The Dawn of a new day……..


With each Dawn comes a whole new day, for each of us to walk further along this journey of life, as you awaken and take to the outside, you see the moon disappearing on one Horizon and the Sun rising on the other. There is something special about this time of day, maybe the tranquility, or the peace, or maybe just the calmness of all that is around you. To go camping and wake up to this, as you walk the rocky shore with a cup of coffee, it makes you realize there is a lot more to life, than just your average daily life for which  you walk now.

Dawn has a special kind of beauty and you have to be outdoors, to truly see the splendor and the beauty of the Dawn. The different colors within the sky with the clouds dividing the colors on the Artist’s canvass of life, the silence is the serenity of the morning Dawn, it is the best time of day to clear your mind of all the negative thoughts, which clearly has you relaxed as your mind becomes clear of all the negativity. A walk along the rocky shore at this time of day, calms you from the stress of everyday life, it will change you for the better, so when you get back to your normal life, your not so up tight and jumpy at every turn.

The Dawn of a new day gets you thinking of, today, tomorrow and yesterday. Now Tomorrow will never come as when it arrives it then becomes today,  with today is merely being in the present and living in the now, then as we see yesterday, it is gone and can never be brought back, which makes yesterday our past to learn from, then move forward better and stronger, so never put off today til tomorrow, as with yesterday you will have many regrets, that you will never get back. Now let’s not forget the future, this is where you pre plan what you want to do, then get through all the today’s and tomorrow’s, to see where the future actually brings you.

The perfect Dawn morning is so picturesque, as you gaze out into the horizon and it will hypnotize you, as you get lost within the thoughts of your mind.  Now as we think of waking to each new day, we tend to take for granted what the new day truly brings, all we do is wake and hit the snooze bar, dreading to go to our nine to five yet another day. We take so much for granted as we walk our paths through this journey of life and to not look deeply into the Dawn of the new day, we are totally missing out on a big piece of who we truly are.


” Each Dawn is a different day as we wake all bright eyed and bushy tailed”

” Tranquility is a part of the new Dawn that brings peace and serenity to us with calmness”

” Look deeply into the morning horizon as you truly see the beauty the Dawn holds”

” Tomorrow never comes and yesterday becomes the past, so live in the present which is today and look forward to the future”

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