The Crown of Jesus Christ



” You have heard that it was said to your Ancestor’s, you shall not kill and who ever kills will be liable to judgement, but I say to you, who ever is angry with his brother will be liable to judgement”.

*** Mt: 5:21-22a***


This picture was taken last summer, up in the woods of Maine, on a camping adventure of peace and serenity. I was out in the kayak one day paddling along the lake and seeing all of natures beauty and for a bonus, watching the Bald Eagles fly over head. I was loving this day and even though I was working the paddles through the water, this in no way seemed like work, simply because i was enjoying all the peace and serenity all around me. Then as I came around this one Inlet, these roots were front and center and as I got closer, I could clearly see what they truly resembled, they resemble the Crown of Jesus Christ sticking out of the water. These are the signs that God sends us, so we can receive his message and never lose sight that he is always with us, no matter who you are and no matter what life struggles you are going through.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we have also herd the saying ” an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”? Maybe not such an extreme, but yes we all should be held accountable for our actions and held totally liable to the judgments of those actions. Within this Society and because of the Political Correction, we don’t hold anybody for their actions, as we are so afraid to offend anybody, which then leaves us with a Society in such disarray, that none of us accept the judgments of our actions, instead we point the finger to others, blaming them for what we should be accepting ourselves. What this type of practice does most is, create more anger of each other, instead of spreading the love of God, that is within our hearts and souls, spreading our love is so easy, as the anger and hate we so chose to spread, takes much more work on all our parts.

The being angry towards one another has us all forgetting just how to truly forgive one another, it has us all being not truly of who we are, it then replaces a big part of ourselves with, someone that we ourselves do not even know? When Jesus came to us and walked his journey with us, he taught us many things, he showed us how to truly love ourselves as well as each other, he also showed us that anger and betrayal will bring us to our knees with much pain, to which he himself because of the anger and betrayal, died on the cross for each of us, then three days later…….. showed us all that, when we truly change our ways, when we truly feel his love within us, we can learn to forgive ourselves as well as each other, so we all at the day of judgement, can truly be of who we are, so as we walk our paths through this journey of life, we all can be at peace, while we are all living in happiness throughout the journey.


” Life’s journey doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems, it is only we ourselves that make it as hard as it seems”

” Anger and Betrayal are what brings us to our knee’s with much pain, with Love there is no pain only peace and happiness”

” The signs from God are all around us, we just have to truly look deeply into what we see, so we can truly see all of the signs”

” When the signs of God are in front of us, change is how we accept his message, so we can truly forgive and see all the beauty around us”


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