Peaceful streets for a peaceful journey



Within this Society today we have way too many uneducated, il-informed and Mentally deranged Individuals walking our streets. These Individuals won’t think twice at bringing chaos to the rest of us, simply because they know no different, nor do they truly know of how to respect each other that walks a path through this journey of life.

With the Mentally deranged I blame the States and the federal for this, as when they need to make cuts, where is the first place they cut……….. You guessed it, the Mental Health Profession, now you have those that need help, walking our streets without getting the proper help and that leaves the rest of us to put up with the crap. The uneducated and the Il-informed are pretty much the same as now you have some walking among us, distorting all the facts to something that they think is what they want, or what they try to persuade to the rest of us as their fake reality, none the less these Individuals will always take to the streets and bring much chaos to the rest of us, when they don’t get their way, or better yet get what they think they deserve in their own little fake reality.

I am willing to bet that a high percentage of those that have taken to the streets lately are, the ones that have abused the system and have received free money from the Welfare they are on. This Welfare program was designed to help those in need when they have become down on their luck, it wasn’t supposed to become a way of life or a profession. This Welfare have made people lazy and not willing to work hard for what they want, like those of us who pay into this with our taxes we pay, basically you can say that, those who abuse Welfare are, robbing the American Taxpayer everyday, as they receive their free money and benefits. Because of the abuse of the system that has been going on for way too long, a high percentage of the ones taking to the streets, are the ones in jeopardy of losing their free money, meaning that they will be going back to work like the rest of us, hard work Individuals. ” It’s time we all pay our fair share no exceptions”

Then there is the uneducated, I solely blame the Teacher’s Union for this and how they take care of their Teacher’s, plus the school systems for letting the corruption go on for to long, with the Children ultimately paying the price in the long run. In the Winter if there is a dusting of snow, they cancel school……….Really!!! Now you are depriving the Children of learning, simply because you want the day off? Yes I said it, calling out our school department heads, when back when I was going to Elementary school, it was just about a mile or so? but we walked with no bus and just like a mailman, through all kinds of weather. Then there are the teaching programs that the Teacher’s put in place, they never really challenge the Student, as to the Teacher it is more of a popularity contest, then actually doing their job and teaching the children. America can be great once again and to do so, you need to go back to basics start with what got us to today, first and for most, start with each one of us getting back in touch with our Common Sense, so we all can fix what we need to fix, then as America gets better and stronger, we all can than walk our paths through this journey of life in peace and happiness everyday.


” When the streets are icy they become difficult to travel, as in life when too many abuse the system, now you have a broken system”

” Time to take out the trash and replace with newer and better ways for all to flourish”

” Common Sense isn’t too common today, we need to find it within us to move forward better”


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