Words are the worst kind of Bullying



Here I am using this picture once again and I will keep using this picture,until we all throughout this Society can grow up and start treating each other, as we ourselves would like to be treated. We need to stop Bullying each other and I am not just talking of the physical kind, but more of the word kind of Bullying, words hurt more than the physical kind and they leave a scar on each of us that last a lifetime.

This picture of Martin Richard with this beautiful quote by this eight year old boy, shows that he was more mature than most of the Adults within this Society. Martin Richards was taken from us at the Boston Marathon bombings and one of the bombs was placed right at his feet within a back pack, put there by one of the Bomber’s, who were the Bullies on that day, they used the physical form of Bullying to inflict fear in those that were at the marathon on that terrible day and through their actions, created many Victims by their Bullying ways.

The other form of Bullying is, the use of words that hurt another, in order for one to feel more powerful than they truly are. This kind of Bullying is the worst kind, as the effects can and will last a lifetime. The words as opposed to the physical type which leave outer scars, will leave scars inside of the Victim and nobody truly knows, of just how much hurt these Victims really feel. The pain of a victim with interior scars goes so deep, they then lose all touch with their true feelings and emotions, they internalize everything to the point that, they then become numb to everything around them, just so they can try to escape the real pain they are feeling. The Victim with inner scars will never communicate of their pain, as the shame from the event has them hide everything from the outside World.

Most of the Bullying by words comes to us as a child, which then has that child within us hurt in many ways, we all have this inner child and this child has been hurt no matter who you are, which then shapes who we become as we grow and enter within this Society. Some may deal better with the pain of our inner child, while others don’t deal with it at all and with no true feelings or emotions, then we can’t truly feel or acknowledge that child that is hurting within us.

The latest Victim of Bullying by words is Barron  Trump, the son of our new President Donald Trump, First you had Rosie O’Donnell calling him out and saying he had issues and in a nice way saying he was a Retard? Seriously Rosie, you need to grow up, as you have become the Bully for Victimizing this ten year old boy, no matter for whom he is. You Rosie are the one in need of some help, as you are the one with the issues that needs to be addressed. Now there is a Writer for Saturday Night Live, for writing a skit saying that, Barron Trump will be the first home schooled student, to be a shooter in the next Mass shooting? Seriously!!! This Writer needs to be fired and black balled from writing in any Publication around the World, as this writer has now become a Bully as well, first of all your facts are wrong, Barron Trump goes to a private school and is not home schooled, so not only have you become a Bully, you also have no clue for the so called  facts that you are writing.  Now I am sure President Trump and his first Lady are addressing this, but who knows just how little Barron truly feels deep inside from these Bullying words of him? If these words are addressed properly, then maybe little Barron will grow up stronger and better, but if these words have left an inner scar, then only time will tell as he grows up then enters Society.

We all have our issues, we all have been Bullied in one way or another and the way our Society has evolved, clearly shows that we all as the people of this Society, need to grow up, truly let that child within us heal in the proper way, let our true feelings and emotions come out as naturally as they are suppose to, so we then can truly feel this child within and help him heal, in all we do. When that child within us hurts, we to hurt and unless we truly understand why we hurt, we will never heal properly moving forward, which will then have us all living a fake reality, with no sign of knowing what true reality is. Bullying of any kind should never be tolerated anywhere and by anyone, no matter who you are? There is nothing good that will ever come from Bullying and it does effect us all in a negative way, when that child within us is happy, it then grows healthy within us, which then has us on the outside growing happy and healthy as well, when we are all happy and healthy and acknowledge that child within, this is when the peace comes to us, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Barron Trump is a young ten year old boy, for anybody to speak in a negative way toward him is doing nothing but Bully this young boy”

” Bullying is a way for us to deflect our own issues, while we create a victim to do the same”

” we have all been a victim of a Bully, some of us a bit more severely than we lead on to each other”

” Bullying of any kind needs to stop, with the use of words being the worse type than the physical type”

” The scars from anything shows us just how hurt we have been, but the inner scars never leave us and hurt us very deeply”


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