A Nation of Immigrants



” We all want a better life and sometimes we go to other areas to find the better life, but when we come from a different country, we first need to go through proper channels and do it correctly, without over staying our welcome”


We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all want to better and stronger as we walk our paths, but when we take advantage of one another, or we hurt one another in any way shape or form, now your doing something wrong and need to change what you are doing. I get that some in other Countries are struggling and want a better way for their families, but when you relocate to a whole different place and don’t follow their laws, or want the ones in that new place to give you everything without you working for it, now you are doing something wrong and need to change what you are doing, or go back to where you came from.

America was built on Immigration, but Immigration done the correct way. When their is the word of ” Illegal” before the word of Immigration, now you are doing something wrong and need to change what you are doing. I am getting sick and tired of listening to the left or the Democrats, calling out Trump on his Immigration reform that it is an attack on all Immigrants? It is not an attack on all, only those Immigrants with the word ” Illegal” before it, simply because you are doing something wrong and you need to change what you are doing, or go back to where you came from. Most of these ” Illegals” are Criminals and are doing great harm to all those around us, not too mention the sponging off of all of us, by taking our hard earned money every day and the Democrats are letting them do it, simply because they vote for them with the fake credentials they are given.

Then there is the left bias Media, that only print what they want to print, irregardless of whether it is actual truth or not? They take the words of ” Illegal” Immigration, drop the word in quotes and make it sound like the Immigration policy of Trump is against all Immigrants? I am calling out all forms of Media, no matter what platform you use and actually do your job, of printing the 100% truth of everything, without distorting, twisting, or leaving out of any words that only fit what ever agenda you want to achieve. All the Media is doing is creating way to much Drama, in this already Drama ridden Society we are living, just so they can make all the money and come across as more powerful than the rest of us. I think we the People already proved just how powerful we are, with the results of this past Election, as all the Media was left scratching their heads. Plus a lot of information the media reports on and a lot of the quotes the Democrats quote to us, come from Parody accounts that are on Twitter and to those of us with Common sense, we all know what a Parody account is? Correct it is another way of saying a fake account, that some create hiding who they really are, so they can get away with using words to hurt their fellow man. We all walk a path through this journey of life, time we all get back on the same page like the years of our beginning, so we all can move forward better and stronger, while living peacefully and in happiness.


” A Parody is fake and is only created to create more drama, while hiding solely who they truly are”

” When you hide of who you truly are, only means that you are ashamed of who you are and have some issues that you yourself need to fix”

” Immigrants are on a journey for a better life from where they currently are, most will do it correctly, but a small percentage won’t think twice at taking advantage of their fellow man”

” If you can’t do a job with confidence and on your own merits, then you really shouldn’t be doing the job you are in, especially when you are in a position that hurts those around you”


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