The clear brisk mountain air


All wrapped snug and warm within the confounds of your sleeping bag,

You wake at the first sign of the morning sun and seeing your breath as you breathe,

Ah!!! the cool feeling of camping on the mountain in the season of fall,

At first thought you want to stay in the bag until the sun warms the mountain air,

You then realize that in order to start the day and see the beauty, you need to get up.

Start the campfire so you can boil water for the much needed cup of coffee,

You begin breaking the kindling to start the fire and hear footsteps behind you,

You gaze in all directions within the woods around you and find a small deer,

That has come to say good morning to you as they to look for the daily breakfast,

You then get back to lighting the fire quietly as not to startle the Deer, and

as you wait for the fire to have coals hot enough for coffee,

You then watch the Deer graze the floor of the woods for its daily grind,

Beautiful is all you are thinking and this makes your camping experience that much more fun,

The Wildlife around you was there first so you respect them as not to startle them,

The very reason why you take to the woods of real primitive camping,

Not just to do something different, but to get back in touch with,

Not only yourself but all that is around you within the peace and serenity,

The mornings true may be a bit brisk in the fall air,

But it is also the most beautiful time of the day, as you watch the sun,

Wake with you at the start of a new day,

The sun wakes and rises above the mountain brings streams of light,

through all the trees within the woods and lights up the area in patches,

before it actually gets high enough to light up everything with its warmth,

Now as you are within the trance of the beauty of the morning,

Your water is boiling for your coffee and you pour the first cup,

so now you to can awaken just as the sun over the mountains around you,

Being outdoors in the true beauty of Nature is what its all about as,

you sip your morning coffee and realize that there is more to life,

then your everyday nine to five job to make ends meet,

You also suddenly realize that even as you wake to get ready to go to your job,

The sun also wakes for the new day just that you aren’t focused like you are in the woods,

We take so much for granted as we walk our paths of this journey through life,

That we totally forget to actually live and breathe within our lives,

We forget that there is so much more out there to explore along our paths,

Simply because we get so caught up in the nine to five that we don’t actually live,

like God wanted us to when he created us to walk this Planet of Earth,

We let all the crap consume us to the point we see no beauty in anything,

Which we then lose a big part of who we truly are,

Breathe…..relax…..look deeply at what is around you and you also can see,

The real beauty that Nature has in store for you as you truly walk your path,

through this journey of life then you can be at true peace within the serenity.


” To watch the Deer walk its daily path will enlighten you to truly see the true beauty in all that is around you”

” True primitive camping within the woods around us and seeing the sun wake to the new day will keep us grounded to truly looking deeply into what we see”

” There is more to this journey than the daily nine to five, we just have to get out and explore to truly see just how much more there is around us”


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