Look deeply into the Abyss of the horizon



We all walk a path through this journey of life, sometimes the path isn’t as smooth as we like it to be, it becomes rocky and the water starts to turn choppy with a storm a brewing, we then tend to become bitter with doubt and frustrated as the path becomes rough for our walk through this journey, then the laziness creeps in as we don’t look deeply into what we see, we only look at what is in front of us, without looking further down the path, to chart a course around these rocky obstacles, we don’t want to work at getting around these obstacles and then give up, which has us wandering instead of walking with a purpose. When we give up we then never fix what we need to fix, we become lost within the clouds of our judgments, we suppress everything around us, so we then try to move forward as we pretend the rocky path is smooth, then through all the pretending we become someone we truly are not to wander further, through this journey of life.

This journey through life is not all rose pedal beds and sweet cherry pie, it will throw us a curve ball when we least expect it and make us work at walking our path, the key to getting through the rocky times and getting through the storm is, looking deeply into what you see and when you look deeply, you will see the true beauty even when the path becomes rocky. You also have to never give up and fight for what you really want, so the beauty inside you will always shine brighter, then the sun on a bright sunny day. When we look deeply into what we see, the beauty within us comes out naturally with no effort, it is the bitterness and hatred that takes more work, then actually walking through the rocky path in front of us.

Look deep into the Horizon so you then can see farther into the future and see all the beauty that this journey holds for us, it is not about the rocky path we must walk through and it is all about the way we look at the path, so we then can see the fruit instead of the pit of the fruit, that consumes us as we try to get through the rocky path of this journey of life.

The rocky shore with the water slapping the rocks, makes a beautiful sound if we look deeply into what we see. When we look into the Abyss of the horizon, we then will see it pop as we get closer with every step of our path, this journey of life is full of great beauty, we just have to truly see it, so we than can feel it deep within our souls and it will then warm our hearts with love, to share with all that is around us.


” Look deeply into the Abyss of the horizon, so we then can see and feel all the true beauty around us”

” When life throws you a curve ball, look at the spin of the ball then hit it deeply into the field of life”

” The rocky shore may seem rough, but look at the beauty of the path and the rocks won’t seem as rough?

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