Ye of little Faith, upon this season of Christmas

Autumn Leaves

” Behold, the Virgin shall conceive and bear a son and they shall name him Emmanuel, which means….”God is with us”.

Mt 1:23


As we all walk our paths along this journey of life, so to did the son of man by the name……. Jesus Christ. Jesus was a humble man feeling the love of his father within his heart, then sharing that love with all who crossed his path, along his journey through life. Jesus taught us many things along his path, he showed us just how to make it to the path of righteousness, where there is nothing but peace and serenity. Now the problem of today lies with the fact that we are so far removed from Jesus and really have no Faith of his existence, but if we stay true and never lose Faith, we then find that the love of Jesus will always warm our heart and will never leave us, no matter whether we have found ourselves or not,

Jesus also was tempted by temptation, much like all of us who walk a path through this journey of life, the only difference between Jesus and us, he never lost the Faith, which gave him the strength to over come all the temptation that came to him along his journey here with us. Satan was the biggest temptation for Jesus, but like Satan would soon find out is, the faith that Jesus had in his father was so strong, that nothing could penetrate it and also would make the love within even stronger leaving all around him, willing to follow him at every turn.

This Christmas season is no different than any other, except for the fact that we all need to regain our faith and belief in Jesus Christ. You can see that we have no faith, which leaves us with no hope. When we keep our faith strong, feel the love of Jesus within our hearts, we will always have hope, which then flushes all the hatred right where it should always be. We all have birthdays and Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ, to come and walk his journey with us, to teach us many things and to show us how to feel his love within our hearts, so we than can share  this love with all those around us and when we truly feel his love, we then can keep strong the faith and never lose hope of all we may do. We may be far removed from the days Jesus walked his journey with us, but he is always within us whether we want to acknowledge it or not? The true Christmas spirit is always inside us in the form of the love of Jesus, we just have to acknowledge, so we then can feel it, as it will warm our hearts and soles, then as we share it, it will wash away all the hatred, so we than can move forward in peace and happiness, along our paths of this journey of life.


” The true Christmas spirit is always within us and it has nothing to do with gifts under a tree”

” We are all tempted at one point or another, just keep the faith so there will always be hope to overcome all the temptations”

” Faith and hope always go together, you can never have one without the other”

” with no faith there will never be hope……..then with no hope faith is nowhere to be found”


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