Divide and Conquer



This picture is so unique in it’s own way, not too mention it is pretty cool how one stump branched out in two ways, you don’t come across something like this all the time, so it was worthy of stopping to caption in a picture.

Now just as this stump branched out in two directions, we to as Humans branch out in many ways as we grow into a Society of many. Sometimes as we try to branch out, there will be things or others that will try to stop the branching and do what they can to make sure our growth don’t continue, just as within Nature you have events like a fire, to not only cleanse the Wilderness, but to thin out the dead branches hanging around. This stump may only have two directions, we as Humans have many directions to branch out to and sometimes we get over whelmed, which then stops us in our tracks from branching out. Not only the over whelmed part, but there is also the part where our environment and the life events that come to us will keep us from branching out as we should naturally. There is absolutely nothing nothing wrong with branching out to be better and stronger and it totally shows just how unique we really are, it is the part of someone or something stopping the branching out, that stops us from walking our paths of this journey through life, to be better and stronger moving forward.

Over the last eight years we as a Society, instead of becoming better moving forward, we have taken a few steps backwards and the branching process has stopped. We don’t look at each other as equal or unique anymore, instead we look at each other like we all have the plague or something, when we try to communicate, we then get called out for Racism or attacking one another? We don’t look at one another like we should anymore as we all have red blood, eyes, noses, a mouth etc… We have been and always will be equal and unique to one another, it is just us as People trying to look more powerful and better than each other. We the People of this planet are simply a creature that lives upon it, yes we are the smartest of the creatures, but merely just a creature that shares this planet together.

There will always be groups like ISIS or other kinds of groups, that will try to conquer us and make themselves ” look” more powerful than the rest of us? The operative word is “look”, as they are no more different as the rest of us, just that they take to this sick and demented way to try to force us into their beliefs. We all walk our own paths through this journey of life, but with our uniqueness, we all take our own paths. We have to get back to respecting each other, excepting our unique qualities of each other and stop this ” I am better than you” mentality, so we all can be at peace throughout this journey of life.


” Branching out doesn’t just pertain to the trees in the Wilderness, branching out is for everything to grow naturally and healthy”

” We are all creatures on this planet and we have to except that then move forward to be better and stronger”

” We as Humans are all equal and unique to one another, we need to stop thinking we are better than each other”


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