The Presidentials of New Hampshire


The Presidential range, a week worth of hiking within the white mountains of New Hampshire. This is the Crawford house on route 302, and is about the half way mark of this trail, as you come out of the woods on one side, you cross 302 and go back up into the mountains. As you look at the Crawford house, the wilderness and mountains behind is where you go back up into within Crawford notch, heading toward Franconia notch, both of these notches are the most beautiful of all the notches within New Hampshire, heading in this direction the first hut you come to for rest and a good meal, is the Zealand falls hut, nestled within the woods is a great place to rest those weary bones from the days journey, each hut on this trail is spaced a days hike apart and is also part of the Appalachian trail, going from Maine to Georgia ( or vice versa….which ever way you start).

Hiking within the wilderness and the mountains like this, is a great way to clear the cob webs out of your mind and get back to the reality of life. Totally get back to the way our Ancestor’s walked their journey and how they survived on a daily basis, with all the technology we have today, we have totally taken for granted of how to really survive this journey and if you take away all the technology, there would be a very small percent of us that would actually not just survive, but survive and be strong enough to move forward better throughout this journey of life. This is the sad part of all our realities, we have become so dependent on technology, that we don’t look deeply into what we see, cause it is pretty much done for us already and we then have become almost too lazy to even walk to the corner store. Most of us won’t even try a day hike, let alone a journey that would take a week or even six months……….. Some would just jump into a vehicle drive the route from the roads, stop and buy souvenirs then say they did it to all those around them? This is how lazy we have become and how shallow we have become, as no one really looks deeply into what they see anymore. I hiked the Presidential range and the Appalachian trail is on my bucket list.

Hiking is a good way for each of us to get back in touch with reality, not too mention get us back into shape, it will get us back in tune with all our senses, instead of just smelling the smells of all the fast food joints around us, plus it will have us look at our surroundings more deeply to see the true beauty in everything, instead of being shallow and glancing at something, then forming an opinion from the glance, hiking to us may be recreational, but to our Ancestor’s it was a way of life, it was what they did to survive, whether going to town for supplies, or heading into the wilderness for the daily meal, we have taken so much for granted in this Society, we truly don’t walk our paths of this journey through life, anything like our ancestor’s before us, as they also walked their paths through this journey of life.


” The Presidential range of New Hampshire  is right in our back yards and we don’t know of what it really is”

” Hiking to some may be to much work, but it is the only way to get back in touch with all our realities”

” Being out in the wilderness will have us get back in tune with our senses and look deeply into what we see”

” Technology has made us all fat and lazy, to which we don’t venture outside for any kind of hike anymore”



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