The white winter blanket covering the Earth



“To some this white blanket is not wanted, but it is all part of the four seasons that we all go through year after year”.


We all walk our paths of this journey of life, part of this journey are the four seasons, Winter…Spring…Summer…Fall, with these seasons are what keeps this Earth, fresh and clean. True we all have our favorite time of year, but to get to our favorite, we all have to get through the other times and let Nature become beautiful, for all of us to see.

The Christmas season falls in Winter and with the falling of the snow during this time, makes for a beautiful time of year and when we look deeply into what we see, we than can see the true beauty of the Christmas season. Now some of the other faiths or some that don’t believe, may get offended of the Christmas season, but if they respect the beliefs of us that believe, like we respect their non beliefs, or respect those of other faiths, we all can walk our paths of this journey, in peace and happiness always, with no bitterness in sight along this journey.

The true spirit of Christmas has nothing to do with stressing over buying gifts and has everything to do with, feeling the love of God within our hearts and then sharing that love with each other. True we become a product of our environment and when that environment is all negative, then we become negative of all that is around us and never give anything a chance to thrive around us, we get so caught up in trying to make ends meet, we totally lose the feeling of God within our hearts, which then has us losing touch with the true love within our hearts, we lose totally of who we truly are and becoming negative of all that is around us. “The true Christmas spirit is what reminds us of, the love of God within our hearts and when we truly feel this love, we then share it with all that is around us”. We are not suppose to lose respect of each others beliefs, we are not suppose to become bitter of each other and definitely, we are not suppose to become negative and full of stress, at the most beautiful time of the year. Christmas fills our hearts with the love of God, as he sends his one and only son to us, to walk his path of this journey, Jesus teaches us with his actions, on just how to walk our paths, so we to can find the path of righteousness, then as we get to the path of righteousness, we then can be at peace and live in happiness always along this journey of life.

This journey of life is only as hard as we make it and when we become bitter and lose respect of all that is around us, then this journey of life becomes difficult and harder than it really should be for all of us. Let us all see this white winter blanket as it is suppose to be viewed as, especially at this time of year, with this white winter blanket and the spirit of Christmas upon us, may we all look deeply into what we see, may we all truly feel the love of God within our hearts and then share this love with each other, so we then can respect each other regardless of your faith, or regardless of your non beliefs and as we all truly feel this love of God within us, let it fill your soul with the warmth, so we then can walk our paths of this journey in peace and happiness always, as this true love spreads throughout this land of Earth, plus as this white winter blanket covers the Earth now, it then will make the season of Spring even more beautiful with bright colorful flowers for us all to see.


” The white winter blanket to us known as snow, does a lot more than just become an ugly sight for us, just truly look deeply into what you see, to see it’s true beauty”

” The true Christmas spirit will fill all our hearts with the love of God, that is already in our souls and will bring peace and happiness to us all”

” The snow may seem cold to us every winter, only cause we don’t let the true winter blanket warm our hearts with God’s love for us all to share”


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