Twas the night before Christmas…….


Let the Yule log burn on the fire as we all get into the Christmas spirit. Within this Society every Christmas just isn’t the same as Christmas pasts, the hustle and bustle has turned into stress and sickness, simply because Christmas of today is far too commercialized, just so the big department stores can strip us of our hard earned money. The true spirit of Christmas has nothing to do with buying gifts, nothing to do with a color of a day (black Friday), the true spirit of Christmas is the getting in touch with the real and true person that we all are, the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Just because we are so far removed from the time Jesus came to us and  walked his journey, doesn’t mean he never existed, only those that don’t believe and those with no faith are the ones that say it is a myth.

Jesus is real and he is within each and every one of us, that warmth you feel in your heart, that is more than the heat coming from your furnace, it is the love of Jesus coming from your soul to your heart, we just have to acknowledge it so the true Christmas spirit can spread throughout us all, as we share this love with each other and it has nothing to do with buying each other the biggest and best gift.

Now as Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ grows near, there may be some of the non believers that will try to come between us and the true Christmas spirit, but if we have total faith, then the hope for the most joyous Christmas will be our reality, as the love will always win over the hate. True faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ will help us all through whatever that may be troubling to us, without this true faith we all become lost along our paths of this journey through life and then, there will be no hope as faith and hope go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Twas the night before Christmas, let us all have faith in the magic that Christmas brings, the joy of the birth of our Savior, so we all can share the love that is within us with each other, to make this Christmas and every Christmas to come, better than those Christmas pasts that brought sadness  and discomfort, we don’t need to buy the biggest and best gift, just share our love and the joy of being together is all we truly need, so we all can walk our paths in peace, throughout this journey of life, then we all can be truly happy moving forward.


” Christmas is not about the stress and the rushing to the stores for the special deals, it is all about finding that love within and sharing with all around you”

” Twas the night before Christmas, let us all find the love within and share it all with each other”

” The Yule log burns on Christmas day, to help us all find that true Christmas magic, so we then can spread it throughout the whole year with each other every day”

” The true Christmas spirit needs no money or gifts, just the togetherness and the sharing of our love from within”


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