Camping a time to relax and unwind….



Camping season is right around the corner, a time to get outside, be one with nature and enjoy the beauty that Mother Earth holds, plus enjoy some relax time with no worries for the time off day. True camping is within a tent, as that other camping that you have the comforts of home on wheels, is just simply parking as your not really deep within the woods and your within a camping park with much recreation to do, I would rather create my own recreation, at my own leisure.

Nature walks, breathing the fresh crisp air, sitting by the campfire and just being one with your surroundings, now that’s what camping is all about. Then as you look deeply around you and see all the wild animals around you, like a deer, a moose, or maybe a bear and seeing them up close while they walk their daily journey, or maybe the awesome Eagle flying by? This is true camping and gets us away from the chaos of Society for a short while. True you have to be aware of all the animals around you, but with common sense and respecting them, you will find they welcome you to join them in their environment. Some may never go camping within a tent as it may not be their cup of tea, but they will invest in one of those camping RV’s, that’s fine…… but they are not truly camping deep within the woods, where the true relaxation is either.

While camping deep within the woods always remember you are not alone, there are other creatures around you, which makes it that much more important that, when you pack up to go home, you leave your area cleaner than when you got there. Always respect the land as well as the other creatures around you, never leave your fire pit with smoldering coals and always make sure the coals are distinguished, so that the Forest will always be there when you want to camp, deep within the woods of the Forest, never leave your trash behind as you wouldn’t want the tenants of the woods to leave a mess in your backyard, I am sure those tenants of the woods will come sniffing for food after your departure, but never leave them anything, so they won’t expect anything when you return, as this could get ugly if they tend to expect something and never get it while you are there. Common sense is the key to having a fun, exciting and enjoyable camping adventure.

Setting a tent on the carpet of the green grass may be comforting, I remember living out in Colorado and camping at 13,000 feet and setting a tent on the snow pack on the mountain, that was different and definitely a little colder on the body, but with the right tarp under the tent and the right mat laid out inside the tent, to lay your sleeping bag upon, makes for a different kind of comfort, as you sleep within the tent at night, then digging a hole in the snow, so you can make a camp fire to cook and get the chill off, now that was an experience to remember and learn from, as I learned how to make a fire in a very different atmosphere. We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have our ways and our own likes, this is what makes us unique to each other, but when you experience true Wilderness camping, now you can say that this journey has many paths and many ways for each of us to enjoy ourselves everyday, as well as many ways for us to relax and be at peace, with great happiness always.


” Camping is not just parking on wheels with the comforts of home”

” Camping within a tent deep within the woods is so relaxing”

” ” Being one with nature is so soothing to the mind, body and soul”

” ” Mother nature and all the creatures within it can get along, when we respect ourselves as well as all that is around us”

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