The Wussification of America



We are totally seeing the Wussification of America right before our eyes. Through this age of Political Correction, it has made us all weak of everything that may cross our paths. The Societies of Americas past are rolling and laughing in their graves at the way we are today, I mean come on……… a little deep freeze and all the schools either cancel or delay schools, just so the children won’t be waiting for the buses too long outside? I remember in the town I grew up in, if you lived within a mile from the school you walked and that was it, no matter what the weather was. The days it was brutally cold, your Mom would make sure you had enough layers to either wait for the bus, or for your walk to school, that was how it was and no questions asked, you just went with it and became stronger for it.

Life was a whole lot different back then, now we have become lazy and weak, then complain about anything and everything, if we don’t get our way. Today instead of the bus picking up groups of children at a specified spot, they stop every fifty feet, picking up just a few at a time, causing more traffic on the side streets of your town. Everybody wants everything given to them and they don’t want to work or do anything in order to receive what they get. This whole Society is a sad Society and if we don’t watch out, another country will come in and conquer us, which means we all will have to learn a whole different lifestyle.

You think a cold day at the bus stop is a family issue to dress their children warmly for the weather? then why do the schools have to make our decision for us? Plus not just that, the teachers need to actually do their jobs and stop trying to influence days off whenever they see fit, you wonder why we have a lot of children not doing as well as they should be doing, if the children are not in school, then they are not learning what they should be learning, a big plus is, now you have children becoming bored and getting into mischief more than usual.

With Political Correction we confuse Discipline with abuse and because of that, now we have a generation that has no respect of anything or anybody around them. There is a huge difference between discipline and abuse and its time we learn this difference, before we reach a time of no return, then what all our Ancestor’s worked so hard for will then become lost forever. ¬†We all need to grow up, learn from our mistakes ( yes we all make them), so we then can walk our paths to be better in all we do and our journey through life, will be peaceful with much happiness everyday of our existence.


” We can clearly see the Wussification of America, time we put an end to this so we can move forward better and stronger”

” Political Correction has made us all weak, time to end this and become as strong as we totally can be”

” When it becomes so cold outside, don’t cry about it, just add the layers and go out to achieve all that you can achieve”

” The teachers need to get back to what they are suppose to do and that is to teach our children to be better and stronger moving forward”


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