In with the new… Out with the old


This is an old 1939 Citron from France, there was only a limited amount ever made and when I first saw this car, I thought how cool that it really is, now they don’t make cars like this anymore as this car is so awesome to look at. This just goes to show that through all the years of past present and future to come, everything changes and some good but you also have a lot of bad that you simply just want to forget.

With 2016 about to be in the history books and 2017 just around the corner, it makes you reflect on this past year, with things that went wrong and things that made us better and stronger, our paths of this journey through life are just like all the cars made through the years, as with the cars and the change of all the models, we to go through many changes, with a lot that we were afraid of, simply because we resist any kind of change, so we then never make the change and try to move forward with the status quo. Then there are the resolutions we make and never keep, cause they change us from what we are used to doing? Change is something we should never be afraid of, cause through change when done correctly, we may find we become better and stronger moving forward. We all get caught up in the bickering and the complaining of things we do during the year, but then we never take the steps to fix what we need to fix, change what we need to change, so we can move forward better and stronger, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Now as 2016 is about to go by way of other years past, we as a Society have been through so much, whether it is all of us collectively, or whether it is us as Individuals, there is so much we all need to change, to make 2017 even better than 2016, it is okay to glance back, see where things went wrong, fix what we need to fix, so we than can move forward on our paths better and stronger and make this journey through life, as happy and peaceful as we can.

2016 for some is a year to forget, then for others it is the best year they have ever had? It is just on how we perceive things and when we perceive, we do so from our own perspective and totally don’t think of who or what is around us, we forget that a Society is made up of many and it doesn’t revolve around us as an Individual, when it comes to the new year, it is positive change for us all moving forward, if we really look deeply into what we see and if we except the positive change without being afraid of what is to come. Each new year brings a whole new outlook on what we do now, true it may seem like the same old song and dance, but it is a chance to change the steps of the dance, so we all can walk our paths through this journey of life, better and stronger, as we smile with true happiness and within peace.


” The old classic cars are like no car today,as through the change in the auto world has made the cars much different”

” Change is good when done correctly and from an old year to a new year, it gives us a chance to change the steps of the same old song and dance”

” A new year is only as happy as you make it and if you are to sad to be happy, then the new year is just another day as any other day”



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