Golden Globes…Oscar’s who cares..

Desert Landscape


Hollywood and all within Hollywood are very much like this picture, a whole lot of nothing but empty space and hot air. Hollywood is made up of a bunch of hypocrites that will say anything of anyone, just to try to make themselves look like they are better. They use these award shows so they can have a platform for which to speak but in reality, there is nothing but crap and hot air that comes from their mouths, they have this ” red carpet” thing they do before they go into this awards thingy, these dresses aren’t even there own dresses they have on, which furthers the fact that all of Hollywood is nothing but fiction and have no clue of what total reality is.

Okay maybe Hollywood will produce a great film every now and then, but it is just a film and still someone has to act a part and be something or someone they truly are not. I still can’t wrap my finger around why an actor gets paid big money to “ACT”, when there are people working three times as hard and get paid considerably less? Not too mention the many homeless and the struggling Veterans that fought hard for this Country.  True there are a few great Actor’s that actually give back, without the lip service like many of their Peers, but these Actor’s are far and few between and Hollywood is still made up of hypocrites, full of hot air.

The ordinary person that works very hard every day and gets little in return, do you see any kind of an award show for them? Of course not, only in Hollywood they do this, simply because if they didn’t the streets would be washed away from all the tears that would be shed over the ” Why me”? We regular folk work 100% harder than any Hollywood folk, but yet in Hollywood you see much more Rich and Glamorous, you think they would offer to take some of their money and spread it around to help the Homeless or a Veteran? Ha!! You guessed it, they would turn the other cheek before they would help those in need. Now being the Hypocrite they are, they would then get you to spread your hard earned money, then there money would stay somewhere close to them.

Merryl Streep getting an award for what? I didn’t watch the show and didn’t care to, but the backlash over her lack of a speech has been plastered everywhere, now first of all an award show is about receiving an award and thanking those possible for giving you the chance to be able to win the award, it is not about you, nor does it give you the right to attack an Individual anywhere, not too mention someone that just been elected President of a Country. The biggest problem with Hollywood is, they think they are bigger and better than the rest of us who walk a path through this journey of life, I have a news flash for all of Hollywood, your not better and your not bigger than any of us, you can take that shiny new sports car and drive it where the sun never shines, you people tend to forget that you also had to start somewhere to get to where you are now, maybe you should all lose what you have and go back to that place of your beginning, just maybe you will find where you lost respect for all those around you, not to mention losing touch of all reality and just maybe you can finally walk a path of this journey through life, in reality like all the rest of us everyday.


“The golden globes and the oscar awards really mean nothing and simply have nothing to do with reality of life”

“Before you open your mouth first know where you are and to whom you are opening your mouth to”

” Hollywood is fiction and has no clue to what reality really is”

” There is a lot more to life than acting a part, as a real actor knows this and knows how to separate reality from fiction”


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