Baby it’s cold outside!!!



Winter is here and for the first real hard freeze of this young season and as the temperature and wind chills dip below zero, sounds like a good idea to stay in, sit by the fire (for those who can), grab your favorite book and let yourself get consumed with the writer’s tale. Within this Society we don’t let ourselves become lost within a good book anymore and be mesmerized by our favorite Author, some may not even have a favorite Author, as this fast paced Society of which we are too busy trying to make ends meet to survive, has us consume our minds in more negative ways. We have totally forgotten just how to really relax and not just our bodies, but our minds as well. With us all being so winded up all the time, we then become so stressed that we become someone we truly are not, we become someone even we ourselves don’t recognize,  more nights in in front of the fire, with a good book by your favorite Author and even we ourselves can see that, through the proper way to relax, we can be more positive in our lives and with all that is around us.

The hard freeze of Winter’s grasp has us in it’s clutches now, staying warm has become our reality now through this season, but it is nothing new to us that live in these areas of brutal cold, so why then do we constantly complain year after year? The season of Winter, like the three other seasons are part of this journey through life and there is nothing we can do to change it. Some may come up with with a term known as Global warming, but I say screw this term as it does nothing but rob us of our hard earned money by the big Corporations, the true fact of these changes in weather from the four seasons is really quite simple, there are fazes of life known as a life cycle, there are many cycles we all go through along this journey of life and the weather changes from the seasons are part of these life cycles. We as Mankind have gone through the Ice Age and times of intense heat with droughts, these are all part of the cycles of life and there is nothing we can do about it except trust and believe in God, as he created us and this planet, this is his way of bringing change to us, in order to make all our journey’s through life better, but within this Society for which we live, we complain of everything so much, that we have become lost within the clouds of our judgments and have lost totally that we are not the only Society to live through the changes of all the four seasons, all we need to do is understand better of the cycles of life and how these cycles affect us all, everything happens in cycles and unless we totally understand them, we then will always be constant complainers of everything around us.

The hard freeze of Winter;s grasp is here and old man Winter has us in his clutches, so instead of complaining of the cold outside, put another log on the fire, grab a good book by your favorite Author and relax in front of the fire, while you become consumed by the words of that Author, step outside the journey for which you walk and get lost on the journey of the words by your favorite Author. Now if you really need to go outside, then remember to layer up, put on multiple layers so you can stay warm inside and the cold won’t seem as cold. We all walk our paths through this journey of life, there are four seasons within this cycle of life, we all need to be better at, combining this journey of life with the cycles of life, so we all can be better and stronger moving forward. as we walk in peace and happiness.


” The hard freeze of old man winter has us all within his grasp, put a log on the fire and lighten the grasp to relax”

” Get lost within the words of your favorite Author, so you can clear your own mind for a short time and let your journey flow like the words in the book”

” Just like we all walk through this journey of life, we also have to understand better of the cycles that life has within it”

” When the hard freeze of Winter is upon us, layer up with multiple layers, to stay warm inside, as the cold don’t seem as cold”


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