To the Moon and beyond!!!


Star Wars and Star Trek were definitely in my lifetime, the front runners in the World of Sci fi movies. Some of these Actors and Actresses nobody ever heard of at the beginning of all the series that were made, through the years some became the main stay actors of the movie, while others have changed and moved on, Princess Leia became one of those Iconic Actors on the hit film Star Wars.  Carrie Fischer alias Princess Leia from the hit Star Wars, she went from a no name, to being a big name within the the household of America, whether she wanted it or not? She is now an Iconic Actress within the World of Hollywood.

Hollywood, what exactly does the World of Hollywood hold? We have all heard of the starving Artist? Someone who struggles through life, til they receive their big break and then actually start making money for their craft, this happens in the World of Hollywood also, not all Actor’s and Actresses make the big time and most only end up getting these small bit parts, that really gets them no where at all, we never hear of the the part of Hollywood where most struggle and end up working side jobs just to make ends meet, that’s because Hollywood is all about the make believe, the glitz and the glamour, ¬†they want us all to think that they are first class and the rest of us are the lonely Peasants to them. There are many Starving Artist’s around this World, which Carrie Fischer was one of, she got that big break in Star Wars, where so many others never get that break and struggle everyday to make ends meet throughout their journey of life.

Another part of Hollywood we never hear about, or Hollywood covers up to hide the ugly so only Glitz and Glamour shine is, all Actor’s even the ones who make it, struggle with depression, drugs, alcohol, or being bi-polar, or a whole slew of other issues. Hollywood doesn’t want us to see this side, simply because they are the World of make believe and not reality, Hollywood wants to look perfect but the reality is, nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, it is the mistakes that makes us stronger and better moving forward, so under this philosophy we the everyday folk, are much stronger than those in the World of Hollywood. There are very few in the World of Hollywood that live into their eighties or nineties, but there are many more of us regular folk that live well into our nineties and beyond, those within the World of Hollywood are only kidding themselves and short changing themselves, to a well walked path, through this journey of life.

Star Wars and Star Trek were two of the biggest movies made within my lifetime, these two movies have given big breaks to a lot of struggling Artists of their time, to which a handful became even bigger names in the household of America. When we do hit it big, whether in the World of Hollywood or in your own little World, we all tend to take for granted what is truly around us, we make ourselves sick with the stress of keeping up with what we have become, instead of just relaxing and going with the flow of life, just like the water flows down the stream, when the water breaks through the dam, it then floods everything around it and creates way more chaos then anything can handle, just as the stress in our lives does when we become bigger then we imagined and then try to keep up with ourselves, or all those around us. Everything can be handled much better in moderation so we than, when something goes wrong, can fix what we need to fix and move forward better and stronger. even in Hollywood if they kept the make believe to the big screen and the reality to real life, then Hollywood wouldn’t have to hide the ugly, so all we see is the Glitz and Glamour then in the long run, even those within the World of Hollywood can achieve true success, those starving Artist types that we all have been at one time or another, can be less of as we all learn to make ends meet. We all want to be in the Glitz and Glamour we see throughout Hollywood today, but we first have to except that, what we see isn’t truly the Glitz and Glamour, as it takes a lot of struggling to get to that point and the road is far from easy, some of us may not be cut out for that way of life, which makes it much more easier and a lot less stress if we just find where we fit in comfortably, then work hard in that area, so then we can walk our paths with strength and in happiness, along this journey through life as peacefully as we can.


” Actor’s, Actresses, Artist’s and Writer’s, they all start out on a very difficult road and trying for their big break, which for some never comes”

” A Starving Artist is a person trying to break into a way of life, that truly only a few have broken into with true success”

” Carrie Fischer…..AKA….. Princess Leia, may she RIP, as her journey went from being a no name, to a big name within the household of America”

” There is more to Hollywood than the glitz and the glamour of the make believe, there is the ugly of reality and the stress, drugs, alcohol, depression or all the other sicknesses that take lives earlier instead of later”


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