Look towards the Holy Spirit


Something to think about

” You need to work on your attitude toward money, things and people”


We all walk a path through this journey of life, within a Society of today that, no matter where you look, there is way to much ugliness around every corner we turn. Within this Society we all as Individuals have become way too lazy, for working at making true change to end this ugliness, instead we look to people that we put into an office to lead us and take care of us, to end the ugliness? Then when these people that we put into power, don’t do what we want them to do, we then complain and bicker to all those around us, instead of taking control of ourselves by, excepting the Holy Spirit that is already within our souls, so it can lead us to true change and make us all better and stronger moving forward.

We as Individuals need not look toward anyone to fix all the troubles within this Society, we only need to look deeply within ourselves, except the Holy Spirit that is within our souls, so it can guide us, as we the people can make a positive impact on all the ugliness we see today. The problem of this Society goes no further than each one of us as an Individual, we have to trust ourselves better, have complete confidence in our abilities in all we do, so we then can not only except the Holy Spirit, but truly feel the warmth of God’s love within our hearts, so we than can share that love with all that is around us. When we don’t except the Holy Spirit, or feel the love of God within us, makes it that much harder to have any kind of Empathy of not just ourselves, but for all those around us.

Empathy comes from the love of God within us, we all have this empathy within us and through all the ugliness around us, makes it hard to show any empathy, not just of one another, but when are struggling and letting our own issues control who we truly are, we then bury this empathy so deep within ourselves, that it then becomes non existent, which we then have no cares of anything around us, because we want to try to protect ourselves from further harm. When we except the Holy Spirit within us, feel the love of God within our hearts, our true Empathy will flow from us like a stream flows down a mountain, then as the good flows from all of us, this ugliness we see today will no longer control who we truly are and we don’t have to rely on anybody to guide us through it, as we only have to look deeply within our own selves, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Love is in the air and we don’t have to look anywhere else, but deep within ourselves. When we look deeply within ourselves and truly except the Holy Spirit, this is when all this ugliness we see today will disappear, not when we put our blind faith toward someone else that don’t understand and does nothing, but become a warm body within an office, that is suppose to help us and get us through our struggles? It is never too late to except the Holy Spirit, as it is never too late to truly except true change, the power is in our own hands and deep within us, all we have to do is, look deeply in our souls to unlock the power of the Holy Spirit, so we than can feel God’s love within our hearts, then through the love, we can then feel the Empathy and share it with all those around us, as we all move forward on our paths of this journey, in peace, happiness and always spread our love, to end this ugliness that controls us today.


” Our Society has become too lazy for working hard and for the benefit of each other”

: With all the ugliness in our Society today, we need not look toward anyone but ourselves to help fix the troubles then move forward better and stronger”

” Love is not only in the air, as it is also deep within our souls and our hearts, so we can share with those around us”



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