Inaugeration day



Tomorrow is a big day in the history of this great Nation of the United States of America. Tomorrow is the swearing in of Donald Trump as the 45th President of this great Nation, now there are some that still oppose of him winning the election and throughout the Democratic party, there are more that will boycott this inauguration  since the great President Abraham Lincoln and we know how that turned out, as he was one of our great President’s, in the history of this great Country of America.

What we totally forget of what truly happens during an inauguration is, the simple fact we do not look deeply into what we see and truly see that, through every inauguration  there is always an ending that turns into a new beginning. Now as one Presidency comes to an end, let us all see the new Presidency, except the new presidency and work hard as Individuals, so the new Presidency can actually help and bring real change to each one of us, throughout this great Nation of America. Let’s not look at this inauguration as an ending of one President and the beginning of another? Let’s look at it as an ending of one era and the beginning of a new era, then maybe we all can truly grasp the fact that, change happens all around and through change we can grow better and stronger, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

The biggest opponent of the new President Donald Trump is, the World of Hollywood and those within it. Now here is a large group of Individuals that have just came out with a movie of a Fictitious character, known to us all as an Emoji, really!!! There are some that will actually act out a part for a Fake Character, this totally shows just how fake and out of touch Hollywood is with real, true reality of life. What’s an Emoji you ask? It is a fake Character that puts a fake emotion to our words, on our Social Media sites, that is all it is and in no way does it even belong as a movie, now the scary part of all this is, it will probably get noticed in on of those Fake award shows that Hollywood puts on and win some big awards. It is time Hollywood gets noticed for what it really is and not the fake reality for what it tries to make into reality.

President Trump gives this Country a whole look and something away from the normal Lawyer as a Politician, who quite frankly, is really good at twisting words, saying what you want to hear, so they can dupe you into voting for them, as they then take an office as one of our leaders. Donald Trump needs to be given a chance before anybody speaks out or takes offense to him, you may never know he just might become the best President, that this Country has ever seen  (unlike the previous President) and the history is right before our own eyes.  You can not walk your path of this journey through life while you live a fake reality, so why do we let Hollywood become as powerful as they have, it is time we the People of this great Nation and we the People that live in reality, tell Hollywood to shove it, stand up to those that don’t want to stand up to our new President and give him a chance, so he can truly make this Country great again and make each one of better and stronger moving forward, throughout all our paths of this journey through life.


” Inauguration is a day of one ending that turns into a new beginning”

” Hollywood is as fake as the new movie of Emoji, time we get back to reality so we all can be at peace within out lives”

” Politicians will only say what we want to hear and twist our true words to what they want to say for their agenda”

” An Emoji is a fictitious Character that needs to stay where it is suppose to stay and not in front of us on a screen and given a life like each of us”


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