls, so we all can find that true peace and serenity that is around us all. We all walk a path through this journey of life, it doesn’t have to be all about the crap and chaos around us, as we can find that special place, that puts us into our happy place, so we can walk in peace and enjoying all that is around us.


” An Island of dreams can be reality if you look long and hard enough”

” There is a piece of Heaven here on Earth, you just have to look deeply into what you see”

” True Wilderness camping will relax every fiber in your body, as you find that peace and serenity”

” There is a happy place for all of us throughout this Society of ugliness and chaos”


The 40 days of Lent, the journey within the journey……

Desert Landscape


” He said in reply, ” it is written: one does not live on bread alone”, but on every word that comes forth from the mouth of God”.

*** Mt 4:4***


Now that the Lenten journey for the Catholics has begun, let us not forget that it is a forty day journey and a journey of redemption, that helps us get to know ourselves better, as we move forward along this journey of life, better and stronger each day. Jesus also walked this forty day journey through the desert and was met by Satan along the way, Satan tempted Jesus to go by the side of the dark, but with true faith in himself, as well as with his father, he walked away from the temptation better and stronger. Even Adam and Eve who was put within the garden of Eden resisted the temptation of all the fruit, til the serpent also known as Satan, came to them and tempted them to eat the forbidden fruit from the forbidden tree, Adam and Eve did give to temptation and since had opened their eyes to their big mistake. We also within this Society have many temptations all around us, Satan is even more around us than before. The temptation of evil is strong, but when we stay true to ourselves, stay true to who we are and have complete faith in ourselves, as well as Jesus Christ, then the good will always be stronger than any Evil will ever be.

When Jesus walked this journey through the desert, he did so with only the clothes on his back. Now this may be hard to believe, but when you have true faith in God, as well as yourself, there is nothing we can not do with determination, faith and a purpose for which direction to walk, now you have a recipe for success at whatever you want to succeed in.  Even with all the ugliness we see today, success is still there for each of us, when we truly believe in ourselves, not only forgive ourselves, but forgive those around us, acknowledge the love of God within our hearts and souls, so we than can share that love with each other. We have always had the power to succeed inside us, it is just that we never give ourselves a chance to succeed, because we get so caught up in the crap around us, we never take the time to have faith in anything let alone ourselves.

Lent is a time to reflect on our time so far along this journey of life, so we can correct where we went wrong and fix what we need to fix, so we can continue moving forward stronger and better. Lent is also a time to reconnect with ourselves as well as with Jesus Christ, through Lent we learn to resist any Temptation whether good or bad, so we can than identify all the different kinds of Temptations, but the biggest part of Lent is the re-connection with ourselves and knowing who we truly are and the re connection with Jesus as he guides us to prosperity, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” There are many different kinds of temptations around us that will derail us along our paths, but true faith in ourselves and Jesus will keep us on the right track”

” Temptation is a way for the evil of Satan to control us, it is the belief in ourselves and Jesus that keeps temptation from controlling us”

” Lent is a forty day journey that keeps us focused and keeps us from giving in to temptation”

” The temptation of evil may be strong, but the love of God within us is even stronger and helps us resist all kinds of temptation”


The birds of a feather soar,as the King of the jungle will Roar………



” Look at the birds in the sky, they do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet your heavenly father feeds them, are not you more important than they?”


*** MT 6:26****


The Birds fly through the air with the greatest of ease,  then as the air currents provide they then soar conserving their energy, the birds also build their nests so they can raise their families, to become strong and fly through the open skies as easy as themselves, The birds also live off the land gathering supplies for the nest, food for themselves and their young, this is the same land that we as Humans walk on and that God our father has created for us all to coincide and walk our journey’s through our lives. God does provide for us all, only we as Humans have elected that we think we can do it better, to which in some ways we do, but in other ways we have failed, which leads to a Society of chaos and disruption of major concern.

We as Humans are the smartest of all the creatures that God has created, God will still provide for us, but he leaves a lot up to us to figure out as we walk our paths of this journey through life. Over the years of our existence from the beginning of Mankind, we have made great strides in making our lives easier, especially throughout the current Society for which we all live, like all the technology we see around us today. This technology was originally designed to help us and make our lives easier, but we have taken this technology for granted and have used it in a very different way, that does nothing but bring chaos and disruption to us all.

The beginning of Mankind was a journey very different then today, but they learned how to survive by making weapons, so they can hunt for food, to take care of themselves, they discovered how to protect their feet as they walked their paths, by inventing a version of the shoe, their are many things that man has invented that has been good and helps us all in many ways, but there has been a lot of unnecessary crap that we think we need, but only we wasted our time with, instead we invented things that really serve no purpose. In this Society we have become so engulfed in Capitalism, that we have forgotten who we really are, just so we can become rich, while others go broke trying to buy all the unnecessary things. It is a dog eat dog World out there today, which only favors some, while the others struggle in a major way, just to try to put food on their tables for their families.

Back in the beginning of Mankind, we learned how to make the tools needed, so we can make a shelter to protect us from the environment,  like other creatures and the violent weather that may rain down on us. These tools today have changed drastically as everything around us over time, now we build many structures all over and where ever we can, just so some can become even more rich, while the rest go broke and live in the streets, in some ways much like man back in the beginning. We as Humans are the reason why this journey through life has become so complicated and full of chaos, simply because we have lost totally faith in who we really are as a person and we have also lost our true empathy of each other, which we have lost the true meaning of love and the true feeling of the word love.

True love is only felt deep within ourselves and then we share it with each other and with this love, there will never be any hate of each other. With all the hate we see today around us, you can clearly see that the love of God that is within us all, is lost and we really need to find it, so we all can walk our paths of this journey, as God wanted us to, when he created us from the beginning. Nobody truly loves each other anymore, as they may say they do in front of you, but when you turn your back, the hatred of the back stabbing knife goes deep within your back, this is not the true love of God that is within us, this is the evil of Satan, that we so much get engulfed with throughout this Society. Just as Jesus was faced with Satan, confronted him and rejected him, we to can confront Satan and reject him, all we need to do is, have complete faith in ourselves as well as God, so the hope of truly feeling the love of God within us, can warm our entire body and then we can share it with each other, so we all can walk our paths in peace and happiness, then we to can soar like the birds, as God provides for them and guides us to the true path of righteousness.


” The birds soar through the sky, as we Humans share our love with each other and soar through life in happiness”

” God’s love is within us all we only have to truly feel it so we than can share it with each other”

” Technology is good, technology is bad, we as Humans can control just how this technology can help us all”

” Good will always prevail over evil, when we stay true to who we really are”