A Media Blackout


The only good thing the Media can do correctly is, create way to much Drama for us all to sift through as we walk our journey through this Society. I mean really!!! Do we need to really know of something happening half way around the World? The Media would have us all worrying of what we can’t control, so not only will we become lost and confused, but we would worship the ground the Media walks upon. I get the fact of being well informed, but we don’t need to be informed to the point we become sick and obsessed with any kind of news from this Media. The Media does for one reason only and that is for all the Executives, to make their millions, live their plush lifestyles and have no cares for us who fall for their unwanted drama.

The other part that the Media does very good is, they know how to ask the right questions, then take the answers they receive and completely change them, in ways that best fits their agenda and in a way for them to create the biggest drama, so they can brainwash us all into becoming someone we truly are not. This wasn’t more evident than this past Presidential election of 2016. The Media during this election did whatever they could, in order to try to persuade us to vote for their Candidate, OH!!! How did that turn out? That’s right  your Candidate looked even more dumber then all the Media combined. The Media also had some polls out there that were so far in reverse of reality, that it made them look even dumber as the election went on. Then you had them creating fake news just to try to get us to bite and jump at their every words…….. Come on now you think we the Real Americans are dumber then all you within the Media? Just look at how the Election turned out and you can clearly see, that the American People spoke very loudly.

It never pays to create any unnecessary Drama, or create fake words to hide reality, because in the long run, the reality will always come back and kick you in the behind so hard, you may not ever sit down for a long while? There is this thing called Karma and when Karma bites, it is worse than being mauled by a charging Bear. The thing I can’t wrap my head around is, if the Media wants to earn an honest buck, then why do they have to become so dishonest? What goes around comes around and the Media really got exposed for who they truly are, in this past season of the American elections. We all walk a path through this journey  of life, no matter what path you chose, when you do it correctly, then there is no Drama and we all can live in Peace, while being surrounded by Happiness.


” To much drama will have us all become sick and also be of someone we are not”

” The Media is okay to inform us of local weather and what we need locally, not half way around the World”

” When the Media try’s to persuade us to vote for their Candidate, then it is time to boycott the Media to force them to change”

” Karma is something that when it bites, not only does it hurt, it will also leave a mark for all to see”

” When greed gets in the way of doing the job correctly, it is then time to change your job”


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