Tools of the Trade from days gone by….


Most within today’s Society, if asked? Wouldn’t even know what these are, let alone what they were used for? Without these the Farmer’s couldn’t do their jobs, nor would there be any food on the table, for all who go to the store, back in the day there were no tractors so these would be towed behind either an Oxen, or a Horse with the Farmer walking along side, to guide the animal along. These tools would turn over all the soil, so the seed could be planted for the next harvest, now a days everything is done by tractors and in less time,

Change is good when done correctly, but that’s the problem today, everybody thinks they are  better than each other, they think that change is going from one lane to another on a highway, nobody wants to listen to anybody, because their way is the best way? When doing a job we all want the credit when everything goes right, but as soon as it turns for the bad, now the fingers start pointing at all that is around them and never on themselves. There has been a lot of great new change throughout our history and the way we farmed back in the day, to the way we farm now, has been really good and effective change for all of us moving forward.

Whenever you start a new job, like say the President of the United States, now you have real change that will affect us all, because you have an Individual who is leaving office with one style of Leadership, with a new Individual coming in and with a whole new style and a way of getting business done. You are always going to have some except the new guy with open arms, as well as the rest showing resistance and complaining at every actions he takes. You can’t please everyone all the time, but if you can except change, just maybe we all can get back together in unity and help the new President move forward better and stronger. Most of the time the ones that do the complaining don’t really know the true reason of why they are complaining? Which they then get lost and confused as to why they go out and protest, then in the long run they become laughing stocks and will do anything to bring harm to those who made fun of them. You can bet I am not that far off from the truth,  as in today’s Society nobody wants to be proven wrong or shown up, because the ego we all have within us, then strikes back and most of the time in a very negative way. We all walk a path through this journey of life, this journey has much change for us to get through and unless we do it correctly, this journey will then have plenty of bumps and hurdles, that will bring much pain to all of us, to which we spend to much time healing, instead of walking in peace and happiness.


” The Farmer’s tools of yesterday that brought us plenty fruit from our labor”

” True change is never easy and will bring us some pain, but when done correctly true change will make us all better and stronger”

” An Ego is a feeling within us, that if not felt correctly, it can destroy all that is around it”


Look to the light for Guidance along your path



” Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of Righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”

*** MT 5:10 ***

” When we walk through the shadows of the tree’s and the clouds of the fog, let us never forget of the true light at the end of the path, which is the true Righteousness through this journey of life”

*** BowlingChef ***


We all walk a path through this journey of life, there is no path that will put us above each other, this only comes from we the People of a Society, that get so consumed with what is around us, we forget we are not the only ones walking a path. We all strive for perfection, but we never realize that the perfection never comes, as there is nothing on the path perfect and everything has a flaw, if only you look deeply into what you see around you? It’s okay to strive for perfection, to help us be better and stronger moving forward, but never lose hope of all that is around you when that perfection never comes. We all want to believe that we are better than each other, but the reality of it is, we are all equal to each other, no matter who you are, just that we become so consumed with perfection, that not only do we lose sight of what is around us, we lose sight of who we truly are.

Through this journey of life, we all start and finish the same as each other, so what happens in the middle of the journey? We the People happen and how we perceive everything around us, the Life Events that happen to each of us takes place and unfortunately how we react to these events when we don’t truly understand them. These Life Events will take control of who we truly are if we let them, but if we truly understand the why’s of these events, understand of how to truly fix what is wrong when we need to and actually fix these events and the pain they bring, then the shadow of the tree’s and the clouds of the fog, will never be as thick, so we then will never lose sight of the light at the end of the darkness, which is the true path of Righteousness, that will lead us to the peace, the happiness and the joy, that all our paths through this journey of life is suppose to hold for each one of us.

These paths we walk through this journey is exactly that, a journey through the unknown. The unknown is the part that we are suppose to understand better with each step we walk, when we understand better of the unknown, then we can evolve and become better and stronger at all we do throughout this journey of life. We have this thing called life that gets in our way and totally clouds the judgments of our thoughts and actions, when we become clouded and stop believing in ourselves, this is what makes it hard to have any faith in ourselves, let alone having faith in Jesus Christ, then with no faith our hope for anything moving forward becomes very difficult at best. Yes there is so much to think about as we walk our paths through this journey, but if we stay in control, take one step at a time, understand everything of what we do and of what happens to us, plus always use our Common Sense wisely, then this path for which we walk along this journey of life, will always keep us focused on that light at the end of each path, which leads us to the path of Righteousness, where we all can live in Peace and Happiness always.


” As we walk through the shadows of the tree’s and the clouds of the fog, let us always focus on the light of the path of Righteousness which will guide us all to prosperity”

” It is okay to strive for perfection, but never think it will come, as it only will make us better and stronger”

” We all start and finish this journey the same, it is what happens in between that divides us instead of bringing us together in equality”

” When traveling through any unknown, it is better to understand where you are going, so your actions can be natural and free”


May God Bless the work at St. Jude’s



” Live justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God”

*** Micah 6:8 ***



Jesus, set the child within me free so I can do more child like with every passing day, and open my eyes of my soul that I may see your children all around me.


Cancer can strike us all and it does not discriminate no matter who you are, but when it strikes an innocent child, now you are left with a big void within your heart, you are left with deep feelings of vulnerability, you then feel helpless and say ” why me”? Cancer is one of those diseases that strikes without warning and weakens you deeply, but one thing it does do in a positive way is, it brings Hope and Faith closer to you and when you have complete Faith in yourself and Jesus Christ, there will always be the Hope that you can fight this terrible disease and live throughout this journey of life, within the Peace and happiness, that we all should be living through everyday of our journey.

St. Jude’s is working hard every day, to bring back the Faith in those that are stricken with this terrible fight, so they can regain the Hope that better days will come. All these children at St. Jude’s are truly the strongest among us, as they face death and in the shadow of doubt, comes good that has these children to walk further on this journey of life that we originally thought otherwise? True some of these children are taken by this disease, but the work and the worker’s at St. Jude’s still work tirelessly to achieve a 100% success rate. The Worker’s at St. Jude’s Hospital are truly the children of God, as they further his work along their journey of life, which has then forming a bond with the children and their families so strong, that nothing will ever penetrate this bond and that will last a lifetime. When a child loses their battle to this terrible disease, not only the families feel deeply saddened, but the Staff at St. Jude’s, also feel deeply saddened, with a heart so heavy they then work harder to help all the children, so they can eventually beat this terrible disease.

This Cancer that comes to us, has us all asking why would God let it stricken us? It will have us let doubt enter our minds, but what it truly does when we acknowledge truly that God does exist is, strength us to be better moving forward and help us all, keep the Faith close to our hearts, so we will always have the Hope, to keep fighting so we all can move forward better and stronger. Life along this journey has no certainties, but when we all pull together in unity, we can all walk our paths through this journey of life, not just better and stronger, but within Peace and happiness always.


” Cancer does not discriminate and will affect us all no matter of who you are”

” An innocent child scorn is proof to us all that we are all vulnerable to whatever comes across our paths of this journey”

” St. Jude’s Hospital does the work of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ and all those working within the Hospital are the Angels sent by God to heal us of this terrible disease”

” Doubt will only enter our minds when there is no Faith that gives us Hope to move forward better”



A Media Blackout


The only good thing the Media can do correctly is, create way to much Drama for us all to sift through as we walk our journey through this Society. I mean really!!! Do we need to really know of something happening half way around the World? The Media would have us all worrying of what we can’t control, so not only will we become lost and confused, but we would worship the ground the Media walks upon. I get the fact of being well informed, but we don’t need to be informed to the point we become sick and obsessed with any kind of news from this Media. The Media does for one reason only and that is for all the Executives, to make their millions, live their plush lifestyles and have no cares for us who fall for their unwanted drama.

The other part that the Media does very good is, they know how to ask the right questions, then take the answers they receive and completely change them, in ways that best fits their agenda and in a way for them to create the biggest drama, so they can brainwash us all into becoming someone we truly are not. This wasn’t more evident than this past Presidential election of 2016. The Media during this election did whatever they could, in order to try to persuade us to vote for their Candidate, OH!!! How did that turn out? That’s right  your Candidate looked even more dumber then all the Media combined. The Media also had some polls out there that were so far in reverse of reality, that it made them look even dumber as the election went on. Then you had them creating fake news just to try to get us to bite and jump at their every words…….. Come on now you think we the Real Americans are dumber then all you within the Media? Just look at how the Election turned out and you can clearly see, that the American People spoke very loudly.

It never pays to create any unnecessary Drama, or create fake words to hide reality, because in the long run, the reality will always come back and kick you in the behind so hard, you may not ever sit down for a long while? There is this thing called Karma and when Karma bites, it is worse than being mauled by a charging Bear. The thing I can’t wrap my head around is, if the Media wants to earn an honest buck, then why do they have to become so dishonest? What goes around comes around and the Media really got exposed for who they truly are, in this past season of the American elections. We all walk a path through this journey  of life, no matter what path you chose, when you do it correctly, then there is no Drama and we all can live in Peace, while being surrounded by Happiness.


” To much drama will have us all become sick and also be of someone we are not”

” The Media is okay to inform us of local weather and what we need locally, not half way around the World”

” When the Media try’s to persuade us to vote for their Candidate, then it is time to boycott the Media to force them to change”

” Karma is something that when it bites, not only does it hurt, it will also leave a mark for all to see”

” When greed gets in the way of doing the job correctly, it is then time to change your job”


Divide and Conquer



This picture is so unique in it’s own way, not too mention it is pretty cool how one stump branched out in two ways, you don’t come across something like this all the time, so it was worthy of stopping to caption in a picture.

Now just as this stump branched out in two directions, we to as Humans branch out in many ways as we grow into a Society of many. Sometimes as we try to branch out, there will be things or others that will try to stop the branching and do what they can to make sure our growth don’t continue, just as within Nature you have events like a fire, to not only cleanse the Wilderness, but to thin out the dead branches hanging around. This stump may only have two directions, we as Humans have many directions to branch out to and sometimes we get over whelmed, which then stops us in our tracks from branching out. Not only the over whelmed part, but there is also the part where our environment and the life events that come to us will keep us from branching out as we should naturally. There is absolutely nothing nothing wrong with branching out to be better and stronger and it totally shows just how unique we really are, it is the part of someone or something stopping the branching out, that stops us from walking our paths of this journey through life, to be better and stronger moving forward.

Over the last eight years we as a Society, instead of becoming better moving forward, we have taken a few steps backwards and the branching process has stopped. We don’t look at each other as equal or unique anymore, instead we look at each other like we all have the plague or something, when we try to communicate, we then get called out for Racism or attacking one another? We don’t look at one another like we should anymore as we all have red blood, eyes, noses, a mouth etc… We have been and always will be equal and unique to one another, it is just us as People trying to look more powerful and better than each other. We the People of this planet are simply a creature that lives upon it, yes we are the smartest of the creatures, but merely just a creature that shares this planet together.

There will always be groups like ISIS or other kinds of groups, that will try to conquer us and make themselves ” look” more powerful than the rest of us? The operative word is “look”, as they are no more different as the rest of us, just that they take to this sick and demented way to try to force us into their beliefs. We all walk our own paths through this journey of life, but with our uniqueness, we all take our own paths. We have to get back to respecting each other, excepting our unique qualities of each other and stop this ” I am better than you” mentality, so we all can be at peace throughout this journey of life.


” Branching out doesn’t just pertain to the trees in the Wilderness, branching out is for everything to grow naturally and healthy”

” We are all creatures on this planet and we have to except that then move forward to be better and stronger”

” We as Humans are all equal and unique to one another, we need to stop thinking we are better than each other”


Words are the worst kind of Bullying



Here I am using this picture once again and I will keep using this picture,until we all throughout this Society can grow up and start treating each other, as we ourselves would like to be treated. We need to stop Bullying each other and I am not just talking of the physical kind, but more of the word kind of Bullying, words hurt more than the physical kind and they leave a scar on each of us that last a lifetime.

This picture of Martin Richard with this beautiful quote by this eight year old boy, shows that he was more mature than most of the Adults within this Society. Martin Richards was taken from us at the Boston Marathon bombings and one of the bombs was placed right at his feet within a back pack, put there by one of the Bomber’s, who were the Bullies on that day, they used the physical form of Bullying to inflict fear in those that were at the marathon on that terrible day and through their actions, created many Victims by their Bullying ways.

The other form of Bullying is, the use of words that hurt another, in order for one to feel more powerful than they truly are. This kind of Bullying is the worst kind, as the effects can and will last a lifetime. The words as opposed to the physical type which leave outer scars, will leave scars inside of the Victim and nobody truly knows, of just how much hurt these Victims really feel. The pain of a victim with interior scars goes so deep, they then lose all touch with their true feelings and emotions, they internalize everything to the point that, they then become numb to everything around them, just so they can try to escape the real pain they are feeling. The Victim with inner scars will never communicate of their pain, as the shame from the event has them hide everything from the outside World.

Most of the Bullying by words comes to us as a child, which then has that child within us hurt in many ways, we all have this inner child and this child has been hurt no matter who you are, which then shapes who we become as we grow and enter within this Society. Some may deal better with the pain of our inner child, while others don’t deal with it at all and with no true feelings or emotions, then we can’t truly feel or acknowledge that child that is hurting within us.

The latest Victim of Bullying by words is Barron  Trump, the son of our new President Donald Trump, First you had Rosie O’Donnell calling him out and saying he had issues and in a nice way saying he was a Retard? Seriously Rosie, you need to grow up, as you have become the Bully for Victimizing this ten year old boy, no matter for whom he is. You Rosie are the one in need of some help, as you are the one with the issues that needs to be addressed. Now there is a Writer for Saturday Night Live, for writing a skit saying that, Barron Trump will be the first home schooled student, to be a shooter in the next Mass shooting? Seriously!!! This Writer needs to be fired and black balled from writing in any Publication around the World, as this writer has now become a Bully as well, first of all your facts are wrong, Barron Trump goes to a private school and is not home schooled, so not only have you become a Bully, you also have no clue for the so called  facts that you are writing.  Now I am sure President Trump and his first Lady are addressing this, but who knows just how little Barron truly feels deep inside from these Bullying words of him? If these words are addressed properly, then maybe little Barron will grow up stronger and better, but if these words have left an inner scar, then only time will tell as he grows up then enters Society.

We all have our issues, we all have been Bullied in one way or another and the way our Society has evolved, clearly shows that we all as the people of this Society, need to grow up, truly let that child within us heal in the proper way, let our true feelings and emotions come out as naturally as they are suppose to, so we then can truly feel this child within and help him heal, in all we do. When that child within us hurts, we to hurt and unless we truly understand why we hurt, we will never heal properly moving forward, which will then have us all living a fake reality, with no sign of knowing what true reality is. Bullying of any kind should never be tolerated anywhere and by anyone, no matter who you are? There is nothing good that will ever come from Bullying and it does effect us all in a negative way, when that child within us is happy, it then grows healthy within us, which then has us on the outside growing happy and healthy as well, when we are all happy and healthy and acknowledge that child within, this is when the peace comes to us, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.


” Barron Trump is a young ten year old boy, for anybody to speak in a negative way toward him is doing nothing but Bully this young boy”

” Bullying is a way for us to deflect our own issues, while we create a victim to do the same”

” we have all been a victim of a Bully, some of us a bit more severely than we lead on to each other”

” Bullying of any kind needs to stop, with the use of words being the worse type than the physical type”

” The scars from anything shows us just how hurt we have been, but the inner scars never leave us and hurt us very deeply”


Truly understanding better as we move forward



” From that time on, Jesus began to preach and say, ” Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”.

Mt: 4:17

” Before you lay down your opinion on something or someone, know better and understand better of what you form an opinion of, before you speak of anything”

Bowling chef


Yesterday the first Family all attended the Inaugural Prayer celebration and the first thing I thought of was, with all the ugliness and the fighting going on throughout this Society and most done trying to influence others to follow them, sway others to believe in a faith other than their true faith and trying to have complete power and control over each other? Here you have Leaders throughout all the Faiths coming together, for a day to Pray and welcome in the new President of these United States.

Over the last eight years how United are these States really? It is safe to say that we have become more divided, we say nice things to each others faces, then when we turn our backs the knife goes in like a warm knife through butter, this is exactly how Political Correction works  and what has turned us all against each other. There are some out there that don’t like Trump and even before they give him a chance, simply because he is very candid in what he says, which most people because of the Political Correction, do not truly know how to handle his candidness. Just like this picture most will form an opinion of what they think this picture is, without truly knowing and forming a more accurate opinion, of what it really is. ” opinions are like assholes, we all have them”.

This Prayer celebration, hosted by all the Leaders of all the Faiths, should be a lesson for us all to learn from, that yes……. We all can come together in Solidarity for the same cause, we can Unite as one, instead of being hateful of everything and everyone around us. We don’t need this Political Correction as it has made us all weak, it has turned us all into someone we truly are not and it has created a World full of hatred, instead of a World full of confidence and love, which is truly for what we are. The confidence comes from us doing the right thing and sharing that with each other, which then has us truly feeling the love within our hearts, then sharing that love with all that is around us, it is never too late to get back to who we truly are, just that we all have been brain washed into believing that, once we have entered the dark side, there is no return to the side of the light and the side of truly being who we truly are.

We all walk a path through this journey of life, we all have our own beliefs and faiths, but we tend to take for granted and let ourselves become a victim of circumstance, instead of someone who can be a great leader, as through all our different faiths, yes we can still come together in Unity, we can still come together for one cause and that cause is, for each one of us to prosper to become stronger and better, so we all can walk our paths through this journey, in peace and happiness everyday along the way.


” As we walk our paths going forward, let us not get caught up in going backwards and always strive in moving forward”

” A prayer celebration by all the Faiths, should tell us all that yes we can come together to unite and prosper as one”

” Through Political Correction we will never be able to have the confidence in anything and we will never be able to love as God wanted us to love”



Presidemt Trump



” To some the mountain top may be rocky and a bit steep to climb, but just as in life when you work hard to reach the summit, the view from the top is the beautiful reward”


President Donald J. Trump has worked hard throughout his life to build his brand, he has become a great business man that knows how to put good people around him, that will build that brand stronger. Now as he turns the page to a new chapter, he must work hard in a different way, while utilizing his great business skills of putting good people around him, to build up this great country of America, so we the people of this country, can and will find that American dream once again, as President Trump once again comes across another mountain for which to climb, to be rewarded with a great view at the summit of the mountain.

I watched the inauguration today and let me just say? that was one of the best and most powerful speeches I have ever heard not too mention, it also had a message for each and everyone  of us, as a citizen of this nation known as, the United States of America. President Trump to some comes with much reservation, but that is only because they operate in a close minded World, when you have a complete open mind, you can clearly see all the possibilities and opportunities, that a Donald Trump Presidencies will bring, this is a man that knows how to negotiate, then with his wealth can not be bought by any of the special interest groups that may come along, true he has had some failures, but through the failures he has become better and stronger, which is exactly what we all want, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Now with all change that may come to each of us, true change does not happen over might, with change there is also some growing pains to endure, but you have to go through those pains, in order to move forward better and stronger. President Trump is not only change to the United States, he is change to each of us that walk a journey, within these States of America, if we except and let the real change come to us, this can be a drastic lifestyle change to each  one of us within the United States of America and one change that will come with some pain, but if we never give up, totally understand of what is happening, this is a change that will make each one of us better and stronger, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.


” Climbing the mountain may be some work with a lot of sweat and untimely blood and tears”

” Reaching any summit takes work to achieve, but if your willing to put in the work, the reward is well worth it”

” Through all endings comes a new beginning, we just have to look deeply into what we see so we can move forward better and stronger”

” Change is unavoidable as there is much change all around us everyday”






Inaugeration day



Tomorrow is a big day in the history of this great Nation of the United States of America. Tomorrow is the swearing in of Donald Trump as the 45th President of this great Nation, now there are some that still oppose of him winning the election and throughout the Democratic party, there are more that will boycott this inauguration  since the great President Abraham Lincoln and we know how that turned out, as he was one of our great President’s, in the history of this great Country of America.

What we totally forget of what truly happens during an inauguration is, the simple fact we do not look deeply into what we see and truly see that, through every inauguration  there is always an ending that turns into a new beginning. Now as one Presidency comes to an end, let us all see the new Presidency, except the new presidency and work hard as Individuals, so the new Presidency can actually help and bring real change to each one of us, throughout this great Nation of America. Let’s not look at this inauguration as an ending of one President and the beginning of another? Let’s look at it as an ending of one era and the beginning of a new era, then maybe we all can truly grasp the fact that, change happens all around and through change we can grow better and stronger, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

The biggest opponent of the new President Donald Trump is, the World of Hollywood and those within it. Now here is a large group of Individuals that have just came out with a movie of a Fictitious character, known to us all as an Emoji, really!!! There are some that will actually act out a part for a Fake Character, this totally shows just how fake and out of touch Hollywood is with real, true reality of life. What’s an Emoji you ask? It is a fake Character that puts a fake emotion to our words, on our Social Media sites, that is all it is and in no way does it even belong as a movie, now the scary part of all this is, it will probably get noticed in on of those Fake award shows that Hollywood puts on and win some big awards. It is time Hollywood gets noticed for what it really is and not the fake reality for what it tries to make into reality.

President Trump gives this Country a whole look and something away from the normal Lawyer as a Politician, who quite frankly, is really good at twisting words, saying what you want to hear, so they can dupe you into voting for them, as they then take an office as one of our leaders. Donald Trump needs to be given a chance before anybody speaks out or takes offense to him, you may never know he just might become the best President, that this Country has ever seen  (unlike the previous President) and the history is right before our own eyes.  You can not walk your path of this journey through life while you live a fake reality, so why do we let Hollywood become as powerful as they have, it is time we the People of this great Nation and we the People that live in reality, tell Hollywood to shove it, stand up to those that don’t want to stand up to our new President and give him a chance, so he can truly make this Country great again and make each one of better and stronger moving forward, throughout all our paths of this journey through life.


” Inauguration is a day of one ending that turns into a new beginning”

” Hollywood is as fake as the new movie of Emoji, time we get back to reality so we all can be at peace within out lives”

” Politicians will only say what we want to hear and twist our true words to what they want to say for their agenda”

” An Emoji is a fictitious Character that needs to stay where it is suppose to stay and not in front of us on a screen and given a life like each of us”


Who am I… What’s my identity


” John the Baptist saw Jesus coming toward him and said, ” Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the World””.

*** Jn 1:29 ***


When Jesus came to us and walked his journey with us, he like all of us, had to find his identity, find his way as we all have to find our way, to be prosperous and happy, while we not only find the love within us, but share the love with each other. When Jesus came upon John, John thought he had come to bless him, but Jesus said to him, ” you have found your identity, now you baptize me, so I to can find my identity in the name of God”.

Within today’s Society we have come to know an Identification as a license or anything that shows who we are to each other? That is merely a superficial way of telling each other apart, but our true identity goes much deeper and we have to look deeply into ourselves, so we to, can truly find our identity and who we truly are.

Part of walking our paths through this journey of life, is for each of us to truly find of who we are, so we than can know our true identity and not the superficial one that gets issued to us. These superficial identities can be stolen and duplicated, as our true identity can never be stolen or duplicated and is of who we truly are.

Knowing of who you truly are is key to walking your path in peace and happiness, when you put forth this fake identity, then not only are you not being true to yourself, you then are not being true to those around you as well, when you walk your path without being true to who you are, then there will be a lot of ugliness that will come to you and surround you as you try to move forward, you then become lost throughout your life, without no sense of direction or a sense of pride in truly being your true self. Through the ugliness then the clouds of your judgments will become so thick, you will then wander instead of walking your path, with no sense of urgency, that will have you not understanding anything and complicating more this journey through life.

An identity is more than just a license that gives you a privilege to drive a vehicle on the road ways of this planet, We all have an identity that defines us all as an Individual throughout this journey of life. Just that when we become lost within the clouds of our judgments, we then lose sight of our true identity and lose touch of who we truly are.  When we are in control of ourselves, our true identity stays in the for front of who we are and we never become lost along our paths of this journey of life.

Jesus came to John the Baptist cause he had a true identity of blessing all those who come to him in the name of God, to forever walk their journey in peace and happiness, then once Jesus was baptized by John he to could move forward in the eyes of God, to bring many teachings, love and peace to us all. Some of us never find their true identity and then their lives are in the clouds of their judgments, with no sense of direction to where they are going and this leads them to nothing but ugliness and mixed feelings, with no faith and hope of everything around them. To know our true identity is not to open your wallet and look at your picture ID, your true ID can only be felt deep within yourself, feeling the love of God within your heart, then sharing this love with each other, while we move forward with confidence, as we show each other who we truly are, then we can walk our paths of this journey through life in peace and happiness always.


” Who we are and our identity goes a lot deeper than reaching in a wallet showing this picture ID”

” Jesus went to John the Baptist to bless him, cause he knew truly of who truly was”

” A driving license gives us a privilege to drive on the roads, our true identity gives us strength to walk our paths of this journey through life”