As the Stream flows……..


The stream carves out a path for which it travels along the Earth’s floor,

Walking along the shore of the stream has you seeing all the true beauty around,

Just as we walk a journey the stream travels along it’s journey also,

Sit and take a break from your journey along the shore of the stream,

to notice the beauty in the sounds and sights around you,

The sound of water flowing down the mountain side,

is so soothing and relaxing, it has all your stress simply melt away,

Then as you totally focus on the water flowing by,

you can actually see there is all kinds of life around you,

The tree’s the plants the flowers are all thriving from the stream,

The little Amphibious animals within the stream itself,

This all has you focusing on things you normally would never,

Then suddenly you see a Bear up stream……….

but you find he is looking for his daily meal within the stream,

that he don’t notice as you sit quietly and nervously by,

A Moose wanders to the shores of the stream,

as he splashes the water on him washing away the days filth,

Then as you look down stream you see a Deer,

as he to comes to the stream for his daily drink,

Now as you sit by the shore of the stream you suddenly realize,

this stream is a busy place and you are not alone within,

the peace and serenity that the forest has within it.



You become so relaxed of the sounds of the mountain stream,

you fall asleep for a little nap and awake to the same great sounds,

As relaxed as you are you get up and move along the shore of the stream,

You now become one with the stream as you notice all its beauty,

The beauty is not just within the stream it is all around as well,

The tree’s of all sizes, shapes and varieties are everywhere,

we watch the leaves of the tree’s sway in the breeze,

with really no effort or energy to the branches that holds them,

As we feel the air that the leaves pushes around invisible like,

we take a deep breathe to let the clean air clean out our lungs,

As we look around the ground that our feet take each step upon,

we notice the little creatures as the squirrels and the chipmunks,

weaving a path around the fallen brush and the plants,

there is so much going on within the forest along the stream,

The only way to experience it is too actually go out,

walk among the tree’s along the shore of the stream,

don’t worry of what direction, simply just get outdoors,

within the deep cover of the forest and find your way,

Experience all that is around you so you can truly,

be one with mother nature and feel the beauty around you,

We all walk this journey of life but if we don’t go out and explore,

We totally miss out on a huge part of the entire journey.


” As the stream flows so do the words out of my head and onto the keyboard of my PC”

” Be one with Mother Nature to see all of her true beauty around you”

” The sounds from the stream are the best way to totally relax your body, mind and spirit”

” We walk our paths of this journey as to the stream flows along a path it carves through its journey as well”


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