Another New Year crisp and fresh

Throughout the years there is always a beginning of a new year, taking over for the old year which becomes another year in our past, we tend to think that each eve of the new year, it is all about the partying and the drinking? Then we make these Resolutions that we never keep, as we think that everything will become instantly better with the rise of the new year, but then we become even more bitter when each year doesn’t change for us in the way we think a fresh year should. Now as each new year comes to us the only way it can bring positive change to us is, we ourselves have to work at the change and be patient, because true change doesn’t happen over night.

Change is kind of like a fine wine, you have to be patient, nurture it and let it grow within us, so we then can be better and stronger moving forward. Life isn’t just something that we can party and drink our way through, we have to work at it on a daily basis, There are many life events that will come cross our paths that will totally derail us if we let them, when a life event comes to us, we first have to acknowledge it, asses the type of event it is, then spend the time to put in the work, to fix what needs to be fixed, in order to let true change run it’s course as it will bring happiness and peace to us, instead of simply pushing aside the event, not acknowledging it and then not working to fix what is needed, which brings bitterness and hatred to us, while the love that is within us, becomes lost deep within our soul.

We all want a new year to bring us joy and happiness, but unless we are willing to work daily to let true change run it’s course, that joy and happiness may never happen? Sometimes we change our lifestyle like, moving from our small town to the big city, but then we find that because we don’t want to change for our surroundings, our path through this journey of life, just became much harder than we originally planned. When you go from small town to big city, there then comes this big culture shock that will over whelm you, just as going from the big city to the small town, will open your eyes to the fact that, life may seem to slow down for you moving forward. Everything we do on this journey of life comes to us through change and shows us that, when we except change, work hard to let the change work for us and not against us, that is when change truly helps us all move forward better and stronger, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” Every new year through time brings change to us always, we just have to acknowledge and except it, to let it truly work for us and not against us”

” As each year passes us and comes to us there is always an ending, that brings to us a new beginning”

” ” True change is like fine wine that we have to nurture, so it can make us better and stronger moving forward”

” The new year……. The new you, it all comes from the work we put in everyday from year to year”


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