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This quote by the late Stuart Scott, who was an analyst on ESPN for a lot of years, is one of the best quotes of my lifetime. Let’s take the word Cancer out of this quote and replace it with the word Life, now you have the same quote with a whole new meaning, which makes this quote so great, because you can replace one word to make it work for whatever you want to this quote to be about.

Now with the word Life in place for the word Cancer, helps us think about all the struggles we go through on a daily basis, no one is immune to these struggles, we all go through them, just that some go through struggles more deeply then others. Some struggles start from a young age and last a lifetime, simply because we never take the time to fully understand them, which then leads us to not acknowledging them and burying them to try to avoid them. These struggles then control us and we then become someone we truly are not, we hide our true selves deep within, so deep that we then lose touch with our true feelings and emotions, with no true feelings and emotions to guide us, we then lose our true empathy for ourselves and all those around us, which totally explains the whole disconnect we have within our Society today.

This loss of disconnect starts with not communicating truly with each other, we become so embarrassed and shamed from our struggles, that we don’t communicate with each other as we should, we always want to come across to each other showing strength, that we think showing a weakness will make others laugh at us, if someone laughs when you are trying to communicate truly of your struggles, then that someone needs not be around you. When you are struggling from something and you don’t know how to deal with it, you need to reach out and ask for help, so you can move forward better and stronger. When reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness, it only shows that you are stronger than you give yourself credit for, self criticism is the worst kind of criticism, simply because we come down harder on ourselves, then others would come down on us, especially if that someone wants to help us become stronger and better, we all walk a path through this journey of life, we forget that reaching out is a sign of true strength and not a sign of weakness.

Communication is the key for us walking our paths of this journey with strength, so we than can become better at everything and anything we set out to do, without communicating properly we then try to move forward within the clouds of our judgments and when we do that, we become so lost that our struggles then become much bigger than they really should be. Now the way we use technology and social media today, this is all wrong for true communication, we need to reach out face to face with real communicating skills, which is something we all are guilty of getting away from within this Society. Real face to face communication scares us to death today, simply because we are afraid of failure and what others will think of us? If someone thinks less of you for reaching out, then that someone really needs not be around you. Being positive helps us reach out and ask for help in our time of struggle, with negativity we never reach out and our struggles then become bigger and take control of all of us, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Great quotes are defined by how you can change a word so it can help you in a very different way”

“We all struggle within our lives at one point or another, we need to communicate better to move forward stronger in our lives”

“Proper communication is key for all of us, without it we then become disconnected from everything and everyone around us”

” Communication is a sign of strength and never will it show weakness”

” Self criticism is our worst enemy because we are too hard on ourselves and it then makes us pull back from those around us”

” The struggles will control us if we let them, so we need to understand better of the struggles to move forward better and in control”


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