May God Bless the work at St. Jude’s



” Live justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God”

*** Micah 6:8 ***



Jesus, set the child within me free so I can do more child like with every passing day, and open my eyes of my soul that I may see your children all around me.


Cancer can strike us all and it does not discriminate no matter who you are, but when it strikes an innocent child, now you are left with a big void within your heart, you are left with deep feelings of vulnerability, you then feel helpless and say ” why me”? Cancer is one of those diseases that strikes without warning and weakens you deeply, but one thing it does do in a positive way is, it brings Hope and Faith closer to you and when you have complete Faith in yourself and Jesus Christ, there will always be the Hope that you can fight this terrible disease and live throughout this journey of life, within the Peace and happiness, that we all should be living through everyday of our journey.

St. Jude’s is working hard every day, to bring back the Faith in those that are stricken with this terrible fight, so they can regain the Hope that better days will come. All these children at St. Jude’s are truly the strongest among us, as they face death and in the shadow of doubt, comes good that has these children to walk further on this journey of life that we originally thought otherwise? True some of these children are taken by this disease, but the work and the worker’s at St. Jude’s still work tirelessly to achieve a 100% success rate. The Worker’s at St. Jude’s Hospital are truly the children of God, as they further his work along their journey of life, which has then forming a bond with the children and their families so strong, that nothing will ever penetrate this bond and that will last a lifetime. When a child loses their battle to this terrible disease, not only the families feel deeply saddened, but the Staff at St. Jude’s, also feel deeply saddened, with a heart so heavy they then work harder to help all the children, so they can eventually beat this terrible disease.

This Cancer that comes to us, has us all asking why would God let it stricken us? It will have us let doubt enter our minds, but what it truly does when we acknowledge truly that God does exist is, strength us to be better moving forward and help us all, keep the Faith close to our hearts, so we will always have the Hope, to keep fighting so we all can move forward better and stronger. Life along this journey has no certainties, but when we all pull together in unity, we can all walk our paths through this journey of life, not just better and stronger, but within Peace and happiness always.


” Cancer does not discriminate and will affect us all no matter of who you are”

” An innocent child scorn is proof to us all that we are all vulnerable to whatever comes across our paths of this journey”

” St. Jude’s Hospital does the work of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ and all those working within the Hospital are the Angels sent by God to heal us of this terrible disease”

” Doubt will only enter our minds when there is no Faith that gives us Hope to move forward better”



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